This NYC Cop Shows How Gun Control Will Never Keep Guns Out Of Criminals’ Hands


So, anti-gunners think that gun control laws will magically keep firearms out of the hands of criminals and people who want to do terrible things. Why? Because they aren’t being rational and thinking through the issue.

The fact of the matter is that criminals will always be able to get their hands on firearms, no matter what law enforcement officers do. In fact, sometimes the reason that criminals are able to get their hands on guns is because of what law enforcement officers are doing.

Take the case of New York Police Department officer Gregg Marinelli. Dan Zimmerman gives us the juicy details:


We’ll say it again: criminals will always find a way to obtain firearms. They couldn’t possibly care less about Governor Soprano’s vaunted SAFE Act. The only people hindered at all are law-abiding citizens.

Cuomo’s grandiose pronouncements and his signature on a piece of paper didn’t stop this police officer or his biker gang customers and it doesn’t stop other “prohibited persons” from getting guns, either. Does anyone really think there’s a shortage of firearms among crooks in the city and state of New York?

Here’s the full story from the Associated Press:

PLATTEKILL, N.Y. (AP) — A police officer with the New York City Department of Environmental Protection has been arrested on charges of manufacturing guns at his upstate home and selling them to motorcycle gang members.

Thirty-eight-year-old Gregg Marinelli is also charged with tipping off a suspect in a major drug investigation, state police and the Orange County district attorney’s office said.

Marinelli, a sergeant in the DEP police, was arrested Thursday at his home in Plattekill.

Police say Marinelli assembled dozens of handguns and assault rifles and sold them to “individuals who are legally barred from possessing such weapons” including members of outlaw motorcycle clubs. Many of the guns Marinelli sold had no serial numbers and would be difficult to trace, authorities said.

(New York State Police via AP)

The Times Herald-Record of Middletown reports that Marinelli was arraigned Friday on charges including criminal sale of a firearm, hindering prosecution and conspiracy.

Police said they learned about Marinelli’s crimes during a cocaine- and fentanyl-trafficking investigation dubbed “Operation: Bread, White and Blues” that resulted in more than two dozen arrests. Marinelli tipped off “one of the major people” in that case, Orange County District Attorney David Hoovler said Friday.

“This has to be one of the most egregious breaches of trust that I have encountered,” Hoovler said. “I am furious. Number 1, about the leak in the case; and number 2, the conduct, the possibility of putting untraceable guns on the street.”

It’s not clear if Marinelli has an attorney who can speak for him.
A spokesman for the New York City DEP said Saturday that the alleged crimes “betray the oath that this officer took to protect the public.”

Plattekill is about 75 miles (120 kilometers) north of New York City. The city DEP deploys officers to the area to protect the city’s water supply system.

So, the next time that your anti-gunner neighbor goes off about how we need more gun control because law enforcement can prevent bad people from getting their hands on gun, just show them this story to prove to them that, sometimes, it’s law enforcement that puts guns in the hands of bad people.



  1. Illegal drugs can be acquired by any school kid at his school. Making guns illegal will be just as effective. All such a law will do is hamper the law-abiding citizen who merely wants to protect himself from bad people.

    • IT IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Start arresting these tyrants in the Democratic Party they are all going against the Constitution. They are breaking the law and the oath they all swore to uphold. They are traitors and should be drug out one by one in public and hot tar and feathers to brand them the traitors they are. Trump needs to start having these criminals tried for their high crimes of treason. But that is just it no one in our government has any balls to do the right thing maybe it’s time for We The People to take a stand against this corrupt government once and for all. We The People have that right to get rid of this corrupt government that is in the Constitution. And I think it’s time. Time to have these criminals arrested.

    • You are correct. After listening to one of his “speeches”, this demented MORON is a mentally-ill, POWER-HUNGRY TREASONOUS TRAITOR. After all, he HAS “royally decreed” now that “HE ALONE” has “complete control” over all the government of N.Y., he intends to OPENLY IGNORE the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, the POTUS, and “INSTALL HIS OWN PROGRESSIVE government” to make N.Y. the most “progressive” (communist) state in the union. If this is not the rantings of a TREASONOUS TRAITOR (what is)?
      To HELL with prison, build the gallows and hand the bastard. Why should we feed, clothe, and give him a roof over his head? BTW don’t stop there…There are many MORE DEMOCOMMUNIST traitors that need a “necktie party”.

  2. Cuomo and his band of idiots were never about keeping guns from criminals. It was keeping normal citizens from protecting themselves and then they would be like sheep to the Democrats. Gun control is part of the Democrats being power hungry bastards no matter the cost to decent Americans!

  3. As a retired Law Enforcement Officer in both
    County & State, I couldn’t Agree MORE!
    Please forward to your Local & State Electorate.
    The movement to restrict/ban firearms is just
    plain BULL-SHIT! What the hell are they thinking?
    Or maybe there is a more sinister motive?

    • Yes the sinister motive behind gun control is cotizens disarmament. But if theyvsay that directly – out loud- thevonly gun control we are gonna see is the accurate level of marksmanship by American patriots!! Bang!!!

