Massachusetts AG Says Will Prosecute Anyone 3D Printing Guns


Massachusetts has a long and (to them) proud history of being a “progressive” stronghold which, of course, includes a strong anti-gun stance. For many Americans, this is enough reason to choose to never live in that state, but, if freedom-loving people ever considered moving to Massachusetts, that state has once again shown itself to be a stronghold of shoddy thinking with a recent statement by its Attorney General.

Massachusetts AG Maura Healey posted a notice which basically stated that gun owners’ rights are not a priority (or even on the list of rights) in that state. Chris Eger writes,

The one-page notice states that undetectable plastic guns violate state regulations on “covert weapons” in the same way as firearms disguised as items such as cigarette lighters. It should be pointed out that the firearm at the heart of Healey’s legal action against Texas-based company Defense Distributed, the 3D-printed Liberator, while constructed from extruded plastic, is designed to contain a block of steel to make it detectable to magnetometers, as required by federal law.

The Attorney General’s office also warns that possession of a gun without a state-mandated license is a crime, as is unreported transfers between private parties. Further, printing what is classified in the state as an “assault weapon,” a definition that has been controversially expanded by Healey in recent years, is also a crime, according to the notice.

Essentially, what Healey (and, by extension, the State of Massachusetts) is saying is that you don’t have a right to have a gun unless they let you. You don’t have the right to build a gun. They might as well say that you don’t have the right to even think about guns unless they let you and that to do so would be considered a thought crime. They probably want all little boys to play dolls and make-up instead of Nerf guns, too.


Massachusetts is exactly what you get when your government begins to think that rights are privileges that they let you have instead of freedoms that we have from birth. I recommend staying far away from there.



    • I was born and raised in the state of Massachusetts, and this type of thinking was one of the reasons I chose to move OUT of the state!

  1. The First state to fight for freedom(1770’s) is the first state to take them away HOW SAD. And yes ,I said it before and ill say it again. Don’t let it happen where you live. Remove these people from POWER before they remove YOU……….

  2. The First state to fight for freedom(1770’s) is the first state to take them away HOW SAD. And yes ,I said it before and ill say it again. Don’t let it happen where you live. Remove these people from POWER before they remove YOU……….

  3. Used to live in Massachusetts. People aren’t exaggerating when they say you have to ask permission to even think about owning a firearm. If you do get approved about 10pages of paperwork. Don’t even bother trying to get a license to carry if you’ve had a speeding ticket in the last 15 years!

  4. If the 3D gun contains a metal barrel, and it would have to do so, makes it no more different from any other guns. It is still seen on metal detectors at airports and any public building including schools. That is why we have such devices. The gun appears to be too large and bulky for concealment. So, what is the difference between it and any other hand gun? It is not a violation of the Second Amendment. That make the legislation illegal.

  5. As one nation under God, I call on God to strike down the evil vermin that seek power by destroying the rule of law and defying the Constitution and send them back to hell where they seem to have come from. History shows us that socialists are typically men like Stalin and Hitler, who realize that people will not surrender their property to the government and then must be killed by that government in the interests of absolute control. Socialism and Communism are two class societies, where the rulers are rich, like Bill and Hillary, but the public is the property of the state.

  6. What is interesting is that it is not illegal to make your own gun. As long as it is not fully automatic, you do not need any special license to make a gun for your own use. This will no doubt become an issue for the Supreme court when the the Mass OT GE goes after someone. It is sad that they do not exhibit the same zeil in going after criminals. Maybe the answer is for Mass and California to succeed from the Union, don’t think they would be missed that much and we certainly wouldn’t go to war to force them back into the Union. Not sure what we can expect from Mass, after all they are proud of the Kennedy’s.

  7. Once again we have a state officer violating their oath of office to defend and uphold the constitution with impunity.

  8. Wow! and all this time I thought it was the legislative branch of the government. Who was charged with making the laws, and NOT! someone in the executive branch. Who is charged with carrying out those laws. Unless the court system (Judicial Branch), who is charged with making sure any laws passed. Were Constitutional! and not an illegal infringement on our rights. Silly Me! Why has no one stood up to this *itch, and put her in her proper place by now? Reminding her that it is not her job to make law, but to carry it out. In a just and impartial nature. Just like our Federal (and I assume the State of Massachusetts as well). Constitutions demand that they be carried out to begin with?

  9. Years ago, I used to vacation in MA as my primary destination. Today I drive around that peoples republic and a number of states nearby to vacation elsewhere as most of my friends now do as well. I would never allow children to move about freely in that state and would never allow them near a Red Sox game since the virtues of victimhood and sexual corruption are now enshrined literally everywhere, even in public schools.

  10. Why doesn’t the NRA file a Federal criminal complaint charging this criminal AG with the crime of violating 18 USCC 242? If his own ‘cadre’ of corrupt officials resists, As an Oath Keeper, on behalf and orders of the Free American citizen Patriots, I’ll bring a few of my fellow current sworn police officer members and we’ll politely arrest him, relieve him of the firearm only he would like to carry instead of you, read him his rights, handcuff and leg shackle this criminal, and perp walk him before the Leftist MSM to the appropriate booking facility, bond hearing and all the other Constitutional Due Process he doesn’t care if the rest of the citizenry gets.

    What say YOU, NRA?

  11. The far left has proven they are crazy. Something the Democratic propaganda machine media won’t tell you that shooting in Jacksonville Florida was done by a Trump hating liberal. The Looney left strikes again. What is it about the Democratic party that attracts the mentally insane?

  12. In Massachusetts we have ONE party rule, A governor that won’t stand up for rule of law by letting a non legislative member of government make up her own laws instead of congress, and a bunch of dopes that keep voting these clowns into office

  13. It’s the voters fought. Plain and simple. Get rid of the trash. Vote them out. Healy and Warren must go

  14. So where is President Trump ? The ” I will protect the Second Amendment” statement he has made seems to mean nothing. New Jersey, New York, California all routinely violate our Second Amendment right and the Feds, required to protect our rights, do nothing. There is far too much government intrusion in our lives.

  15. Why would ANYONE that is Sane live in that Shit Hole State?? when these People in power have so much Rule over peoples lives it’s past time to stand up and rebel to take down these corrupt people that got into power.

  16. If you vote for Democrats, you are a traitor! You are killing the Second Amendment and also killing decent, honest citizens. The criminals will still have guns

  17. Just another good reason to avoid Masswhatsis and to boycott everything from that state until they get their Communist Dictatorial heads out their rectal orifices..

  18. I wonder how long ago our government “of the people, by the people and for the people” transformed into a government “of the spineless, by the hidden agenda, for the special interests” ?

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