Anti-Gun Media Just Doesn’t Get Why This Gun Accessory Is Selling More Now


The mainstream media, with its hardcore anti-gun leanings, doesn’t understand the thinking of responsible gun owners (read: the overwhelming majority of us). They think that gun owners simply are looking for excuses to go off and kill people, and nothing could be farther from the truth.

In this case, “news” site posted a piece in which they accused gun owners of wanting to buy bump-fire stocks simply because gun owners want to kill more people. Not “virtually accused” but said that is why gun owners want to buy bump-fire stocks. The Salon article (hat tip to here for the source) said,

But [the possibility that bump-fire stocks may be banned and no longer available] alone doesn’t really explain the made rush to buy these things. Even the most ardent gun-humper can’t pretend there’s any pragmatic value in being able to spray automatic-style fire over a wide space. As C.J. Chivers of the New York Times said, the only reason people buy them is for the fun of getting to feel like you’re firing a machine gun. (Or, I suppose, because you’re planning a mass murder.)

Now, never mind that banning bump-fire stocks wouldn’t have made the least bit of difference in Las Vegas or any other mass shooting that I’m aware of, the writer at Salon (like so many anti-gunners in the media) is an ignorant idiot. While the shooter in Vegas had bump-fire stocks on a number of the weapons in the room, what you hear in the videos doesn’t sound like a weapon with a bump-fire stock being fired into that crowd. What you hear sounds like a fully automatic weapon. No bump-fire stock needed.


But ignorant people in government, in the media, and in anti-gun organizations don’t even know enough about what they are trying to ban to realize that it wasn’t used in this shooting, that it probably wasn’t used in any mass shooting. So, these people are trying to ban an accessory, and gun advocates are doing the smart thing: buying them while they still can. The media doesn’t think that is driving sales of this accessory, but it’s exactly why they are selling so well right now. And that’s the truth.



  1. The real reason for gun control is the gov wants to control our lives and this current stupid generation are so brain washed by liberal teachers they dont know what reality is.
    How come they still watch violant killing movies, how come hollywood the two face asses keep producing it yet cry like babies
    About it? Bunch of liberal whinnie democrat ass wipes queers.

  2. HR 5087 Is an assult weapons ban, not only bump stocks but ar 115’s and nearly all semi auto fire arms rifles, pistols, and shotguns.

  3. Yes, maybe it really does satisfy a need to compensate for a tiny peepee, or to feel omnipotent, play “mass killer” at a shooting range (you’d be in trouble trying to use a bump stock out in somebody’s pasture) or, maybe, just maybe, they’re buying them just to piss off the media, and people who say they shouldn’t have one. When the next gun show comes to town, I may look to buy one also, just to piss the gun grabbers off. And I don’t even own an AR-15. By the way, has anybody heard anything more about , I think it was April 26th, as “Buy A Gun Day”? Sounds like a wonderful idea to me………..

  4. Don’t need a Bump Fire Stock to “bump fire”. I learned how at the age of 14 (1955) using a .22 Remington Model 550 semi-automatic. Hang a thumb in a belt loop, hold your trigger finger rigid without gripping the stock and let ‘er rip. Can do the same by holding the rifle just of the shoulder and allowing it to “bump” off your shoulder.

    • Don’t say that in front of anyone about bumping. Next thing you know it the commie’s will be looking to ban all semi automatics.

  5. I agree with some of you,But these movies today are totally violent with computer graphics and suggest today moods of today’s life. There’s a absents of parenting that should not allow there children to be watching these types of shows.Even the cartoons are more violent.We need a BIG adjustment in our society as a great nation of people show more educational programming. You all know whats going on out there in the world.We have nation’s who do not fear America any more but want to change our way of life.Lets prepare for that and teach our children well so they are ready for whatever is coming! And believe me something is coming. Be ready and start worrying about the small stuff.Teach our children there rights and the Amendments of the constitution and stop this Crap.

  6. So were you suggesting that an unknown individual was shooting a full auto weapon & the apparent shooter was the fall guy in a leftist ploy to sacrifice x number of the great unwashed in order to advance the left’s desired end of the subjugation of all Americans by imposing total gun confiscation on the populace?

  7. Those morons have no clue what they are they are talking about I’ve owned guns from the age of fourteen I’m sixty seven never killed anyone

  8. What gets me is that hardly anyone out there knows the difference between a plain semi-automatic and a true assault weapon.

  9. What exactly IS an “assault” weapon? I’ve never seen one for sale, even in the US Army we didn’t have anything called an assault weapon. If you say something enough times for a long time does it become true?

  10. The official story being pushed by the mainstream media about the Mandalay Bay attack is BS! Multiple shooters were present. Watch the video taken by the cab driver parked at base of hotel, directly below broken window firing position of the supposed “crazed lone gunman.” After initial, very load burst of fire is heard (obviously originating close by) there is a 6-8 second pause and then a longer, more staggered, and very faint burst of fire that sounds like it is a few hundred yards away. Eye witness accounts support multiple shooter scenario; several people describe simultaneous fire coming from different directions as well as different trajectories (some coming in steep from elevated positions moving from front to back of the crowd and other fires from lower, almost level positions traversing from side to side.) Not to mention that the Mandalay Bay employees took part in an active shooter drill earlier the same week (sound familiar…?) Paddock, if not a total patsy, did not act alone.

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