Pittsburg Mayor Wants To Protect Himself Not Innocent Victims


You would think that a government official who just saw a tragic mass shooting take place near him would have more insight into actually how to help prevent this kind of tragedy from happening again. But, if the government official to which you are referring is Pittsburgh mayor Bill Peduto, then you would be mistaken.

You have no doubt heard about the mass shooting at a synagogue in Pittsburgh. Peduto recently made some downright nonsensical statements about that tragic situation. AWR Hawkins writes,

During a Sunday appearance on Meet the Press, Peduto said, “I don’t think that the answer to this problem is solved by having our synagogues, mosques and churches filled with armed guards or our schools filled with armed guards.”

Peduto made his comments in reaction to President Trump’s statement that the attack on Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life Synagogue could have ended differently if armed security had been present. Trump said, “If they had protection inside, the result would have been far better. This is a dispute that will always exist, I suspect, but if they had protection inside the synagogue maybe it could have been a very…different situation.”

Peduto explicitly cited his disagreement Trump’s position and shifted the conversation to the Michael Bloomberg-founded gun control Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

The synagogue attacker did not use illegal guns.

Now, what Peduto isn’t telling you is that he has armed guards around him all of the time for his personal protection. They’re called police officers.


What he doesn’t seem to get is that police officers can’t be everywhere at all times and, therefore, can’t stop most violent encounters before they happen. This is why it is important for there to be law abiding armed citizens on the ground at all times. Because someone has to be willing to confront the person who wants to do harm to others, and, unfortunately, that sometimes means having to use lethal force.

Sadly, for the people of Pittsburgh, Peduto is being a hypocrite about this issue or, at the very least, ignorant.



  1. Pedito and many other leftist Mayors Coty Councilmen, State Senators and House Representatives care only for themselves not their constituents. Oh they promise you everything but have they don’t Delivered on those promises? The Resounding answer is NO! They will forget all their promises until they need your vote again. Wise up America Rise up and demand better from your elected Official’s. Rise up and throw out every dirty Professional Politician, rise up and stop supporting the Liars of the Mainstream Media that is the Propaganda Wing of the Democratic Party. Rise up and close the one sided Social Medea down withdrawl your financial backing.

  2. That seems to be the issue with almost All the Anti-gun owners activists. They are All protected by guns yet want to take our rights to protect ourselves away. The only ones that this kind of proposal hurts is Legal Gun owners.
    We as legal gun owners need to speak up, make our voices heard LEGALLY. No violent protests, no outrageous protests, have a question and answer at a town hall setting. Set up a meeting at a school with parents to show them who it actually hurts in the end when everyone’s rights are taken away. Granted not everyone wants to own guns and that Is their choice, but they Need to understand that once they start with gun rights what will make them stop there.
    Lets make OUR Voices Heard The Right Way…

    • Here is a suggestion for those living in places where anti-gun mayors and governors are. If your state permits it organize a petition drive to put a measure on the ballot that strips their armed protection from them.

  3. Here in the state of Pennsylvania,a law-abiding non convicted felon,can apply and receive a legal concealed carry license. All who cherish their loved one’s lives should get one.
    Clearly the mayor of Pittsburgh hopes his city’s citizens are as stupid as he is. It’s a political stunt!

    • Mine is like an American express card, I don’t leave home without it. I am not afraid for my life in our society but through my life have seen things go bad very quickly. I am also a former MPDC officer but left for a blown out knee so I had to get a regular CCW permit since I did not retire.

  4. Politicians are the master, we are the property of them. We can be easily replaced. They are much better than us. Ask them. Yes, I am an A**h***. Now let the arguments begin! CHRIS

  5. Why are the people of Philadelphia, Pittsburgh voting for these mayors and Governor who don’t care about you jews. Maybe you are more voting stupid then they are!

  6. Sanctuary City and State mean people who are criminals are told: Do what ever you want to the jews, they just stand around, look and say, Do something. there is no police security net force to protect you. The court system does not work.

  7. If any politicians feel as thought the general public needs more gun controls than what we already have, then all forms of “bodyguard” protection should be banned also! They should be able to enjoy the thoughts of having their brains bashed in with a bat, throats slit with a straight razor, or heads cut off with a machete, just like us!

  8. The moronic mayor is playing the childish NWO game is all. Using the shooting to disarm when we’d be far safer by disarming Dumbascraps like him since all of the shootings have been done by them or their friends, nothing more. Just another shot at it and yes, they ramble while hiding behind the guns of others too but just like Feinstein, they probably have a CCW themsleves. Pathetic excuses for human beings they are who think they’re above us.

  9. All politicians feel they are above us “commoners” or “civilians”! Listen very closely to one talk sometime. They usually refer to us as “their” people, like they own us! I, personally, think it’s about time we let them know they work for us, not the other way around. We must contact our State AND Federal Senators and Representatives and tell them they are on notice, we have had enough being treated like sheep being led to slaughter and we are prepared to vote someone into their seat who is more responsive to OUR agenda than to the Party’s agenda!

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