Anti-Gunner Giffords’ Study Doesn’t Say Gun Control Works, But Says That This Does


You would expect that any study put out by the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence would focus on extreme gun control laws and taking away Second Amendment rights. After all, if the name of the organization doesn’t make you think that is their intention, the fact that it was founded by long-time anti-gunner Gabbrielle “Gabby” Giffords would let you know that this is their intention.

But, even anti-gunners sometimes tell the truth about gun control, if unintentionally. They released a study of a method to reduce gun violence that is actually working.

And it has nothing to do with gun control.


Nick Wing writes,

Baltimore has already seen success with a prevention model called Cure Violence, a public health strategy that addresses the causes of violence. Case workers provide street outreach to those at risk of becoming victims or perpetrators of gun violence and mediate conflicts before they boil over. Neighborhoods that have adopted the program have seen far fewer shootings, with some recording periods of more than a year without a homicide, Lierman said.

To clarify, Baltimore is reducing gun violence by helping people to treat each other as human beings. It would seem like a novel idea if it weren’t exactly what you see in the vast majority of this country where people often own firearms but don’t feel inclined to want to shoot other people with them.

Now, whether you think that the government should be the ones implementing this kind of intervention in high crime areas, I think we can all agree that someone going into these areas and teaching basic people skills, conflict resolution skills, and stress management skills (so they don’t “relieve stress” by shooting someone) is likely to be beneficial to everyone. After all, contrary to what anti-gunners want to believe, pro-gun people don’t want people to die.

What’s too bad is that Giffords won’t stop with these recommendations (which make sense) and want to continue with their push to ban guns (which doesn’t make sense). But, in the interest of honesty, I have to say that I appreciate them at least being honest that there are ways to save lives other than banning guns.



  1. Out of the mouths of babes, Gifford said it herself. Look at the difference between inter city crime rate, And rural America, where I might add 75% of the people owns guns. We treat our neighbors as humans and always have. So why try to suppress our rights. They have no ideal, MOVE OUT OF THE BIG CITIES WHERE YOU CAN ACTUALLY ENJOY LIFE. Maybe you all enjoy living every day. In crime, corruption, dope infested areas which is a breeding area for gun violence. Spend your time taken care of those issues and the Gun problem will take care of itself. But again maybe this is where your funding comes from. As long as your hands are clean.

  2. Finally she is making sense to what happened to her. Originally, she blamed the gun that hurt her. I presume if she had been hit by a car she would have backed going back to horses and bicycles. Gun control and gun grabbing is not the answer or the problem. The problem is mentally defected humans and idiots, and just plain mean people, and criminals.

    • and since she is married to a nazi i mean a nasshole her being shot in the face was probly a nazi feemason ritual she had to go through so that asshatnaught can move up

  3. Some real sensible conversation is emerging that we have a people problem and not a weapons problem. I am not yet convinced that medical help is going to be resourceful just yet. But we are learning.

  4. It’s a shame that the general run of anti gun operators/ activists are unable/ unwilling to recognize and admit the above described circumstances or situations.


  6. The Giffords, admittedly, have skin in the game of gun control, as would anyone who had been a victim or loved-one of a victim. I expect that we’ll see more of this common-sense as the general public begins to realize that it IS indeed, a people problem and not one of guns or their availability.
    A look at Israel or Switzerland where gun ownership and training is near mandatory and those countries familiarity with firearms and their use is a given, which don’t have the proliferation of gun violence that the ant-gunners decry.
    Bottom line is, for the infrequency of mass shootings vis a’ vis altering our Constitution and the protections it is intended to supply, I believe that most Americans will take a deep, cleansing breath and realize that without the Second Amendment, the rest of that document is moot.

    • Any reasonable person can see that the rampant haplophobia that has gripped this nation for the last few decades is exactly why we suffer these pass shootings now. When people felt more comfortable carrying weapons openly criminals were far more uncomfortable with using firearms in public’
      The best defense against madmen with guns is a swift and deadly response.

  7. Had the Giffords had guns then she would not have been hurt like she was. My guess is that she would not have even been attacked. Her lack of guns left her an open target but you would think they would learn from this but they join the wrong group and head the wrong way.

    • I don’t agree. Politicians, especially while making speaches, are extremely easy targets for a dedicated sniper, even with all the security that surrounds them.

    • She was an innocent victim of a mentally unhinged kook. But that still doesn’t excuse her husband about lying about being able to purchase guns fro a gun show with no background check at all. The lying is a syndrome of the entire anti-gun movement, no matter what they call themselves.
      All of the stats offered by these groups are either outright lies or contain huge numbers of accidents and the like, dredged up from the history of many years past. They refer to “children” as anyone under the age of 25. They always include “Drive by” shootings and drug wars shootings, as well as those individuals killed by Police.
      Also they add in the numbers of criminals killed by victims of home invasions and robberies !
      Anything to “PUFF UP” their published numbers.
      From Ms. Gifford to the little munchkin Bloomberg, they are all LIARS !


