Nearly 2/3 Of Sheriffs In This State Refuse To Enforce State Gun Control Law


No matter what most anti-gunners (including the mainstream media) would like you to believe, support for gun control is not even close to nearly universal among law enforcement officers. In fact, in some areas (probably most), law enforcement officers actually support your Second Amendment rights (after all, unlike the vast majority of anti-gunners, law enforcement officers actually understand firearms, how they work, and the practicalities of gun safety).

A perfect example of this support of gun rights comes out of New Mexico, where many, many sheriffs are doing the right thing. AWR Hawkins writes,

The latest count on the public backlash against gun control reveals that 21 of New Mexico’s 33 counties have now declared themselves “Second Amendment Sanctuaries.”

The declarations signal that the commissions in those counties stand with their sheriffs in refusing to enforce the latest state-level, Democrat-sponsored gun control.

On February 23, 2019, Breitbart News reported that 14 of New Mexico’s 33 counties had declared sanctuary status. And the Albuquerque Journal predicted the number of declared counties would likely climb.

The Ruidoso Newsreported that seven more counties have now joined the list, bringing the total to 21.

Oh, and Hawkins also notes that “[t]he New Mexico Sheriff’s Association also made clear it plans to sue the state if the new gun controls [which use red flag laws to seize firearms] are enacted.”


This is the kind of law enforcement activity that we need more of in this country, the kind of activity in which law enforcement works with the people to restrain the gun grabbing hand of irrational people (in other words, anti-gunners and their cronies in legislatures).

These law enforcement officers deserve our support in their efforts to make sure that we are able to exercise our Constitutional right to bear arms. Be sure to give them that support.



  1. I’m another one. People need to start writing their Congress and tell them what we expect from them. “ We the people “

  2. I wish we had Sheriff’s in Calif. that would stand up for our rights I’m tired of being run over by our gov. With all the gun owners in Calif. you would think one of the gun organizations would organize the people and have rallies or something to show unification.

    • You do have at least a few sheriffs who stand by the Constitution and the 2A. They are in the N/E of your state although I can’t recall which counties.

      • Sutter, Yuba, Placer, Nevada, Amador, Lassen, Shasta, Modoc, Siskiyou, Tehama, Sierra, Glenn, Colusa, Humboldt, Trinity, etc. Pretty much anything north of Sacramento.

  3. Good to hear that New Mexico Sheriff’s are standing strong on the constitution hopefully the rest of the country will follow.. God Bless America .. US Veteran

  4. All gun control laws do is disarm citizens allowing criminals to have the upper hand as they do not obey the laws we already have. If we remove everything that can be used to kill another we have nothing left. Knives are used in some cases so we need to outlaw them Cars are used to kill people almost anything one can name could be used but the bottom line is simply People kill People period.

  5. We should support those officers that stand by our 2nd Amendment Rights and protect them and stand against those Officers that wish to disarm use. The 2nd Amendment protects us from a tyrannical government and protects all the other amendments. Thank God for these law officers

  6. More Sheriffs in localities need to begin to support the Constitution instead of the Anti-Constitutional laws these communistic “representatives” are pushing through under the “color of law”.

  7. Don’t you wish our “law makers” were more concerned about the constitution than they are about having absolute power and total control over we the citizens. This is supposed to be a government of the people but when the government has brainwashed and indoctrinated over half of the population what happens? History repeats itself.

  8. A few years ago after more and more gun control laws were coming out of DC, the Utah sheriffs sent a letter to obummer saying they refuse to enforce any further anti 2A federal bills. Every sheriff in the state except 1 (Salt Lake City) signed the letter.

  9. It’s about time someone stood up to gun control. Gun control is farce. Besides, bad people have the upper hand when it comes to gun use. They have first opportunity for shooting someone.

  10. The total is actually 22 and there are Sheriffs in Nevada who are doing the same thing. I believe the main reason is that these Sheriff’s have attended Retired Arizona Sheriff Richard Mack’s CSPOA* seminars held ever year usually in Nevada where they learn that the County Sheriff has more power in his County than the President of the United States.

    Sheriff Mack won a Supreme Court victor in the late 90’s where the Brady Bill was ruled unconstitutional and unenforceable by anyone in Law Enforcement or government. He’s also written a book titled “The County Sheriff America’s Last hope”which you can purchase from CSPOA or Amazon which I recommend everyone purchase as it us an eye opener.

    * CSPOA: Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association. Web site

  11. WE HAVE TO STAND OUR GROUNDS! if we as a NATION submit to gun confiscation we will loose OUR RIGHTS TO A FREE COUNTRY !,OUR RIGHTS TO DEFEND OUR FAMILYS AND PROPERTYS!,OUR RIGHTS OF FREE SPEACH!WE WILL LOSE OUR freedoms !,that so many have died for! no one can show me one soldier who fought for socialism and communism for our country! and I for one will never spit in their faces and give in one inch to socialism and communism! revolking gun rights is the first step in eliminating the constitution of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

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  13. I live in boone county Kentucky and our sheriff refuses to do any gun control. We have another 3 counties in Northern Kentucky like this also.

  14. YES, YOU ARE MEN & WOMEN OF HONOR, And for standing up for our Nations Constitution, and our legal Rights under The Second Amendment, that protects all of the other Amendments in our Nations Constitution . It is also a God given right to be armed protect our self and our families.
    Thank You! For Upholding Our Rights.

  15. I have to laugh at the liberals who think THEY know better what this country needs far more than the founding fathers did who set up the preamble, constitution, and bill of rights. The founding fathers suffered under the royal, totalitarian government of England and did their best to ensure this country would not. Yet the liberals are after setting up a similar fascist/socialist government once again and the liberal are too stupid to comprehend that when this is allowed we will be, once again, back under the savagery and all the “freedoms” we have now will be eroded to the point we will once again be back to serfdom. Why??? Because unlike the founding fathers who understood that you NEVER trust a politician of any kind….especially those whose sole interest is more power. Thus we have our rights amendments to the constitution, such as the second, to ensure we remain free, and if anyone is taking notice the liberals/socialists are adamant about taking those away to ensure they can enslave the rest of us much like is slowly happening in Europe as I write. For me, I’ll keep my freedoms and do my damnedest to ensure they are there for progeny.
    A reminder of the point that with slow change by feeding them slight changes slowly the minions are easier made to accept the craziness.

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