Does This Mean The End Of The NRA?


The National Rifle Association (NRA) has been a long-time advocate of gun rights in America and, in many people’s minds, they are the primary and most effective pro-gun lobbying organization in the U.S.

Unfortunately, however, things may not be rosy for the NRA. Bob Fredericks writes,

The deep-pocketed NRA claims it’s going broke and may soon “be unable to exist” — and blames Gov. Andrew Cuomo for its purported poverty, according to a recent court document that’s part of its lawsuit against the state.

The pro-gun lobby — which gave a record $21 million to Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign — said it’s headed to the poorhouse because a state agency told insurers to cut ties with the association and slapped a $7 million fine on NRA insurance broker Lockton Cos.

The group had filed a federal lawsuit against Cuomo and the state in May, claiming New York launched an unfair “blacklisting campaign” against the association.

In the new court filing in late July, the NRA complained it couldn’t obtain financial services crucial to its operations and faced “irrecoverable loss and irreparable harm” after losing insurance coverage.

“Insurance coverage is necessary for the NRA to continue its existence,” according to the new document, which was first reported by the New York Law Journal.

Without liability insurance, the “NRA cannot maintain its physical premises, convene off-site meetings and events, operate educational programs … or hold rallies, conventions and assemblies,” the filing said.

What does all this really mean? Well, the court documents obviously are trying to paint as bleak a picture as possible to play up how the State of New York and Governor Cuomo have targeted the NRA in an attempt to force anti-gun measures through their state legislature.


If true, these documents should concern all gun owners as the NRA lobbies heavily for pro-gun legislation and government policies which affect all gun owners.

However, seeing that this is a court case, we may want to take the statements in the document with a grain of salt, as lawsuits routinely try to paint the plaintiff in a light which makes them seem to be the greatest victim and the most wronged.

What is the truth? Time will tell.



  1. DON’t get sucked into the stench anal orifice of empathy for a profit ONLY oriented fraudulent organization that was Never, Ever, concerned with defending our 2nd/A.

    Otherwise, they would have accomplished something by now with all the multi-millions of paying dues members? They can’t even get a simple silencer Bill lobbied through!

    So they don’t have any ‘real’ power or influence, like Gun Owners of America, who stand by absolutely NO compromise with criminal gun rights violators based on public safety or ‘bullshit ‘sensible gun restrictions, Oath Keepers, who will NEVER let them seize your weapons through Martial Law, or Judicial Watch, or The Rutherford Institute, Where formidable Constitutional Attorney and Author John Whitehead puts his money where his mouth is and has actually fights and wins lawsuits against these confiscation dedicated Tyrannist totalitarians. Join these true Patriot groups instead of wasting your time and money with the NRA. Who are now whimpering and whining about money problems their ‘owners’ don’t really have, instead of threatening to ‘DE-elect’ anymore gun control promoting legislators with massive campaign action, while
    launching massive political pressures according to their so-called influence and ‘power’, to affect physical arrests and prosecutions of those making illegal gun laws in direct violation of Constitutional law and SCOTUS rulings.

    Mayne they’re pissing and moaning because they are secretly ‘in bed’ with some of these politicians??? If you’re an old hand at ‘following the money’, you don’t have to by a NY or Chicago Detective to know that the more ‘fear’ you have of them taking your guns, the more ‘members’ will join and pay you dues to afford you half million dollar homes on the golf courses.

    So a profit minded only corporation wouldn’t want to ‘really’ stop Cuomo or any other traitorous political hack from enacting more illegal gun control, now would they? In fact, as some have proposed, they would actually Enable them in a below radar manner?

    Okay, Rant over. Lets move out!

    And now they’re mewling and whimpering about

    • Thank God your rant is over, you sir, are a hack and that is being polite. Is the NRA perfect, no it is not, but it is the most effective one out there, if for no other reason, 6 Million members carry a lot of clout come voting time. We will all have to assume that after your tirade, you don’t belong to the NRA, but since you are on a gun friendly site we must again assume that you belong to some pro 2A organization, if not, then you are part of the problem, not the answer.

