Finally! We May Have A Supreme Court Case Which Is Ripe For A Pro-Gun Ruling


Gun owners and pro-gun people have been itching to get the opportunity to actually have an honest judge (one that uses the Constitution and not just one that makes up what they want) rule on the right to bear arms so that we can beat back some of these unconstitutional gun control laws.

Well, we may just get our chance.

With Brett Kavanaugh now in place at the Supreme Court, many Second Amendment advocates believe that the tide on gun laws could change, and someone who keeps an eye on the courts believes that we now have the case which could be the one that we’ve been waiting for. Dan Zimmerman writes,


In his [an attorney going by LKB] opinion, New York Rifle & Pistol Association v. City of New York is just such a case. Last week, the plaintiffs filed a brief in support of their petition for writ of certiorari. The complaint involves  the City of New York’s law that prevents gun owners from transporting licensed, locked and unloaded firearms outside the city under any circumstances. They can only use their guns within the five boroughs.

Zimmerman continues,

There’s more, including an argument that New York City’s law violates the commerce clause, all in support of the petitioners’ request for Supreme Court review of the case […].

LKB tells us the case is scheduled for a January 4 conference.  We should know the following Monday morning (January 7) whether they grant cert, deny the petition or re-list the case for the next conference.

So, this case reviews whether people in the state of New York have the right to carry their legally owned firearms with them outside of New York City’s limits because the current ban on this violates all kinds of legal rulings (not to mention the Second Amendment). We sincerely hope that the Supreme Court takes up this case and gives a ruling in favor of the people of New York and their right to bear arms.



  1. I’ve been around for awhile, and three decades ago I knew that the day would come that a civil war will have to be fought in order to keep those POS’S from making there final push to disarm us. I feel that it will come down to this more then I ever have. Blood will have to be spilled, those Commies are pushing us to the point of no return.

    • I have been saying the same thing since 2009. The ongoing assault on our liberties has to be stopped. The continued push into Socialism by the Democratic left has got to be squashed, once and for all! If America is to survive as a Constitutional Republic, Patriots must step up and defend it-even against fellow American’s if necessary.

    • You know, I both hope that you’re right AND wrong. Conundrum I know, but I believe that if they see that we’re willing to go that far to protect our rights, we just may win without an actual war. I suppose we will see.

  2. What part of THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS, SHALL NOT BE INFRINDGED! do these SOB’s not understand???????

  3. “They” understand exactly what the 2nd Amendment means. In fact, it is because of what the 2nd provides ‘We, the People’ that the radical, progressive left is doing everything possible to chip away at the 2nd Amendment. Their ultimate goal is to disarm the common men and women of this country, so that “they” can then begin confiscating our collective property; once they have our firearms, the socialist left can create the police state that they want, and return us to serfdom. If “We” don’t stand against the tyranny of the left, and fight for our own freedom, here, on American soil, we will be ruled by “they”, and this republic will not stand. As much of a stretch as I am sure many of you think this state of being is from where we are right now, understand: the ONLY righteous barrier standing between our freedoms and liberties, and being ruled (literally) by the World Elites (IMF, banks, Bilderberg group, and other ‘old world’ powers) is the sovereignty that the 2nd Amendment allows for. Without it, we are doomed to capitulation, domination, and life as proverbial sheep. Hope for better, prepare and plan for worse.

    • Agreed Mike. I also believe two other things about the 2nd Amendment. I think the Founding Fathers made owning weapons to protect themselves/ourselves second in importance only to Freedom of Speech. The 1st and 2nd Amendments are the building blocks of all the other Amendments. If the 2nd Amendment falls, all the other Amendments tumble down like dominoes.

      TRUMP 2020!!

  4. The Bill of Rights, (The first ten amendments) was created to protect the People from the Government. The 2nd Amendment guarantees these Rights.
    The Original States refused to sign and ratify the Constitution until these Bill of Rights were included.
    From the times of our Founding Fathers the American People have dumbed down and become lazy. We have given power to government that we had no right to give.
    We have allowed government to take power sure it has no right to take.
    Now we live in fear of Government and Courts for not being, “Politically Correct.”
    We now pay more in Property Tax to pay for abortions, free medical care, housing, illegal aliens,st al, than our ancestors paid for the entire property two generations ago.
    Study our Declaration of Independence, carefully, slowly, and especially the charges against England and the King.
    Ask yourself, “” Does this not seem familiar? “

  5. I also remember Justice Roberts ruling on”Obama Care’s ” mandatory penalty for people who did not want or could not afford it. The court has had chances to make correct rulings in the past.
    I have lost faith in our court system.

  6. Let me state up front, I’m not an attorney nor do I have any training in the law. I’m confused how this particular case, which is all about New York, would help the rest of the country, except for perhaps Washington DC.

