This Mayor Wants To Pay Protection Money To Criminals To Prevent Murders


Every sensible person on this planet wants to decrease the number of murders, but some of the proposed methods are, frankly, idiotic. Why do I saw that? Because they aren’t based on any sense of reality about human nature.

Take, for example, a recent proposal from the mayor of Stockton, California, Michael Tubbs. It’s the most ridiculous thing that you’ll see all day. The NRA gives us the details:

If you’re Stockton, Calif., Mayor Michael Tubbs, you identify the 50 people most likely to commit crimes using a gun—and offer to cut them a check.

The 27-year-old mayor’s program, called Advance Peace, offers 18 months of counseling, life coaching, job training and daily check-ins to would-be shooters, with the goal of cutting shootings in half over the next four years. Enrollees would also be offered “transformative travel” (consisting of a trip to a theme park), along with a $1,000-per-month stipend for enrollees who stay the course.

In its pilot city of Richmond, Calif., the program has fallen far short of expectations. Despite the promise of cash payouts, a full 30 percent of participants have committed offenses again. Moreover, according to the Richmond Police Officers Association, the group has refused to work with law enforcement. “In fact,” a spokesperson said, “they have worked hard to usurp the justice we work hard to serve our community.”

So, let me see if I have this straight: the mayor of Stockton, California, wants to identify the fifty people that his police department finds that they are most likely to get put in jail for shooting people and offers them money and a trip to go ride roller coasters if they promise to not commit crimes. And he’s doing this even though the results from another city which has tried this same program shows that the program has failed because 30% of the people getting paid still get arrested for committing a crime. Do I have that right?


Yeah, I’d say that pretty much sums up the program. It’s exactly like paying the mafia protection money in exchange for them not killing you.

If the program itself wasn’t idiotic enough, it’s the fact that Tubbs is trying to put it into effect even though it is proven to have failed where it has already been tried. Talk about throwing good money after bad.

It’s not hard to see how this is going to go. (To say it plainly for anti-gunners who may be reading this: This program will fail.)

In response to this idiotic attempt to control crime through bribery, the NRA said,

We’ve got a better idea: Remove the red tape restricting Californians’ right to self-defense, and put criminals on notice that their next target could be their last.

I agree completely with the NRA on this one.



    • What this mayor is doing, is to make the term “you can’t have your cake , and eat too” a reality. Get paid, educated , taken to a theme park, AND STILL commit crimes.WOW! Now isn’t that the brightest of lightbulbs shining in a bin of burnout lightbulbs????

      • The only reason I for one in our country see why he wants to do as he says he wants is because we the millions an millions in our country,that are their numbers, where all that tax money is coming from, “But if that mayor and all others like the Mayor ,where all paying out of their own pockets, for all the fringe benefits that they want we the people to pay for ,and weather that Judge along with all the others who think and fell as that Judge says and want we the people to pay for,would change their tunes,if it was coming their wages to give to those evil types of people.

    • There is a similar program in Italy. A V in the front of the property indicates that the property owner is paying the Vigilantes to not steal from them.

    • This mayor is totally insane. Bet there’ll still be killings. Never let a good crisis go to waste. Think that was obummers AG.

    • Agree with you. This state elects some of the most uninformed, stupid politicians I’ve ever. Democrats and liberal. The part that is really sad? They get elected because the voters are more stupid and uneducated than the politicians.


  2. Amen! Jerks didn’t figure out yet that when guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns…. I agree with arming the citizens and run the advertising that your next victim may be your last.
    God Bless America

  3. My God! Talk about starting down a slippery slope. Next, when police arrest someone, give them money “not to do it again” and give them a lollipop.

  4. Isn’t promoting giving money to criminals promoting extortion, a crime in it self? Why the hell isn’t this idiot mayor doing time in jail? Is there no police commissioner in this town? Don’t they know the law? Is there no district attorney? Is there NO one who will stand up and say, guess what, you just broke the law and are now going to be prosecuted? OH WELL. THE NEW LIBERAL, ALT-LEFT AMERICA!!!!!!!!! WELCOME ALL MORNS!!!!

  5. Stupid Voters vote for Stupid Politician’s that come up with stupid Idea’s EXTORTION in the beginning it’s only 50 individual OOP’s Now we have a 150 no 300 no again its a thousand today. Need I say anymore!

  6. Years of yore ago, during the Viking raids on the English shores, one English King hit on the idea to pay off the Vikings with what was called ‘The Viking Geld’, taxes were raised to pay this ‘geld’, the problem was of course that every year the Vikings would return demanding more and more until there was nothing left. The moral is, if the stupid English King had raised taxes to form an army strong enough to face down the Vikings he could have in the long run persuaded the Vikings to raid elsewhere. Also the ‘geld’ would have remained in the country to pay for things like Obama Care programs, does that make historical sense?

  7. We really need to monitor the Morons that are elected in as Mayors – this is beyond idiotic. Pay not attention to the distractions and PLEASE get informed of the Genocide planned for us; Stop the Crime Deep State sinister take overview
    History repeats
    Genocide S. Africa Western plan
    Past Genocides & Atrocities soros evilist man on earth
    Bill Gates Depopulation
    Agenda 2030 Depopulate as soon as possible
    DACA Crime rates

  8. Arthur Neville Chamberlain, Prime Minister of England from 1937 to 1940 tried something like this with Hitler. Anybody with a high school education knows how that worked! He was replaced by Winston Churchill, who is known for this quote, ” anybody that would give up any freedom, for security, will have neither.”

    • Wish you were correct about “anyone with a high school edeucation”. However, most History taught today begins post WWII or even post 1960 and doesn’t cover anything before that with more than a quick passing reference.

  9. WoW, Is it possible that the whole world has gone MAD or is it just this particular little man, who should not be in office.

