New Study Humiliates Those Who Support California’s Gun Control Laws


California, land of fruits and nuts, as the old joke goes, and there are certainly enough people in office in California that fit that description that this joke gets even a chuckle from people who live there.

Of course, the joke is funny because “crazy people” (fruits and nuts) are out of touch with reality. They are disconnected from the way the world works and what is happening in the world, and this describes exactly what anti-gunner politicians are like. And California has a lot of anti-gunner politicians.

Anti-gunners will tell you that gun control and background checks will save lives, that they will reduce gun violence. A recent article by Beth Baumann tells us the truth of the matter, though:


The Violence Prevention Research Program (VPRP) at UC Davis and the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health conducted a studyabout the impact California’s gun control laws have had on homicide and suicide rates over the last 10 years. And guess what? Researchers found that the Golden State’s gun control laws had absolutely no impact. And, even more surprising, the study’s lead researcher found that the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) is severely flawed.

“It compared observed annual firearm homicide and suicide rates in California over 10 years following enactment of comprehensive background check and misdemeanor violence prohibition policies in 1991 with expected rates based on data from 32 control states that did not have these policies and did not implement other major firearm policies during the same time,” researchers explained in a press release.

Specifically, researchers said they saw a 10.9 percent decrease in firearm suicide rates during the time period, but they saw a similar decrease in suicides across the board, including those without a firearm. This suggests that something other than background checks and waiting periods played a role in the drop.

Now, if you tell your anti-gun friends about this research, you may have to explain that, in research, a causal factor (what causes a change) has to be isolated (meaning that it’s clear that only that factor is causing the change) before it can be really called a causal factor.

In other words, because gun suicide rates fell even where strict gun control is not in place, you can’t say that strict gun control caused the decrease in gun suicides. It had to be something else in common in all the geographic areas studied.

So, to put it clearly, gun control doesn’t work. It doesn’t make any difference except to inconvenience law abiding people.



  1. California has an abundance of idiot Democrats in office who do not understand what is happening in the world. The election of Trump is giving people more hope so they don’t commit suicide as often. To further these drops in death California should vote out all the jerk Democrats and save their state.

    • Unfortunately the voter fraud by the democrats in the socialist people’s republik of Kalifornia is worse than any other state. The democrats here are so intrenched the the voter fraud is actually sort of protected by their new unconstitutional laws. Stealing fairly won republican seats! The only fix now is civil war or heavy handed outside help.😟

      • Two laws that keep the Dems in control of CA
        1. The general election candidates are the persons with the two with the largest vote totals. That means even if they are bot Democrats. Because CA cities are dominated by “progressive” leftest there is usually a one party election for most positions.
        2. The Dems in control of the state government have allowed Ballot Harvesting, ie; Democrats can solicit and collect ballots and deliver to the polling centers instead of the voters going there themselves. No wonder the Dems are so devoted to letting aliens come into the state and give them state IDs and benefits.

  2. Communist control freaks, Democrats, in the land of fruits and nuts strike again. These idiots have to be on illegal drugs to be this stupid.


  4. Ok, I’ll put this in the simplest way I can. Because I know I am trying to reach the very weak minded of people the liberals/democrats. Every mass murder incident over the past 10 or more years was committed by a liberal some were liberal/democrats. The largest number of them were perpetrated upon the innocent law-abiding citizens who at the time were not able to sufficiently defend themselves. Because of the unconstitutional, unreasonable, unthinkable restrictive gun laws and the “GUN FREE ZONES” that in effect are “FREE KILL ZONES” FOR THE MURDERING SATAN LOVING PERSON (‘S) COMMITTING THESE HEINOUS CRIMES.” I personally hold all lawmakers that have written and brought in these unconstitutional, unreasonable, unthinkable restrictive gun laws and the “GUN FREE ZONES” just as responsible for these murders as those that did the murdering. These lowlife lawmakers, Congresspersons and Senators have no thought or intention to make things safer for anyone. They just want to get the guns out of the hands of the law-abiding FREE citizen. Just at the communist manifesto tells them to do. Then they can take over. Anyone with even the ability to think clearly. “NOT THE BRAINWASHED” will see this if they look at it reasonably and clear-headed.