    I would love to see someone challenge these new (and awful) Red Flag Laws. It is obvious to anyone who has read the Constitution that these new laws go against not only the right to bear arms but violate search and seizure and due process. The bill passed in my state basically makes one guilty until proven innocent. No warrants required, no medical or mental health professionals input or review, no witness(es) or any kind of proof required from someone who calls the cops on you. The law is subjective, vague and ripe for abuse. Even the cops could use the Red Flag Laws for themselves by claiming “someone” [READ: anonymous] called to report you….. Someone is going to get seriously injured or, God forbid, killed while trying to enforce these idiotic illegal laws. These laws have been passed in great haste and the law of unintended consequences is abundant. These laws are nothing but “feel good” legislation so lawmakers can pat themselves on the back and also tell voters “hey, we tried”. The only thing these laws do is give politicians good “sound bites”.


    • Linda_in_MA – you are absolutely correct on all counts. Also, a 60+yr old man has already been murdered by cops in Maryland because of the red flag laws.

      Also, I only mention this because you said “MAGA” at the end there… Trump specifically supports the “red flag” laws – he is even quoted as saying “Take the guns first, due process second”. His supporters need to call him out on this and make sure he is held responsible for supporting gun control.

  7. First, let me say I agree with the comments, made.
    However, over half the voters , chose Hillary, in 2016. What does that tell you about the direction of the Country?
    We the people , have allowed the left to move the Country to socialism. Which moves the power from the people to the government.
    Short of a revolution, I don’t see how we can right the ship!

  8. I am 86 years young and have been a Life Member of the NRA for over 50 years. I am also a staunch Republican and strict constitutionalist. However, we need to have the second amendment expanded, especially the “shall not be infringed” clause. Guns, just like automobiles, are very dangerous in the hands of some people. There needs to be clarification that restricts criminals, the mentally ill, and “untrained” persons from owning and using guns, and not taking away the gun rights for a domestic quarrel that resulted in physical violence, but no guns or weapons were involved. Children should not be allowed to own or handle guns, until in high school and under the immediate and direct supervision of a licensed adult at least 21 years old. The training should be similar to that we use for automobiles, where all persons must be trained, supervised an licensed—and all who break gun laws, are penalized with possible loss of right to own and possess a gun. Also, those who have had their gun(s) legally taken away, should be able to apply for possible reinstatement after a period of say five years—but not for those who used guns to commit a violent crime.

    • anyone convicted of a violent crime or illegal use of a firearm should be prosecuted to the max under the law. we don’t need any new laws that the criminals wont follow from the start but will only make criminals out of those who are normally law abiding citizens. Problem is not enough enforcement of sensible laws and too many dumb laws.

  9. I am 72 and joined the Boy Scouts of America at age 14 and actively participated until enlisting in USAF June 1966. I attended Camp Boyhaven, about 25 miles North of Schenectady NY. At age 14, and at camp, attended a safety lesson and then using a single shot .22 rifle, under camp supervision at the rifle range, enjoyed shooting paper all morning! At sixteen got my first hunting license after instruction, again. At age 20 I enlisted USAF and shot expert on an M16 and over a 25 year career shot many more weapons after instruction. My point and opinion is that children can be supervised and successfully operate a weapon after dedicated instruction and supervision. They do not need to be treated as infants until in High School.
    I am pretty sure many others have had the same experience. Your opinion may vary…this is mine

    Retired USAF / USNR Navy SEABEE

    • I agree wholeheartedly with you William M., I was raised in a rural area and went hunting with my father who taught me gun safety from the age of 10. Granted I had the advantage of being miles from anyone else, but those lessons and gun safety teachings from my father still hold true. As a CWP holder for years I’ve never had to pull my weapon once and I’ve always said “If you outlaw guns, then only outlaws will have guns”.

  10. The Democratic party doesn’t care about the safety of the American people. They know that the police departments can’t protect everyone, it only takes seconds for a crime to occur. They want full control over you, and your money to take for their corrupt ways. They’re allowed to break and make laws that protect themselves, while we have to pay the price. This is unjustified!

  11. Mike your statement sounds a lot like Congress I am a 78-year-old marine, and don’t like the way this country is headed. vote in every election and am watching this country slide toward socialism I am registered independent because I cannot identify with either party’s pilosity. May God take care of our country.


  13. You cannot obtain a pistol license in the confines of the City of New York. It is the position of the New York City police department, that they will issue permits only to certain people, Judges, Lawyers, and some others who have paid for them? They will not issue them to any one else? Does that violate your Second Amendment rights, you better believe it. Now vote these Judges who are violating your rights to keep and bear arms right out of Office.

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