    Let me guess, in the future, since you already have them in YOUR employ and you wish for a divorce and WoW given that it is a Californification State she will eat you up in the courts. But wait why not use your own personal group of criminals, you can ‘off her’ and her boyfriend.

    But wait, why stop there, there are so many in need of your services, perhaps your friends do not like an elected official or someone else holding office. It would be so easy.

    What a stupid idea, brought to us by a stupid moron who happened to fool the people and God knows the people are really that stupid, especially the Millennials and the Gen Xers. Just give them some avocado and toast and they will be yours.

    As for the out of control Left-Wingers, now they are really dangerous, they are becoming militant, spoiling for a fight.

    But wait, how could we miss the worst of the lot, those Trump followers, who will do near anything he needs, he need only to make them think it was their idea.

    Stir, season and presto, a New Home Grown Second Civil War. This would make Trump King Trump for life, some may wish that it is a short one, others will willing do his bidding or worse.

    God forbid any of the above comes true and yet I truly believe it is coming, historically it is our time both as stated, historically and financially, after all, nothing is for ever, not even the United States of America. So off to the pages of history, lost in the dust of time.

    Good Night America and Good Luck, you shall truly need it. A Fellow Patriot

    • I am surprised you were capable of typing the word “patriot”. You surely are not one. I dont doubt you are a “fellow” from Cafilornia. I keep saying “miracles take for ever but you are going to take lots longer”.

  10. If a large sum of money did not entice Hitler, what chance does my money have against armed punks? I’ll go for the concealed weapon over that idea.

  11. Instead of paying a bunch of money to criminals to not be criminals, how about saying “Every house, apartment, condo, etc have a working and loaded gun available which is also required to know how to use.” This has been done AND it reduced crime in the town. I believe it was in Mississippi or Alabama.

  12. Owen Grant, Please stop doing that, all that dribble about Chamberlain and Churchill, it was Benjamin Franklin and despite being quoted wrongly for so long it goes like this and I quote, “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither Liberty nor safety.”

    I had seen it used in the past and being a student of Franklin I believe it is our responsibility to him and to time to correct this grevious error.

    If it had been left to Neville Chamberlain he would have tried to placate Hitler with payoffs so as to leave Britain alone, but thanks to history and the fact that Chamberlain died of cancer some few months after leaving office Winston Churchill was able to save the day. Any use of Franklins words by others (unless he was merely quoting Franklin) is merely plagiarism at it’s worst.

    Churchill’s personal secretary Anthony Montague-Brown attempted to clear up the misunderstanding yet the rest was left up to history. Signed a Fellow Patriot

  13. Hmm;
    My Step Brother lived in California for 10 + yrs, he was a Drug Addict, Thief & Criminal most of his life. He Overdosed about ten years ago shooting up some kind of meth. Can I use his name and get paid this extortion money That Idiot Mayor is Paying Criminals. I mean, California let’s Dead People, Criminals & Now Working on letting Illegals Vote. Same Concept isn’t it ? Someone has to let me know if I’m on the wrong page in my thinking as I’m Not, Nor Ever have been a Violent Crazy Felon of the Criminal type. Though if California wants to give away Free Money, I’ll take it, he owed me Thousands of dollars from trying to help him out in his early years before he stole a 71 mustang along with a complete page of Unused Baby Zeppelin Stamps, Unused plate blocks of the other Zeppelin Stamps & over $5,000.oo Face Value in Silver and Gold Collectible Coins from me back in the Early 80’s while I was in Daytona for two Beautiful weeks at the Cabbage Patch for Bike Week. I could retire today with that he stole & I Never was able to get any of it back.

  14. Lurker
    Good people still in Cali, ones that refuse to run and are willing to stand they’re ground and fight the liberal idiots. Its not easy but once again I’d rather die fighting that run away. Semper Fi
    We’ll pull the flag when the last one leaves or dies.
    The fact is this liberal nonsense is everywhere bet I can find it some were near your area as well,
    careful what you mock its just around the corner from all some just more obvious than others.
    Strength in numbers

  15. When last I looked, the point was to arrest and have trials of criminals. Strange how ideas, in some areas anyhow, have changed.

  16. Just look at what is happening on out Southern border. Illegals are no longer illegal. They are simply victims and we are the bad guys that want them to go through the process to become citizens. The world has turned upside down, and, if we do not get out the vote in the midterms, this California idiot will be the norm. Look at NY. They have an avowed Socialist that wants to completely change America into a Socialist society.

  17. This 27 year old mayor must still be living in his parent’s basement: retard. Commiefornia will eventually run out of other people’s money; but then again, maybe not. If these idiots keep being elected to office it’s because commiefornians like to support these stupid programs I guess. Just get gun restriction laws off the books and let people carry at will. Bet ya that in no time crime will go down 90%!

  18. Only a complete moron could come up with a solution like this. You pay a criminal $1000.00 a month not to kill, next month he will want $1200.00, and there is no end in sight unless we can get the people of this nation to wake up and get rid of these kind of politicians and put the ear of God in criminals. I’m sure you have heard of the three strikes and you’re out laws. I”m strongly in favor of two strikes and you are dead. If you have been convicted of a crime once and serve time, then get out and commit another crime you did not learn and very likely never will. Why should the taxpayers support you and stand the expense guarding you? It’s much simpler to put a ..22 bullet in the brain stem and cremate them to save room in cemeteries for decent people.

  19. Well, when you think about it: “Given actual rehabilitation, reformed criminals could be repurposed as bodyguards.”


  21. Hunt em hear em & hang em & leave em for the buzzards & worms! “Worms gotta eat too!” An Honest politician is an oxymoron!💩🐺🏜🌵💀🇸🇴🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿⚔️☠️

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