      • No, John! It’s people like YOU that are part of the problem because you’re so brainwashed by Corporatist marketing hypnosis that you simply can’t see the forest from the trees. You brain is so cognitively rearranged to be a sycophant for everything the NRA says, but never acts upon, that you are becoming mentally diminished, even in your reading comprehension. Didn’t you read the three Pro 2nd/A organizations I listed? Why do think I mentioned them? It never occurred to you that I could be, and certainly am, a activist member of all three? Plus I’m a lifetime member of the NRA. I’m also a published 2nd/A Activist under another pseudonym. Don’t be so asinine as to ‘assume’ anything when proposing a question someone like me, who does his research diligence to the fullest extent, when you need to first question your own ignorance of the message subjects.

        The NRA is NOT the most effective pro gun org out there. Membership size is not a true measurement of that. It only is an indication of how stupid the members are (as I once was) to fill the coffers of their corporate executives primarilyso they can better afford a superior lifestyle, while gun grabbers continually gain ground after all these decades. I could go on, but one rant a day is all I allow myself especially when people are so intransigent in their beliefs that they are virtual prisoners of their own minds. So do your own careful research on the NRA if you want the truth. (hint: question everything) Otherwise have a nice dumbed down day!

        • Actually, as a matter of fact, you, sir, are, in fact, a hack. It is individuals like yourself that undermine everything we, the NRA, have accomplished. If you are that dead-set against our great organization, why are you still a member? Hmmmmm? I have been following the NRA since 1965, and I am fully qualified to call you a two-faced liar.

    • No Johnny Troll, the rant is not over, you can only wish. The second amendment would have been history long ago without the NRA. The second amendment is the one amendment that protects all the others. According to the framers of the constitution, an armed man is a citizen, but an unarmed man is a subject. If you want to be a subject, I’ll gladly contribute to your travel to any socialist country of your choice. All you have to do is agree to sign a binding agreement that if you come back, I get to hunt you and have you mounted when I catch up to you. Everyone needs a liberal troll on their wall.

    • The NRA, that ole organization that advocated for gun control back in the day when the Black Panthers picked up weapons to protect themselves and the black community from LAPD. The NRA, the organization that would have 21 million in the bank had they not tried not to buy influence with the current crazy resident in the White House. The NRA quiet as a church mouse on Sunday when it comes to black folks being shot down and in the back by law enforcement. Like a lot of people, I used to be a member of the NRA. We parted way when the members of the board and the ideals of the organization differed from my own. If they ask; maybe the Donald will give them some of the money back.

  2. Guess this means, I’ll have to go to FOX NEWS and/or the “Rush Limbaugh Show to get the “REAL” Story !!!!

    • Tell that too the Marines, General Patton, McArthur, Navy Seal , General Curtis LeMay USAF and Rosie! America is not Zgreat! Como pack your fk bags and leave ! COL John Glenn would slap you side the head!

  3. Cuomo is and always has neen a twofaced dirtbag so suit his buttright into the poorhouse where this Gungrabbing Butt hole belongs.

  4. It’s not about gun rights it’s about THE FREEDOM OF LAW ABIDING CITIZENS to purchase whatever they want to protect themselves and their families. Why is the government trying to stop law abiding people from doing lawful activities? It’s all about control.

  5. Cuomo is and always has neen a twofaced dirtbag so suit his butt right into the poorhouse where this Gungrabbing Butt hole belongs.

  6. The state of New York is trying to bankrupt the NRA. Once the NRA is gone they will go after the other
    Pro Gun groups. Then they go after our other rights.

  7. Well after this guy’s rant I am no longer a member of Gun Owners of America. I did this because this guy took advantage of this story to advertise for Gun Owners of America. That is something only a true liberal would do.
    I am a member of most gun related groups but I will not stand for one turning on another.

