Hey, New York Times, Maybe Supporting Gun Rights Is One Reason Why This Style of Music Is So Popular


If you’ve been a reader of this blog for any amount of time, you know that we get sick and tired of mainstream media sources being blindly and blatantly anti-gun, and we don’t mind calling them out on it.

Well, another mainstream media outlet has done it again, and, so, we’re calling them out again. The New York Times decided that they wanted to use a music awards show to push their anti-gun agenda. Clay Waters writes about the situation (hat tip to here for the lead):

Perhaps annoyed that “jingoistic” country music is not yet as infested with left-wing promotional politics as other musical and entertainment fields, a major newspaper again used the annual Country Music Association Awards to push gun-control politics onto the industry,

Reporter Elizabeth Harris garnered the front page of the New York Times Arts section for her Saturday piece “Singing About Pain, But Not Its Source — A country awards show may discuss its slain fans, but guns and politics are unlikely topics.”

Of course, this kind of headline just shows how mainstream media gets it completely wrong by blaming the tool (the firearm) for any injuries that occur using one instead of placing the blame where it belongs: the attacker.


New York Times writer Harris is obviously upset about country music not openly advocating for gun control “[w]hile much of the entertainment world has tacked sharply and openly to the left in the last two years.”

Well, here’s an answer for Harris: Maybe country music fans simply want to be entertained and not dragged into a contentious political debate while listening to their favorite music. But that’s probably an idea that hasn’t occurred to her.

The other answer for Harris is, even though country music is emphasizing more gentlemanly rather than macho singers now (her choice of terms), that doesn’t mean that country music fans are stupid enough to think that guns cause injuries without someone firing them.

And maybe country music fans like their music supporting their pro-Second Amendment values, too.

Good for them. Now, if the rest of the entertainment world would get their head out of their collective behinds and support gun rights, too, then Americans might regain some respect for that industry that has been lost.



  1. As we all know how much intelligence the NYT’s spouts our continually. Music has nothing to do with this kind of insanity. It’s as if the entire world went crazy at the same time . This is called a reprobate mind . All of which was foretold thousands of years ago . America is in decline because of disobedience to God . Especially when so called loving mothers have killed 67 million Americans .And America will continue on its path to destruction as long as they listen and believe the insane ramblings of all types of media’s !

    • Amen you are correct we are living in the End Times 1/5 th. of the Europeans already blame every thing that is going wrong on Israel. Anti Semitism is strong and growing stronger hate is on the increase. Our Freedoms are more at risk today as the Democrat Secular Progressive Humanist Socialist Intelligentsia spreads its dirty lies as truth. SIN is on the rise, Wars and Romors of Wars increasing, the love of many growing cold, confussion anong Nations, Earthquacks rising in number and ferocity. Sea Waves Roaring, and false Messiah’s and False Teachers on the rise. Yes we are most definitely living in the End Times.

  2. This is the biggest rub that makes me furious (Why do they feel every form of entertainment has to inject politics in it’s format)? This is absolutely insane. They are doing everything they can to drive this country farther apart, WHY? Gary

  3. I have no problem with entertainers/stars coming out about irresponsible firearm use, misuse,and leaving said firearms where they can be stolen, used, or misused by others. Owning firearms(or motor vehicles, boats, airplanes, tractors, washing machines, can openers, etc) comes with a unique responsibility to keep them from kids, simpletons, politicians(but I repeat myself), etc.

    Taking these items away just makes lives harder for everyone.

  4. I can see it now – the future coming in 10 to 20 years= no guns but for the police and military =no one will be murdered by guns, police and military killing will be just that KILLING & not murder. Then they will out law knives except the round pointed & dull blades sought by the polytition in England. then the social media will also be outlawed as it pushes hate limits. Then next in line to be outlawed will be the other things that will be used to murder other people as Clubs, sticks, stones (As they did in the bible”publicly stoned as in person with out sin can cast the first stone.” Even hands will then be outlawed too as you might strangle someone, oops there goes rope, twine, wire, shoe laces too! wow will there be anything legal any more?? Or is this just an exaggeration? In my week mind guns do not kill people — people kill people NO MATER WHAT TOOL THEY USE! think ABOUT IT and how narrow minded your thoughts are. People will find a way to do the deed. Personally I would rather die quickly than suffer thru a lot of pain, but even that stops in death.

  5. And yet they have no problem with the killing of tens of thousands of unborn children every year. Socialism IS a mental disease.

  6. I remember hearing that the media has a motto of, “If it bleeds, it leads”. The media thrives on murder. That’s why they want to take guns away from decent, honest citizens. The citizens will be defenseless. The criminals will still have guns. The media wants to turn all of America into Chicago!

  7. America the Constitution clearly divides the Powers between the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Branches of the Government! The 27 Amendments are meant to guarantee our GOD given rights not some punumbra of Bull Manure made up by man. The TRIUNNE GOD of the Bible gave us every Law including the natural laws of Science! These did not develope through man nor did the evolve. GOD SAID (WORD) and The HOLY SPIRIT MOVED Thus the TRIUNNE GOD let US make man and Woman in OUR likeness. And for the last 65 years the Democrats have attacked every right guaranteed in the Constitution, not Republicans but Democrats. They have been guided by the Evil Communist/ Saul Alinsky plan for Government take over. They the Democrats would Comfiscate every firearm in the hands legally of Citizen today if they could be 100% sure they could get by with it! They the Democrats are a growing Tyranny that must be stopped now! If you don’t want to live by the Laws of America leave. America says NO to the Gun Grabers!, America says NO to the Islamic Council, Council on American Islamic Relations, and Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Hezbollah, The Palistinian Authority, Iran, Nazi Fascist, AntiFA Fascist, Communist Fascist, K. K. K. Fascist, Black Panther Fascist, Farrakhan Fascist, and B. L. M. Fascist all Anti Semitic groups. We Say NO to those who would sale our Birth Rights for a pot of lamb stew! Now is the time to stop the growing Tyranny, now is the time to reafirm that we are One Nation Under GOD, and that WE The PEOPLE will fight the agreegious Tyrannical Democrat Communist! We must stop those who would sale us out to the Soros/Rothchild Global Communist they are committing Treasonl against the American Citizen, and the American Government.

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