What The DOJ Is Calling A Machine Gun Will Drive You Crazy


Machine guns have long been difficult to legally obtain, and, if you have the money to be able to afford to buy one, you have to go through extraordinary hoops to get your hands on one (note this for any anti-gunners who say that the Las Vegas shooting, which used a machine gun is due to a lack of gun control regulations in place). Frankly, getting your hands on one of those weapons is, simply, out of the question for the majority of people (and, yes, the majority of gun owners) in America.

Having said this, the definition of what is a machine gun has always been pretty clear: it’s a fully automatic firearm. In other words, when you pull and hold the trigger, the weapon continues to fire round after round until you release the trigger (or run out of ammunition). No confusion there, right?

Except that the Department of Justice (DOJ) has proposed to expand their definition of “machinegun” to include “‘Bump Fire’ Stocks and Other Similar Devices.”


Now, I don’t know about you, but in my mind, a bump stock can, at most, be considered semi-automatic (potentially a fast semi-automatic, but definitely semi and not fully automatic). You have to keep constant motion of part of your body to keep that trigger moving to fire that weapon with any speed.

Now, some may argue that you can fire a bump stock almost as quickly as a machine gun. I’ve seen it done, and that is true… for a short amount of time. Your arms would get too tired to continue that motion for very long.

A fully automatic weapon, though, doesn’t have the constraint of your arm muscles getting tired. It’s only restraint (assuming no jams) is running out of ammunition. Pretty straightforward logic on why a bump stock isn’t a “machinegun.” Heck, even the anti-gun Obama administration understood this. AWR Hawkings notes,

Barack Obama’s ATF approved bump stocks for sale in 2010, noting that they do not convert semiautomatics into fully automatic weapons. Rather, they recognized bump stocks as an accessory that allowed a gun owner to mimic full auto in short bursts, without actually changing (or converting) the action of the firearm.

If the DOJ’s proposed change to this definition happens, then owners of “bump stocks would also have to be fingerprinted, photographed, and pay a $200 tax to the federal government.” Yes, just for owning a firearm accessory.

If that doesn’t assume that you have evil intent just for having a firearm, I don’t know what does. What I do know is that the DOJ needs to get its head straight and actually start focusing on justice instead of hunting for red herrings that have nothing to do with gun violence.



  1. U.S. Department of Justice letter head: From the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives wrote a letter that is included in the bump stock package, I will jump right to the point made by the Firearms Technology Branch (FTB), ATF. The stock has no automatic mechanical function when installed. In order to use the installed device, the shooter must apply constant forward pressure with the non shooting hand and constant rearward pressure with the shooting hand.We find the bump stock is a firearm part and is not regulated!

  2. I wanted to add that this multimillionaire who purchased the Firearms legally and they reported 8 of the firearms had bump stocks in them! The man never went to a rifle range and a person just doesn’t pick up a rifle with bump stock and shoot easily! Think of this why would anyone with an Evil intent to kill people need ALL of those weapons and cans of ammo, when loaded mags would do? My personal opinion is that he did not shoot a firearm in that room! Why will it take almost 1 year to release information? FBI needs work if it takes professionals that long to solve case! Cover-Up coming. Pilots across the street were talking about active shooter on runway and to avoid it. Sad that 5 survivors who saw things are DEAD NOW, God rest their souls! This happened the week before Speaker Ryan was going to bring Suppressers on the house floor, which would provide added hearing protection to the shooters! Plus forget Hollywood presentation of a Suppresser as making the round almost silent, which is FALSE!Great that elected Liberals are protected by firearms and permit MS-13 members to enter the country and the Liberals believe their lives are more important than the average Legal Law Abiding Citizens!

    • Seems to me that until the gov’t revokes the 2nd Amendment they won’t dare ship in ‘refugees’ by the millions– the results of which can be seen in Europe. Anyhow that’s what I’m blaming for all these ‘false flag’ operations, until someone comes up with a better story

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