    • Giffords and her husband Kelly need to practice what they preach or shut up.! They haven’t given up any of their guns. Oh, I forgot, they follow the rule “DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO!”

    • Nasty Pelousy and Not-very-Feinstein both have held CCW permits for decades. They each also have full platoons of California Highway Patrol Officers assigned in squads as *armed* bodyguards. But of course in their nasty, yet feeble, crumbling minds, they are the Elite Class among Democraps. They are the valuable society members.
      But, the dirty, filthy, unwashed masses; the pedestrian class of all others, the slow-minded, weak-willed, haters, Republicans, the evil-minded, heartless so-called Christians with their Jesus and clinging bitterly to their Bibles and their guns. They need every effort spent to keep guns out of their hands. It doesn’t matter that the damn law-abiding White folk, and whatever brainwashed crackerjack Uncle Tom keep a gun if he have a job, pay bills, and act like anyone else. None of them deserve guns or permits, or bullets. They just need to keep paying these damn tsx increases we slap on them, so our salary gets better, our retirement is whayhayhayhay off the rails. And, we keep the damn magnet turned on that gravy train up north to California! The sanctuary state! We have such stuff nobody gets unless you be illegal, man.
      Free EVERYTHING, man!
      Medical, money, a housing, car payment, baby money – like $1500 a munt for every nina you got. You can bring the whole clan from back en la zona. Phones free obama phones, internet, obama ‘puters, man! All free!!!
      Free lawyers, too!!!they give you a paid up lawyer and there’s all kinds of special deals going on right now. Like two gor one. And no jail. They have to fing a place for you to live. Like not a jail. So cool.

      So- even tho the evil Dems open the bank vault doors to the illegals in exchange for votes, guns are offthe table for them, and us, at least for now.
      Illegals may be dirty unwashed masses,
      But they have value because the Democraps are sure illegals will vote for them. And there ate many sneaky ways to get them voting. Motor-voting for example.
      Anyone doing a transaction at the Ca-DMV automatically gets registered to vote. No questions asked about the big “C” word, citizenship. Ca. passed a law that it is unlawful to ask anyone about their citizenship status. How nice, right?
      Well, the ones who dream up these awful and often dangerous rules and laws, their elite class status gives them automatic CCW permits for life, and hefty supply of personal fully armed out bodyguards.
      But peons? Not worthy.

  9. Right now, I do not trust our own government to do anything to protect our rights clearly laid out in the Constitution. They are grabbing any lifeline they can to remain in office. And we, honest gun owners are being thrown to the Constitutional illiterate liberal wolves. Nobody knows that the Second Amendment protects the Bill of Rights and the Constitution as a whole because they haven’t even read the Constitution. These liberals just follow everyone else like lemmings rushing to drown in the sea of stupidity. Whatever happened to civics classes where they taught students about how and why our government works? Those on the left have completely gone insane. There will be more “Gabby Giffords” being shot along with other mass shootings, and our law enforcement will not be able to stop the shooters because of those who hate gun owners. I sure wish we had the government we had before they murdered Kennedy.

    • Politicians take an Oath to uphold the Constitution and the Laws for Our Country. But have No idea what the Oath means or represents. They are already trying to fill the back pockets when they walk away from taking the Oath. They don’t care about the People, except when it is time for them to run again for Office.

  10. while i share mr. clarks emotions on this issue , i think a civil war might be a little extreme. but i do think the gov’t might find searching for 300million firearms to be costly to the point of being prohibitive. 300million is a low estimate , i have heard 450 million thrown around. i think what they might do is make an example of some people,and hope we all fall into line. what we need to do is stick together and “fly under the radar”. do not draw undue attention to yourself lest you become one of the examples.

    • I’m afraid that the 2nd, or 3rd example would push it over the edge. Then, all bets are off. It will take a long time for the country to recover. Germany and Russia, are not what I call recovered yet.

  11. The guy that shot her could NEVER have hurt her no matter HOW many times he hit her empty retarded head!!! That’s the ONE place no libtard EVER needs body armor….. their goddamn brainless thoughtless vast wasteland dead empty heads!!!!

    I REALLY wish he would have finished the job!! ANY ssskunt that would violate her oath of office and not JUST support but DEMAND UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAWS THAT EFFECT ONLY INNOCENT LAW ABIDING CITIZENS by NOT so slowly eroding their GOOD GIVEN RIGHT to defend themselves!!!!! ALL these gun, freedom, constitution HATING ASSHOLES DESPERATELY NEED TO DIE!!!! Too bad she lived!!! Brady was another one that doesn’t his life AFTER doing his VERY BEST to violate ALL our 2nd amendment rights!!!
    They SNUCK the anti- machine gun law through in a totally unrelated bill!! Funny, he and Pres Reagan WEREN’T shot with an automatic weapon…..Hinkley used a snub nosed “Saturday night special” .22 revolver!!
    Yet somehow he got ALL full auto weapons BANNED in 86!! They USED to be rare and kinda expensive with the tax stamps and all but to OUTLAW them COMPLETELY is ridiculous!! They SHOULD have finished the job!!!

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