Yet Another Example The Media Won’t Talk About


Maybe I hope for too much about the human race. You know, in little things like allowing people to make an intelligent decision. It seems like it would be a simple thing to provide all the relevant information about an issue so that people can make an informed decision.

But, in the case of gun control, the media isn’t willing to do that.

Another glaring example of this media bias comes to light with the recent shooting in Rancho Tehama, California. If you listen to the standard media line, you would think that only people who have legally acquired firearms go on mass shootings, but the shooter in this instance (as in most instances) did not get his guns through legal means. AWR Hawkins gives us details:


A judge barred [Kevin Janson] Neal from possessing firearms after he “was charged with stabbing a neighbor” this year. And Neal’s attorney, Leo Barone, indicated that he “should have been unable to legally purchase guns because of the court order.” But Neal had two rifles and two handguns, all of which he acquired illegally.

So, how did Neal get the guns? Law enforcement indicated that “[t]he rifles were ‘homemade’ and the handguns were ‘registered in someone else’s name.’”

In other words, gun control didn’t work in this case. Yet another incidence in which gun control laws weren’t able to prevent those with evil intent from getting a firearm and doing horrible things to other people.

It makes you wonder why anti-gunners keep thinking that banning guns or banning bump stocks or limiting the size of ammo magazines is going to actually make a dent in the amount of gun violence that is occurring in our country. And then you realize that, hey, they read the mainstream media. This means that, frankly, that anti-gunner probably has never heard about the fact that mass shootings are typically carried about by people who acquire those weapons illegally.

So, with this misinformation, you have to wonder if anti-gunners really are that irrational or if they have just never heard the truth. As this example shows, either could be the case.