You Won’t Believe The Incredibly Stupid Reason This State Legislator Supports Gun Control


I don’t know where you live, but I live in the United States. And, in the U.S., we have this idea that people are allowed to think and believe what they want as long as they aren’t hurting or stealing from someone when they think or believe those things.

But that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t turn a critical eye toward criticizing the stupidity of a belief when we see it, and the reason that a state legislator in Maine supports gun control is one of the most ridiculous things that you’ll ever come across. The details come from the Maine Examiner:

[Democrat] Rep. Victoria Morales told the Maine Legislature’s Judiciary Committee last Friday that seeing a man with his hand in his pocket enter her children’s school was terrifying and one of the reasons the Maine Legislature should pass gun control laws, according to the Bangor Daily News.

The statement was made as the Judiciary Committee voted down a series of gun control bills that sought to impose new restrictions on gun owners in Maine.

The Bangor Daily News characterized Rep. Morales’ statement as evidence that there is still an appetite among progressive Democrats for gun control laws, despite a reported compromise that will kill off most gun control proposals in Maine this year.

That compromise, made between Republicans and some Democrats, has dramatically reduced the prospect of significant gun control legislation passing in the current legislative session.

A guy had his hand in his pocket, and it scared her, so she wants to ban guns. Really? Yes, really.


That’s like assuming that someone is a criminal because they wear baggy pants or a red shirt. Is it possible? Sure, it’s possible. Does that clothing choice mean that the guy is a gang member? Not even remotely.

Remember, this is the level of intellectual rigor that anti-gunners seem to be using to justify their political positions. It’s a knee-jerk emotional reaction without any rational thought behind it, and we have to keep hammering away at this mindlessness among anti-gunners if we want to keep our right to bear arms.



  1. She could care less. She would be the first one to propose a tax hike to cover the losses. Except the poor business people that would be hurt most because of her stupidity. Also says a lot for the people that voted for her.

  2. I can’t say that the legislator in Maine is any different from any legislator in my state of California. It is hard to believe that they ever got elected!

      • Excuse me, Sir. I live here too, and the proper name is The People’s Republic of Maryland. 🙂

        • And, unfortunately, I live in the People’s Republic of Kalifornia. A friend of mine coined that phrase several years ago and I liked it. I thought about getting a bumper sticker made of it, but decided I really didn’t want to be forced to use my CCW.
          As has been said for years, “The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has it’s limits.”
          And Kalifornia’s legislators have proven that. As has Maine’s Victoria Morales has just shown, too.

  3. ROFLMAO….oh yeah, I can. Dumbascraps raise the bar on stupid daily. IF she looked at statistics on shootings she’d see that 99% of them are performed by her Demonrat buddies or their friends, but truth is irrelevant to Dumbascraps. The real problem for them is poor parenting, period. They mostly raise childish brats who throw oh woe is me temper tantrums because things aren’t going the way they think they should.

  4. I am a Nam. Vet.,Army,with a level 6 clearance,and for 6 yrs.,I have been homeless. I will not work for a Nation,Country,that attacks the FREEDOMS my friends died for,nor will I support a Nation that murders children with abortion. I am so broken hearted, Ashamed, Of the USA,a Nation once Blessed by God,Under God. The reason children are murdered in School,we are attacked in GUN FREE zones,is because if the WEAKNESS of the Dems,lefts,and the corruption within government. They kicked God out of school, let Satan and Evil in,for the world’s money and turning their backs on the Creator. WHAT YOU SEW,IS WHAT YOU REAP,and death and destruction is sure to follow. I hate America,and I was willing to die for them,ALL !! I live in KY.,I carry,I am heavily armed for me,for you, for innocent. I took a Vow to protect ,and I WILL keep it. Jesus US coming,but before that ,comes destruction !!! Thomas, 5, 3 %,Veteran,Patriot,American,Pro-God,Pro-Israel,Pro-Life,Pro-Gun !!

    • Amen, Thomas. As an ex-serviceman myself, I agree 100%. I’m tired of the brats from the left who’s sole aim is absolute control over all of us while they raise bigger brats who cause all of the problems.

