“Student” Anti-Gun Protest Busted For Being Organized By School Administrators And Paid For With Tax Dollars


Anti-gunners love to make accusations about pro-gun rallies and movements. These anti-gun zealots talk about how the pro-gun movement is funded by big businesses and organizations who want to, in their thinking, destroy America.

In fact, anti-gunners make these accusations so often that it can begin to sound like a pot-calling-the-kettle-black situation. In other words, the accusations are so common that you might be thinking that anti-gunners are trying to cover up the fact that their movement may not be all grass roots and funded by the common man.

And, if you think that, you’d be right.


Take some documents that recently came to light in Portland, Oregon where student anti-gun protests erupted last year (March 2018) to try to pressure legislators to pass anti-gun legislation.

Except that these protests were not grass roots or organized by students. Victoria Taft writes,

Public documents obtained by a Portland attorney reveal that Portland Public School staff, planned, executed and paid for what the media and the school district branded as a ‘student’ anti-Second Amendment protest last March 14th.

Willamette Week reported at the time:

Portland students at Roosevelt High School in North Portland, Lincoln in Southwest, Cleveland in Southeast, Franklin in Mt. Tabor and Sunset High in Beaverton were a few of thousands around the state, and nation, protesting for an end gun violence.

Many of the morning’s demonstrations included sitting for 17 minutes in silence—one minute for every person shot in the Florida school shooting. At Lincoln High, where Mayor Ted Wheeler was present, 17 desks were situated with 17 roses on them.

It was followed up by another one in April in which students were given time off to protest.

Portland’s protest community, or as I call them Portland Professional Protesters, Incorporated,™ permeate the community, especially in government – teaching – and quasi government non-profit jobs. I wouldn’t be too far off in suggesting that they leave school on Friday afternoon to join a drum circle by 4pm and then don a balaclava for the evening’s Antifa destruction. There is no chance they don’t bring their far Left politics to the schools. No chance. This is the state that adopted the law – offered by a teacher – to register underage voters. They call it “pre-registration.”  Gee, I wonder what political organization they align with.

The Oregon Firearms Federation, a civil rights and education group, said that the local attorney who obtained the records found that the district had orchestrated everything:

In response to a Public Records Act request, PPS has now released documents showing that the demonstrations were organized by PPS, and involved a massive dedication of school resources.  From the School Board (which passed a resolution calling for a ban on the possession of all semi-automatic weapons) on down to the individual schools (which reprogrammed class bells to create a special protest period, so no one would have to be marked absent from class), the entire Administration organized itself to undermine the core of our Constitutional republic.

Attorney James Buchal, who also serves as the Chair of the Multnomah County GOP, told VictoriaTaft.com that the school staffs are using kids as political human shields:

“The Portland Public Schools exploited students to manufacture political pressure for gun control, camouflaging their own anti-gun agenda as private speech by students.”

As OFF put it:

[Buchal] is seeking PPS parents and students who are willing to step forward and serve as plaintiffs in a lawsuit seeking to enjoin PPS from further political indoctrination at taxpayer expense.

Buchal says the political pressure on students in these “indoctrination factories” is onerous. He told OFF:

[U]nless parents rise to confront these indoctrination factories, America as we know it will be gone in another generation or two…

Buchal told VictoriaTaft.com that, so far, no parents have stepped forward to be plaintiffs in the case, but Buchal says they can reach him at  jbuchal at mbllp.com.

Think about that. School resources (your tax dollars) and school personnel organized a protest to make it look like students were pushing this anti-gun doctrine forward when it was administrators and school personnel who were pushing this narrative the entire time.

Sounds like typical anti-gunner dishonesty, doesn’t it?



  1. Every school staff member that sanctioned this LIE should be made to pay RESTITUTION to the School Districts out of their PERSONAL POCKETS and rearrange all school bells for CLASS ROOM time ONLY during the School Day if they want to protest due it AFTER SCHOOL on their OWN TIME no wonder half the kids now days are FUNCTIONALLY ILLITERATE WHEN THEY Graduate

    • No wonder that public schools are known as Government Indoctrination Centers. We all need to vote against all school taxes and/or sue schools for short-changing parents/taxpayers.

  2. These teachers want all of us to be defenseless. The criminals will still be armed. These teachers are pro-criminal. They should be fired!