    • At first I blew off the persistent anti-gun rhetoric as crazy bleeding hearts. There was, and is, still no logic or data to support their claims. I will not give them the opportunity to “test” their theories on the American people. IF they are wrong, we would be one more step closer to totalitarianism. After witnessing what the Dems will do in order to maintain power, my conspiracy paranoia is being replaced by fear. Claims that the “Russians” rigged our 2016 presidential election. Tearing down statues. Pushing liberal agendas in our educational system. Open border policies. Anti-Semitism in our house of “representatives”. Staging a coup against the highest office in our government. Yes, I am concerned.

  4. If the idiots do manage to abolish the Second Amendment and outlaw guns, millions of law-abiding citizens will become felons.
    The idiots are laboring under a false belief that Americans are stupid enough to voluntarily hand their guns over to an armed government since it worked so well for the Nazi German Citizens, Chinese Citizens, Russian Citizens, Cuban Citizens, Cambodian Citizens, North Korean Citizens, etc. whose governments murdered millions of them after disarming them.

  5. JC is right. The Dems have no problems with criminals having guns because they can be counted on to commit more sensational murders that Dems can point to while dancing in the blood of the victims while taking away guns owned by law-abiding citizens who have come to the rescue of cops being attacked by criminals.

  6. Remember prohibition!, it’s like the call of remember the ALAMO! Prohibition made normally law abiding citizens into criminals. Treat me as a criminal I’ll be a criminal!

  7. This is also the fault of beurocracies. This guy wasn’t a”real” policeman. He was a DEP cop. Why do beaorocratic agencies need their own police force?

  8. Democrats have no problem killing those who can’t defend themselves via abortion, yet scream and squawk and carry on about those of us who choose to protect ourselves and our families with firearms–while the hypocrites hide behind well-armed security (and probably a fence). No disarmament, not now, not ever. As someone said above, “Remember the Alamo!! “Liberty or death!!”

    • the gun laws we have now have been on the books for years and years but in our past we never seen this kind of vicious killings , these people are cowards that walk into different places armed with weapons knowing the people in there are not armed so the people are just shot dead ,, churches , night clubs outdoor concerts where ever there’s a large crowd , I think its a combination of things that has created these shootings , social media ,, violent video games , spoiled youngsters , when the parents started this ( TIME OUT ) Instead of a good spanking , or other things taken away , but I believe its the internet

    • There are not bands of law abiding citizens wreaking havoc on our communities.
      It’s often career criminals who know how to play the system.
      Sanctuary cities? Try going to Mexico, get caught murdering someone, and see how they deal with you.
      If you want to improve your chance of getting away with breaking the law, come to one of America’s sanctuary cities.
      We LOVE ALL immigrants. Time to take a serious look at our immigration policies. Ignore the Dems opposition to even discussing it. Just do it!

  9. Abolish the anti felon gun laws because after a person pays his debt to society his rights should be restored besides legal guns are rarely if ever used in crime as the powers that well know !

  10. old adage: If you OUTLAW guns;;; only OUTLAWS will have guns. That says it all—but how come no one hears it. Why is it not a battle cry for all of us to remind folks—Especially the politicians.

  11. All this BS about guns when the real KILLERS are DRUGS, legal and illegal, just how many people are killed by DUI drivers every year. How many people are killed by ILLEGALS EVERY YEAR?? How many people are KILLED by STUPID LAWS that are nothing but POLITICAL!! We have a Constitution and Bill of Rights but STUPID People and DUMB ASS POLITICIANS are trying to fix something that isn`t broke. They are the cause of the breakdown because THEY REFUSE to live by THE LAWS OF THE LAND!!!

  12. Read Nakita Kruschev quotes, You will see what is happening in America today with the Socialist, Communist agenda. Kruschev said America could not be taken by force, there were too many guns behind every door and window, but he would take America by infiltration without firing a shot,, get an education, read what Kruschev boasted and how it is coming to us today.

  13. We began to see this in America over 45 years ago . People began to do bad things and never had to take the blame for what they did . It was always something or someone’s else’s fault. By continuing this it only made a way for the wicked to commit murders and steal and lie and rape and destroy property . And as we see today we have a Government full of these same kind of people . And throughout America we see this play out with the media’s and Antifa and BLM . Harming others anyway they can simply because they can is the new America . We no longer have a judicial system or a nation of people with morals . It’s amazing how many people believe a gun can tell you to pick it up and tell you who and what to shoot . The same holds with drugs . If the person him/her has a mental or evilness about themselves to do harm . No actual physical item can make you do anything ! That is strictly on the blame of the person . There’s a lot of physical things in this world that can and will aid you in a life of crime . Usually the person who commits a crime is a person with a soul belonging to the dark things of this world .

  14. Most police know the truth as we know it even in lib meccas but, as usual, politicians like Cuomo, Schumer and Pelousy and beyond,i.e., Dumbascraps care little for it. All they care about is their power and greed.

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