Biden To Sign Executive Order On Gun Control. What Does That Mean For You?


Joe Biden’s Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, confirmed that Biden is going to be signing an executive order to implement gun control.

This isn’t really a surprise considering how many executive orders that Biden’s former boss, Barack Obama, signed while in office. But the lack of surprise doesn’t make this any less offensive to law abiding Americans who wish to keep their gun rights.

So, what does this all mean for you? Jack Phillips writes,


“I can’t give you an exact time frame, in part, because they have to go through a review process, which is something that we do from here,” Psaki told reporters at the White House.

“I will note that when we, when the president was the vice president in the Obama-Biden administration, he helped put in place 23 executive actions to combat gun violence,” she added. “It’s one of the levers that we can use that any federal government, any president, can use to help address the prevalence of gun violence and address community safety around the country.”

Yes, this should concern you. After all, an executive order to limit or ban gun rights goes directly against the Second Amendment. That kind of executive order should be something that anyone who loves liberty should oppose.

But before you panic, you should realize the other side of this situation. Phillips also noted that “it’s possible that courts could overturn any potential executive rule.”

So, if the Biden administration tries to violate the Constitution by executive order, we need to be ready to sue them, and the good side to a lawsuit is that, once that lawsuit is won for our gun rights, the legal ruling in favor of gun rights goes into case law and makes it more difficulty for politicians who want to run over your rights to be able to do so.

It’s just a giant pain in the neck until we receive that ruling, so better buckle up. It’s going to be a bumpy ride over the next few years.



  1. The goal is not limited gun control. But absolute removal of all guns. To set up the coming destruction of OUR RIGHTS, CONSTITUTION AND COUNTRY. These democrap communist treasonist traitors intend to enslave every citizen with no exceptions. But 99% of these democrap traitors think them will be spared. Take a long look at China and history. Tyranny, dictators, communism do not spare anyone. Everyone is a slave. If you give up your guns it will happen tomorrow. If the come to take your guns make them pay the ultimate price.



  2. Leftists must always legislate by edict, deception, or both. Their convictions cannot survive scrutiny by facts and truth. Leftists are ideologues. In other words they make up ideas that suit their corrupt narrative and promote them as the truth which of course even they know they cannot be. A preponderance of Leftist adherents, cognitively corrupted since early childhood by deceived instructors and mentors, know that Leftist promotions are always lies. They continue to support these false narrative because they believe it serves their entirely self centered interests when it does not.
    Never forget that the ultimate goal of Leftism is not the deception, corruption, sickness, death, surrender of genuine humanity or anything else that always results from its embrace. The fostering of these devices enables Leftism’s one true aim which is absolute domination of activity, thought, and conviction of all, enabling their destruction virtually at will. This is why mass and mindless destruction of cognition, genuine humanity, and every human freedom is so vitally important to the average genuine Leftist, especially in young children. Ironically this same fate is intended by genuine Leftists for their deceived adherents and supporters, only the mortal wounds of these victims will always be self inflicted as they conduct their ongoing assault upon all others. This is why the actions of the vacuous geriatric interloper currently infecting our nation’s White House seem to make no sense at all when they actually make perfect sense if you simply consider him from the point of view of his being a traitor deceived by his own corrupted convictions and a determined enemy who is so self deceived that he will sacrifice an entire nation of his fellow citizens to uphold and promote those vile convictions.

  3. Give me freedom or give me death the only true laws I see is the real Constitution of the United States, as you see, I don’t say United States of America anymore. I believe that America has fallen due to those who are in office trying to find a way to strip law-abiding citizens of their Constitutional rights which will make them criminals in the NWO. It will also make them slaves to those in office. Obama, Biden, Hillary Clinton are evil in the flesh, they are part of this group that are tyrants. Another group that is part of tyrants which is MOMs. I would say they don’t really know they are part of the tyrant, but I truly don’t believe that. I made a promise when I was in the military, you can say more of an oath that I will uphold and protect the Constitution, with my life. That means I don’t believe in changes of the Constitution. This means I will not give up my rights or tools that protect those rights of the Constitution, and for those who do, then you are nothing but a Slave the tyrants that runs America now. And people should be standing up and calling for impeachment for those in office who opposes the Constitution of the United States. I don’t remember which state it is but they have a good saying. Don’t tread on me. The Constitution does not say what kind of guns were allowed to have. And I think if the government is allowing civilian police officers to have fully automatic guns so should the public. I don’t believe the government has the right to tell me what kind of guns I can have and what kind of guns I can’t have. We all have our own likes to which guns we like and dislikes.

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