  8. Hay New York Gun owners Want to get rid of CUOMO , Get out and VOTE ,there are enough gun owners in the state of N.Y. to REMOVE HIM FROM the Office along with his cronies. Don’t say we can’t win WE CAN if you get out and VOTE.

  9. Mahatma Muhjesbude . I wouldn’t trust a word you say ever. I’ve been to your websites. I’ve read your articles and I’m not impressed by your attitude about America. You’re a shady internet marketer who writes crap articles as clickbait.

    Everyone Google this guy’s name and check out some of the things he has said. Be mindful of the tone of his writing. He is clearly anti-American.

    Support the NRA. Support other gun organizations and 2nd amendment rights protectors.

    Don’t support gun people or organizations that talk crap about other gun people and organizations. And definitely don’t support clickbait writers.

    Get armed, get trained, carry daily and long live the republic!

  10. I have voted for whoever was running against a Cuomo and any other democrat all my life and will continue to do so till they are gone and New York is a free state again. I am a life member of the NRA, a veteran and a gun owner who knows the price of freedom is paid in blood. Yes we have to get up go to the polls and vote for what is right

  11. I think the government State and Federal so take that right away…. it would mean a safer way of life for almost everyone (Especially our kids). I spent about 7 1/2 yrs in the Army. I was in Northern Germany by the wall. I remember the Soviet soldiers pointing their weapons at us.i couldn’t do anything about it. I just continued on with patrolaround the area.You cannot is guns to solve problems to have work them through and try to resolve them.Guns are to easy to get hold of. You can buy them off the streets very easily. At pawn shops, get them from gang members, and a lot of other places!! I think they should band GUNS!!!

  12. No politicians. No bogus law suits no ridiculous drafts for legislation that is contrary to our National Social Agreement RE THe Constitution and Bill of Rights. NO legislation attacking existing law is legal.
    THe US ARMY began the Civilian Marksmanship Program I believe before WWI With the Army becoming involved in WWI, that responsibility went to smaller organizations who carried out the traditional firearms safety and training programs. We have heard many reminiscing about days where their autos had a gun rack – WelL that is true as the firearms training was at Jr High School and High School. The NRA outgrew other organizations — But there are others – N politician should feel justified in writing anything that is anti 2A. Feinstein just to point out one name, should have been gone a long time ago for her obsession with Anti 2A. Just recently the 2014 murderer of several kids and Gabriella Gifford a US senator or assembly woman was shot in the head. 1 guy, a moron looney caused all the grief and yet, the unreasonable KNEE JERKING is towards those who are law abiding, well trained, responsible and good Americans. That’s us – So those anti gun are UN AMERICAN I have no respect for their efforts. As does Jerry Brown toward US Law, our Borders and towards President Trump, I in turn defy Dianne Fienstein and her sequels who are less informed than she. James Dudley, I have defended my home from three forced entries without firing a shot. I very well could have, but I am well trained, was in the Army too for 8 years and served as a Assistant Range Instructor and became a NRA Certified Instructor as well. You don’t have to own any firearms Mr Dudley, that’s your right but you cannot dilute my right to own and to protect myself and family. You faced rutheless Soviets and didn’t learn that they don’t negotiate? Well neither to felons out on parole needing money credit cards or stereos to fence and get drugs. Gamble with your own life mister stay the hell out of my life!

  13. I left out that the The Gabriella Gifford shooter was apprehended in New MExico of Arizona. Again, one idiot and all firearms are gone? Why not one running the red light and al cars are gone? Pretty stupid logic on the parts of politicians that’s what — I am sick and tired of this fake issue Firearms ownership is our Natural Right. I believe we must be more vocal than we are. Poiticians and bleeding heart liberals don’t seem to understand what natural rights are.

