Here’s a New 12 Gauge For Your Collection

Image Courtesy Black Aces Tactical.

Shotguns are a staple of firearms for many people. Whether having a shotgun for hunting purposes or for self-defense (please, no Joe Biden jokes), shotguns are a common firearm that many people enjoy owning.

One of the issues with shotguns, though, is that they tend to be single shot (or double shot, if it’s double-barreled) firearm, meaning that you have to reload it after every shot. For many situations, that’s fine, but wouldn’t it be nice to not have to reload so quickly?

If that’s your beef with shotguns, then Black Aces Tactical may have exactly the firearm that you’re looking for. Our friends over at thegunfeed give us the details:


Black Aces Tactical (BAT), an American manufacturer best known for its patented custom shotguns, is excited to announce the release of the company’s new Magazine Fed Shockwave 12 gauge.

Said Lemoine, “Given the incredible success of the Mossberg Shockwave platform, it is only natural that we offer a magazine fed version of the weapon that has proven nothing short of a phenomenon. This as of late has been the question we have been receiving most. “When will Black Aces Tactical release a magazine fed version of the Shockwave?” Now that weapon is a reality.”.

Starting at just $499 retail, the Black Aces Tactical Magazine Fed Shockwave offers a significant upgrade to al already incredible platform. As an option Black Aces Tactical is offering an option Tri-Rail and Magpul AFG handguard.

Specifications are:

…Billet Black Aces Tactical receiver
…4140 nickel plated bolt and slide
…17-4 Stainless Steel firing pins
…The awesome Shockwave grip
…OEM Mossberg corncob forend standard
…Black Aces Tactical magazine tube spike standard
…Each weapon comes with 2 5rd stick magazines
…27.5″ total overall length
…Backward compatible to most Mossberg 500 accessories

Now, as you can see in the picture above, this is a beautiful firearm, but you want to have some hand and arm strength to fire it because of the lack of a shoulder stock. Still, if you want a firearm that will allow you to pump out some shells while hunting, whether animals or clay pigeons, this may be a firearm to consider.



  1. For defense: Short barrel gives a wider spread, great in the dark when sights & scope are useless. Walls of plasterboard & 2X4’s, I suggest a medium bird shot, rather than slugs or buck shot. & shooting in the house, there are pipes, electrical wiring, appliances & other family to consider. If you want to torcher intruders, load the amo. with rock salt.
    For hunting, a shorter magazine, or a block (slug) to handle no more than 3 shells.

  2. The next logical step is a semiautomatic. The dilemma would be holding onto it in rapid fire for self defense. Maybe drop down to 2-3/4″ skeet shells.

  3. Not impressed with the mag fed 12 gauge – ONLY 5 shots?? my mossberg 590 with the full length shell tube under the 18″ barrel , I get 8- 2 3/4 ” shells in there —-REALLY need a drum 50-60 rounds and semi auto

  4. Only a five shot mag ?? No increase in capacity over my standard Shockwave !!!! ( 5 in the tube – 2 3/4′) AND if I use mini-shells ,capacity goes up to 8 shells in tube. A Mag reload would be faster, granted, but this weapon holds absolutely no fascination for me……………. No advantages over my current Shockwave……. Barrel and overall length looks longer than Shockwave also ??

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