    Sense “ALL” of these restrictive, ridiculous gun laws are unconstitutional they must be challenged and lawsuits filed against them, and those that wrote the laws. As law-abiding Christian citizens even if you don’t own a gun. You “MUST” fight against these restrictive laws. Because they are removing the very “GOD GIVEN RIGHTS” that our Revolutionary War was fought to protect and that form the bases for our very Constitution. These are GOD given RIGHTS, not privileges. We can not afford to allow even one of these survives. Thank all of you. May GOD guide you in all you do. Today and every day.

  5. Let us not back off from the tried and true axioms that clearly document that “guns don’t kill people, people kill people”. Proof? Automobiles kill a hundred-fold more people every year than guns and we don’t confiscate the vehicles of the citizens. Also, Just look at what has happened in Australia, Great Britain, France, Germany and other countries, when their citizen’s guns were taken. Almost over night their violent crime doubled and in some areas the rate was four-fold. Also, the FBI reports that several-fold more lives are saved every year than are killed by gun, by actual use or the mere threat of using a gun in self defense. I have been a Life Member of the NRA for over 50 years and I acknowledge we need strict gun-training and rules, and age limits, with no child not yet in highs school should be allowed to own or use a gun. and all under the age of 18 should be accompanied and supervised by a licensed adult, age 21 or older. At age 18, one can be drafted into the military, where guns and other deadly weapons are used. The very young have not developed a complete understanding of the meaning of death and the dangers involved with a gun—a little old .22 rifle bullet can kill up to about a mile away. Our gun training should follow along the lines of that we use for automobiles, where everyone is trained and licensed, with laws that take away the privilege for violating the gun laws. Yes, there should be some formal modification of the meaning of “shall not be infringed”. Gun, just like vehicles, require age limits, training, supervision and laws for inappropriate use.

    • The best way to cure the school issues are to create a law that says parents are equally responsible for under age students. That puts a gun owned on notice that if his/her child has access to a firearm and uses it to kill or injure another person is equally responsible for the shooting damage.When a parent is then under such a law, parents will do a better job of keeping their weapons secured. That should reduce school shootings down a lot. I do agree that a person has to be over high school age in order to possess a gun and that training be mandatory. I know, this is “encroaching” a bit on the second amendment but so do we have such laws for auto licensing drivers. Both operate a killing device if improperly used.

  6. It boggles the mind that most States allow 16 year olds to get behind the wheel of a 3000 pound vehicle but have a problem with those same 16 year olds receiving firearm training.

  7. With all the talk of gun control no one ever mentions Chicago. Nothing has stopped the gun deaths there yet it is never talked about. The laws against guns do not work for the good of the people just the ones in Congress and their agenda is not for the people either.

    • well in chiraq its not the white people doing the shooting , its the gangbangers , both black and brown

    • 4pip,
      Chicago, like all big cities,has a large number of people with unregistered firearms. They are often stolen from people who have the weapons stolen or use drugs as a way to acquire a firearm. There is no way to stop that practice. Any attempt will be stopped by the gun “owner” resorting to hiding places away from where he/she lives. Criminals may be evil but they are not totally stupid.

  8. maybe we should use the liberalDAMORATS for target practice. see how close we can get to them before they run like the rats that they are.

  9. We need to take guns away that are protecting the OBAMAS & CLINTONS since they are so anti gun,

  10. Gun control advocates are pro-criminal. They want to take guns away from decent, honest citizens. The criminals will still have their guns. Example: Chicago has very strict gun control laws. Chicago is crime ridden. The citizens are defenseless. The criminals will still have their guns! The gun control advocates are pro-criminal. They want to turn America into Chicago!

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