    • Amen and thank you for your service to this great country. I will and always will vote against any Democrat or Republican that’s anti gun. I served dessert storm in 92-94. Until you’ve been to one of these other countries without laws and or freedom you will never really appreciate what you’ve got here which is a shame.
      I’ve got my best friend whose parents came from Mexico the right way. Even they want a wall and better border protection. If the Democrats want open borders than you should all go to other countries 1st and see what kind of life is lived there. I’ll never understand why anyone thinks it’s ok to try and force others into there way if thinking. It’s great to converse and have a different view about things but ti resort to name calling and violence like Maxine Waters has told her constituents to do is beyond belief. She should be in jail. If a Republican EVER said something like that they’d be dragged out if office and stop down immediately. This double standard of law is disgusting.
      What CA has become under gov Brown and these idiots running this state is not how I was raised or born into. I’ve lived a great life and have moved to other states and love America. I hate CA and what it’s become, politically. I had my CCW here and have it still in 2 other states and I live in Los Angeles which is one of the highest crime ridden cities in America and can’t carry our feet a permit. If I lived just 15 minutes north I could get a permit to carry living in another country. Even after having my home broke into and me using my gun to take control of the 3 intruders. That wasn’t enough to justify my life or families life to be in eminent danger that qualifies you to get a permit in Los Angeles CA. Yet the famous people with money to pay for body guards have permits along with judges. Why has this become a rich man’s issue? Because it’s all part of the bigger picture of the rich and politically connected to eventually control this country and is people.
      If only the kids were allowed to learn real history they’d see that over 100million have died just in the last 100years due to socialist countries like Germany and China. If we lose the NRA we will lose a big part if our gun foundation which is why I’m still and always will be a member. I’d rather lose a little money if they go under than to lose the ones fighting for my rights. I’d rather die fighting than to live without my rights.

  14. New Yech, home to rats (2 legged & 4 legged! Its run by the mob(Cuomo)& yamaka wearing commies, Who want ALL WHITE Americans dead! “ Vengeance is Mine saith The LORD “ new yech is a cesspool,Many of Our Troops died after 9 11. Fighting a “war” started by Jewish bankers,to stuff their own pockets with $ stained with blood of our own Troops! The jew bankers ALWAYS get rich from any war they start! Please check out the truth about our “so called allies “ . The Truth Will Set Y’all Free “ This race of perverts will stop at nothing to gain world domination! DONT SUPPORT israel!!!💀☠️🇸🇴🦅🇺🇸☘️🇮🇪🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏜🌵🏹🐺✝️✝️✝️

  15. I think that the NRA needs to restructure itself. I am not saying that they are doing things ineffectively or wrong, but that they might have to trim away some of their activities and find ways to stay operational so they can then fight the big fight and still provide a voice for pro gun citizens.

    I also think that pro gun citizens need to really get involved and actively support the NRA, buy guns and accessories and go out and shoot, train, and basically show the gun grabbers that we will fight for our constitutionally protected right to bear arms all the time, anyplace and to own as many firearms or as much ammunition as we desire to have.

    It might be time for us to boycott those who are trying to deny us access to services, money or the media. Let’s make them sweat and then laugh and smile at their shocked reactions.

  16. Hey Dave F:

    You’re right about the Jews. It was the Jews who created Communism that overthrew the Russian Czar with the Bolsheviks and installed their Communist government with the Jews who immigrated there from NYC. Socialism is the same as communism — see the “Socialist” in the USSR. Now they are working hard to subvert the USA. Already they are in control of the mass media and the universities where they indoctrinate our kids. That’s where Antifa came from. The Communists know that they can’t take control of Americans who are armed. That’s the REAL reason behind so-called “gun control.”

    Before someone accuses me of being “anti-Semitic,” let me show you that these “Jews” are fake. They have stolen the national identities and homeland of the REAL Jews who are still dispersed throughout the world. They are originally from Kazaria, an Asian country located near Russia and they converted to Judaism in the 8th century for political gain. They also call themselves Ashkenazi Jews who are descended from Japheth, NOT Shem. See Genesis 10:1-3 of the bible. See also mention of the fake Jews in Revelation 2:9 who the bible identifies as satanists.

    Does anyone really care? They should because these international criminals are subverting our country.

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