    • It’s NOT the teachers, it’s the administrators, most of whom are liberal and failed teachers who could not make it in the classroom.

  3. When adult politicians, or political activists brainwash school children into accepting their political beliefs, and, train them to participate in demonstrations, it amounts to using other peoples children as political puppets. How low can you go. That amounts to raising other peoples children to serve your agendas. There should be a law against this sort of thing. Teachers, and those who work with teachers are paid to teach children history, as it really happened, and government the way it should be conducted according to the constitution. That is ll. then let the students be raised by their parents, and, after that, decide for themselves who, and what they are willing to endorse politically. The schools are not supposed to make these decisions for them.

  4. Schools are learning institutions to teach children what they need to know to move on to the next phase of their lives, so long as these schools collect tax dollars that means the Teachers and what they teach are paid for through taxation of the people, a public school is not a place for teachers to push their personal beliefs or agendas, if these actions are tolerated without punishments including heavy fines and firings then soon we can look forward to teachers teaching Radical Islam, Satan Worship, shoplifting and many other things which we as a society deem unfit , IMHO these teachers, staff and school board members should be not only fined, and fired, they should have their status as teachers revoked , possible jail time and be blocked from ever teaching that state ever again !!!

  5. The greatest problem in our public schools are the administrators – Most of whom are failed teachers who could not make it in the classroom, are liberal and have anti-traditional American values!

  6. Actually not surprising to me. The public schools of today are not operation to educate our children. They are in the business of indoctrinating our children to be drones who echo the progressive, liberal party line. Our children are not taught to rationally think an issue through. They are taught not question the party line, the party line as put forth by the (very) liberal 1.7 million member American Federation of Teachers.

  7. What I found REALLY incredible is that so far no parents have come forward to serve as plaintiffs. Do they not understand that THEIR taxes are being used for someone else’s political purposes? Do they not understand what has happened in EVERY COUNTRY that has banned weapons? A word to those kids: As soon as you graduate, kiss your parents goodbye and run, don’t walk to some other state. Oregon is well on its way to totalitarian government, and you can’t save it. Run.

  8. It is time that parents tae a stand and let the schools from kg. To college to stop pushing their leftist mentality to the class rooms. How about teaching spelling, curser, American history. In elementy school basic math. Do away with the computers for ever class. Let the teacher take part in the learning process. Worked for many years. Let the kindergartens use their imagination, don’t push them. Seen a documentation statinnting that if you don’t have a imagation you cannot create. Note; Chinese (though smart) cannot create. Learn to be able to discuss their thought and opinions in upper grades,work together to solve problems. They should not push their opinion on the students. In the fact of the Constution right by the second admendment is cast in stone,it took the founding fathers the longest time to write, they wanted to make sure itcouldnever be changed,finally found the one word to accomplish it, the last word “Infrigned”, meaning ‘taken away”, last four words,Never To Be (Taken Away) “Infrigned”. Maybe these teacher should learn the Admenments in our Constitution.. and check out socialist countries,they take away the people’s guns. The people have no way to fght back for their freedom.

  9. “He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future… When an opponent declares, ‘I will not come over to your side,’ I calmly say, ‘Your child belongs to us already.’ … What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing else but this new community.” – Adolf Hitler
    – “Propaganda works best when those who are being manipulated are confident they are acting on their own free will.”
    – Joseph Goebbels
    – Naming, upon which Madison Avenue places great emphasis, has a strong influence on the public’s general perception. If what the Anti-Gun crowd calls “Assault Weapons” were generally, and for valid reasons, referred to as “Anti-assault weapons” – for the same exact personal defense tool – it would expose their clown show for what it really is. The power of a name is why they call their version of the Fascist Camicie Nere – black shirt “unifom” and all – the ANTIFA.

    • Sent to Venezuela, North Korea, Libya, China, and several other countries where you cannot own a gun. Or have an opinion.

  10. These Bolsheviks,who havbe indoctrinates these studants should be called to task for there un American Actions>>>Find out who is responsible and FIRE THEM>>>.Just my opinion.

  11. Go to Jail! Go directly to Jail. Do not pass Go. Do not steal $200,000 of taxpayers money! These Demoncrat teachers are unfit to serve!

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