Senator Wants To Take Away Your Right To Private Gun Ownership


Just when you thought that, maybe, just maybe, anti-gunners would finally be told the deal (that they are wrong and to go home and do something productive and useful), they step up and double-down on their foolishness. You could be forgiven for thinking that they would get a clue since the Department of Justice dropping a case against Defense Distributed who wanted to provide plans online for making “ghost guns,” but, unfortunately, no.

Instead, anti-gunners in government have taken this as the opportunity to try to ban untraceable firearms all together. Brian Spyros writes,

Another push by Democratic lawmakers to ban ghost guns took place in Hartford [connecticut] on Friday.

Senator Richard Blumenthal held a news conference on ghost guns for the second time this week, where he introduced the Untraceable Firearms Act.

Now, in case you aren’t familiar with the details of the Untraceable Firearms Act, provides the text of the bill. This text amends the existing legal code in several places, but, in essence, this law is an attempt to make all guns detectable using metal detectors. Of course, if this bill passes, this means that some portion of the gun would have to be made of metal so that metal detectors at airports and court houses can pick up these firearms, which would, in essence, make 3D printed firearms illegal.


In reality, though, it’s an attempt to control what cannot be controlled. No, we’re not talking about guns as the real weapon here; we’re talking about the human mind. This legislation makes the same dangerous assumption that anti-gunners tend to make in general: they assume that the tool is the danger. However, the truth of the matter is that the danger is in the human mind and the tool (in this case, a gun) is only one method for that human mind to do what it seeks to do. If you take away one method, a person with evil intent will simply find another way to do evil things.

Unfortunately, gun control advocates such as Senator Blumenthal don’t understand the real source of the danger and, so, blame guns and continue to make it difficult for law-abiding citizens who simply want to protect their families.



  1. My believe. To protect our bill of rights our constitution. And pass this letter on to others. To anyone that will listen. To all the Republican, Democrat and Liberal who love this country and all of the constitutional rights. I came to this great country legally when i was a boy. I Got my certificate of naturalization and become a citizen on 9-17-1971 of this grate country and i fell in love with the freedom and all of the bill of rights our constitution. We must protect the bill of rights ,from all socialist and communist. They will wipe there feet on our bill of rights our constitutional right. They are to precious to even amend one letter, one number, one word or any of the amendments. People died for 242 years to the present day in our great military and our law enforcement to protect the bill of rights, to our constitution. Our ancestors over 242 years ago came out of there homes with there guns same kind of guns as the military had them days and form a militia and fought for there and our freedoms of this grate country and wrote the bill of rights our constitutional rights our constitutional rights. We the people must embrace there fight and protect the bill of rights with our heart and mind. It’s our duty to protect the bill of rights our constitutional from enemy abroad or domestic, socialist or communist that they can never amend and destroy the constitutional rights. I’m fighting for our children and our grand children and our grand, grand children. Until infinity comes. Till the and of time. God help us all. From your friend. M.N.

  2. The Senator simply does not understand the constitution and its second amendment provision for a means of defense against a run-away government and for personal defense. Since England has already banned guns even for the police, knives are becoming the major choice of weapons. Now they are considering banning knives. I am not aware of the outcome of such legislation yet but I do not put it past them. However, the truth in this article is that we will never run out of choices for weapons. Even rocks and tree limbs can be used. How does anyone propose to get rid of all those natural “weapons”?

  3. I have a question. Why isn’t this Senator already arrested pending prosecution for conspiring to commit a criminal act in violation of 18 USCC 242?

  4. While the firearm itself might or might not be detectable, ammunition is and for the present at least, metal cased, when last I looked.

  5. ‘Untraceable’ guns have been illegal in US since 1988. All legal firearms must contain enough metal to shoe up on a metal detector.

    They got this through during hysteria over polymer-framed pistols, as I remember.

    Still, every year, airport detectors routinely fail to detect 1911- style pistols.

  6. From what i understand the blueprints are just a design. The 3d printable gun although mostly made from plastic or something else must have a firing pin. Wouldnt that have to be made from metal?. As for the blueprints they should be protected by the 1st amendment and thats what i thought this guy won his law suit over. Its just another ploy for some liberal judge up for election to show nice to his supporters

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