Georgia Democrats Want To Change Law To Benefit Anti-Gun Law Enforcement Officials


Most law enforcement officers, as you likely know, are all for legal responsible gun ownership because they understand that that is the kind of gun ownership that saves lives. But some law enforcement officers, often in major cities where anti-gun sentiments run high among the population (most of whom have never seen a gun owned or used legally) want to blame guns for gun violence in those areas.

Some anti-gun state legislators in Georgia want to empower anti-gun law enforcement officers to defy current state law and allow them to simply destroy confiscated firearms. The current state law requires police departments to sell those firearms. Dean Weingarten gives us details about the current state law:

In 2012, the Georgia Legislature passed a statute to forbidding the police to destroy valuable firearms. The statute requires that firearms in possession of police — whether confiscated, seized or otherwise acquired — be sold to legal dealers. Once administrative costs are covered, the money from the sale goes to the general fund of the administering political subdivision.

A number of areas refused to abide by the law. One of the biggest of those areas which is refusing to do their job is the city of Atlanta. Weingarten estimates that the city of Atlanta is sitting on $1.2 million in revenue (that they likely need) because they are refusing to sell off these firearms as required by state law.


Now, three state Senators have proposed legislation to allow police to destroy these guns, thus repealing the current law. It seems unlikely, however, that the bill will pass.

Weingarten notes that this type of confrontation has happened in other states previously, specifically in Arizona, where the city of Tucson attempted the same thing that the city of Atlanta is currently doing in refusing to sell those firearms. The Arizona standoff was defeated in court.

Still, if you live in Georgia, you would do well to contact your state Senator about this issue. It’s not in anyone’s best interest for cities to flagrantly disregard state laws when it comes to allowing more people to legally own firearms.



  1. Democrats are an infectious disease. They trash their own states until they are unlivable and then they go to good states such as Georgia and start destroying them as well. Just as cancer metastasizes, democrats kill liberty and freedom. Too stupid to see that they are killing themselves as well. Morons.

  2. Just one more attempted “nudge” by DEMOCOMMIES to disarm “LAW ABIDING CITIZENS” to make them into OBEDIENT SHEEPLES ripe for “takeover”. An ARMED populace is a hindrance to their CORRUPT “globalist”… “one world government”, “new world order”, COMMUNIST ambitions.
    CAN YOU SAY “government” TYRANNY? The time to STOP this is “YESTERDAY”.

  3. Another reason I NEVER vote democrat, not even for dog catcher, never encourage them because this is what they do and if they fail to conform to the party agenda, even their own party will dump them in support of another lackey.

  4. Democrats are Demonic Demons who know nothing more than Chaos, Destruction, Corruption, Mayhem and Harm to us ALL……. FACT show Gun Control has no value and does only more harm than any good, yet they continue trying to push Gun Control which is worthless and has nothing that does any good at all…..they need to smarten up and read the Facts to realize that any form of Gun Control does NOT work and NEVER, EVER WILL……PERIOD !

  5. Atlanta is THE most Choklit of dumbass dysfunctional Choklit cit-tayz.
    The Toxic Black Mold has spread to formerly desirable areas like Stone Mountain, where The Oogah Boogah Crowd wants to destroy the monumental sculpture there…the filthy, jabbering, turd flinging Chimps.
    Any Whites or Asians in or around Apelanta should hit the road for more human occupied territory, and let the bean munchers in Apelanta fight it out with the H. Erectus variants.

  6. Likely, the people of Georgia need to make their thoughts known, contacting their elect d Representatives being an appropriate way to do that.

  7. The State should confiscate those guns and legally sell them. The City of Atlanta should not receive a dime.

  8. The Democommies are bound and determined to turn our FREE country into a NWO host for every piece of crap liberal and criminal illegal unducumented moron in the world. Disarm the masses and take control without firing a shot.

  9. @ H.S.B. , You started with the right idea, but didn’t take it far enough. The State law makers should amend their Law to order all police departments to deliver all confiscated firearms into state police custody. A state clearing house could inspect and destroy damaged, defective firearms, and then provide a central location for the auction/sales of remaining firearms to FFL dealers. A central state clearing house removes the BS of local city politics and holds the local sheriff, chief of police or police commissioner to answer for any and all confiscated firearms. Insuring that he/she maintains accurate records, of make, model and serial number of all confiscated firearms, and that his/her database exactly link to and match the data recorded on individual police officers’ reports. So, unless the individual police officer, wants to commit a felony by filing a false report, or the top cop wants to commit a felony by failing to include the firearm data from officers’ report, the database will include all info about all confiscated arms for the State officials to acquire and sell to FFLs.

  10. Guy D has the right idea on this problem of police acquired weapons – this eliminates the ones who don,t wish to follow the rules. Which is pretty much a democratic way of doing things rules are for every one else but them.

  11. @Guy D, you got it right, and I agree 100%. We all know, too, that those corrupt cops never destroy all those firearms, but take them for their own collections.

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