A 10mm Carbine Legal For Big Game Hunting?

Picture courtesy Hi-Point Firearms.

Hi-Point has an entry into the carbine market which is a bit more powerful than some of the carbines being manufactured by other companies right now. With the slightly larger ammunition, this carbine can be used for some unexpected tasks in some areas.

The Hi-Point carbine is a 7 pound firearm with a 17.5″ barrel length and an overall length of 32″. It comes with a 10-shot magazine standard. Duncan Johnson, though, has some interesting details about this carbine:

At only $389.99, this new carbine will shoot with much higher dollar carbines and of course will send the bullet just as fast. Hi-Point began work on this project in the spring of 2017 due to customer demand for an affordable carbine platform chambered in this powerful pistol cartridge.

When a 10mm round is fired from a barrel several inches longer than a handgun, the velocity, range and energy really jumps up, making this carbine so powerful it’s even legal for big game hunting in some states.

“This new carbine chambered for the potent 10mm cartridge will make a lot of buyers happy,” says MKS president Charles Brown. “Tough, reliable and accurate, it fills the bill for a robust, reliable and accurate firearm that delivers excellent performance.”

Just think about that for a moment: a carbine that you can use for big game hunting in some areas. I know some hunters who will be interested in researching if they can use this where they live.


Also, while Hi-Point takes a beating from some folks due to their budget conscious designs and price points, many people like the value of these firearms, and, thus, the company continues to sell firearms to the value-shopping marketplace.

Regardless of your previous thoughts on Hi-Point firearms, if you’re looking for a good value on a carbine, this may be the firearm for you to look at.



  1. Ruger used to have a .44 magnum carbine that was one of the best brush guns I ever owned for hunting deer. This seems to be in a similar space and if its function is reliable, it should be very successful. I sold my .44 Mag carbine many years ago, but have regretted it ever since. They are not made any longer and bring a very high premium on the used market. I wish Hi-Point well with this firearm.

    • That’s interesting… now that I think about it… a lot of the lever action guns can be had in calibers like 357 mag. About the same size as these carbines?

  2. I used to own a Hi Point 9mm carbine. My grandfather and I bought two of them. Neither gun was worth damn, they jammed every 4 or 5 rounds. Even firing good old FMJ ammo. And at a price tag of almost $400, anyone could spend a similar amount for a decent hunting rifle or brush gun that isn’t made by Hi point.

  3. I think that the 10 mm High Point will be a great carbine for haunting and they should be allowed to be used for hunting purposes it’s got the drop down power they also have it in 9mm and also 40 caliber now in 10mm which is incredibly powerful I think that it should be allowed to be used for hunting or self-defense this is a inexpensive rifle but very well made Ione a 9 mm and I also own 40 caliber is also a good defense weapon for home defense it is very convenient and doesn’t break the bank budget I believe that this caliber just like a 22 should be allowed for hunting the longer the barrel the more kinetic energy and the more velocity it picks up is it goes to the barrel I agree 100% that it should be legal to be able to use this particular carbine for hunting I own many high-power rifles 270 308 7mm mag 30 odd 6 I think the 10mm should be allowed to be used for hunting purposes I don’t see a problem if this is what you can afford why making it illegal to use it doesn’t make no sense if it’s good for self-defense to take it down on 300 lb man it will be perfectly well use it on big game animals either be dear or even a bear anyone who shot a 10mm knows the power that it has I have a Smith & Wesson 1006 May back in the 90s very incredible firearm I recommend it and I also recommend the Hi-Point they also come with a lifetime warranty and even if you sell it it transferred to the other person you sell it to great company to work with the magazines are about $10 maybe 15 do not use other magazines they’re known to cause damage to the inner parts of the carbine I highly recommend this rifle I don’t have to 10 millimeter yet but now this article came up I will go look for one because I do it like High Point it is very well made you can shoot over 3,000 rounds through it before you clean it it’s a real good piece of weapon for the price don’t let people fool you by telling you that is junk it is not junk I’ve heard many critics I am a gunsmith and have work with these carbines you must read the instruction manual very carefully like anything else safety comes first they have a good safety system and I will be picking up the 10 millimeter thank you for sharing this information all states and the United States Sherlock this car being to be used for hunting purposes I see no problem with it and I can bring food to the table

  4. I have HiPoint 9MM carbine w/ about 5 extra magazines, all of Hi Point manufacture, and have had no trouble with jamming or misfiring.
    The gun is magazine particular and is warranted to be used with only those magazines.
    Add a laser and you have a really fine self protection weapon.
    But it’s A 9mm, NOT A .223. It has its purpose.

  5. Added to last comment: or my 1894 Marlin in 38/40 both are suited to deer sized game.

  6. I have a Marlin 44Magnum and iv’e had to send it back because I couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn. after they replaced the barrel at my demand I can now hit at 100 yards pretty good but I’m still not happy with it but now at least I can hunt with a little confidence.So as far as a 10mm that would be a very good hunting round and in the state of VT. if it’s larger than a 22. you can hunt deer with it.

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