  5. Democrat Americans needs to wake up and see it for what it is because PC, Liberals and the Communist Party are within the Democrat Party and if they don’t stop it and start to replace it with truly Democrats, they will be wiped off the map within next six years specially after Trump becoming President again in 2020 because their is no way he will lose in 2020.

  6. Some people are too stupid to breed; much less be elected to public office.
    I feel sorry for her children.

  7. So if I were to go into a school or any other building with my hand in my pocket I most certainly must be a dangerous man!!!!! What a frigging MORON this bitch is, typical DUMBBOCRUD/LIBERTURD!!!
    Hmmmm, I wonder if they would accuse me of playing POCKET POOL with my hands in my pockets???? That would be a really dangerous situation for sure!!

  8. Earlier today, I was horribly terrorized, to the point of almost panicking. As it was, I broke out into a cold sweat, my hands wouldn’t stop shaking, and what little hair I have left, stood straight up. I almost wet my pants in fear, and it took more than an hour for my heartbeat to come back to normal. As it is, I am suffering from the equivalent of PTSD, shaking so hard it’s difficult to type this out. What I saw, (and there goes my cold sweat again) , was,……… oh, I can hardly bear to tell it, I SAW A WOMAN WEARING A BAGGY MUUMUU!!!!!! She could have been hiding a flamethrower, or an RPG, or even an M-60, it was that baggy and flapping around. WE NEED CLOTHING CONTROL! We need women to either wear tight fitting clothing, to prove they aren’t armed, or no clothing at al, but no big, baggy armament -concealing clothing. Oh, the humanity…..

    • Old Dog,
      If you want to get really terrified, try standing in line for a flight, and getting felt up, MAULED, and scanned by a TSA agent while a “thing” in a full burka walks AROUND the “scanning station” and gets on YOUR flight. When I questioned the “officer” I was “informed” they were not “allowed to “profile these people”.
      This “thing” could have had an AK47 or and explosive under that RAG.

    • Democrats like this one in Maine is the reason we need to be well armed and ready to use them. They are allowing every thing across our open borders they don’t believe in the soviernty of the United States. They think everyone has the right to come here and drink from the public trough. That if we all just sit around the campfire and sing gumbaya everything will be alright. I am a Viet vet and yes this is not the same country I fought for and many of my friends died for.

  9. It’s getting to the point that a man can’t scratch an itch without some dumb woman taking offense with it.

  10. FredK….Oh, Lord, I hope she is not an elected official. If she is, we are doomed. And that is not mentioning the people who voted her in.

  11. Let me get this straight; her fear is justification for taking a constitutionally protected right away from Muricans. Therefore my fear of progressive stupidity should allow us to ban democrats from holding public office. All problems solved. Your welcome.

  12. Why didn’t she just tackle him and subdue him , or take a break from her , near fatal , paranoia ? Get real U crazy lady! What we defiantly need is more “goofballs” thinking they’re helping honest , loyal , law-abiding Americans stay safe! Cars kill mort people than guns!!but ,car control isn’t seem to be on the agenda though???? Really , don’t U have more to do for our country as a representative of your constituents?? Let’s not confuse her with the peoples rights and responsibilities . She had much rather than concern herself with fantasies and personal predacious!!

  13. I have a hole in my sock. Somebody must have shot a hole in my sock. BAN GUNS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I have a hole in my sock. Somebody must have shot a hole in my sock. BAN GUNS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Guns don’t kill people, People kill people. If guns kill people then all of mine must be defective because they haven’t killed anybody. Wanting to ban guns just because of a person’s hand in his pocket?!? Really?!? Give me a break!! She needs psychiatric help if that scared her. If it was cold outside when he entered the school then I can see why his hand was in his pocket; to keep it warm. Too many idiots jump to the wrong conclusions about things. Oh look out! I have a hole in my jeans. Somebody must have shot them. LOL
    NavyPO, you make me laugh with your comment! 🙂

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