This Is What Happens When You Allow Citizens To Defend Themselves In Detroit


While some people may think of Detroit in glowing terms (like a flashback to KISS’s song “Detroit Rock City”), the sad reality is that much of the city is in dire straights. Parts of the city are a nightmare, crime is rampant, and gun violence is a huge problem.

There are still some people, though, in Detroit who have managed to get their hands on a concealed carry license and are carrying regularly. Fortunately, for one Detroit resident, he was carrying when criminals attempted to come after him (hat tip to here for the lead). Derick Hutchinson writes,

Three men were taken into custody Thursday after trying to rob a man who turned out to be a concealed pistol license holder and crashing into a house while trying to get away from him, police said.

Officials said the 49-year-old CPL holder was in the 8200 block of Woodlawn Avenue on Detroit’s east side when he saw three men in a black Buick around 9 p.m. Thursday.

The men were trying to rob someone when they noticed the 49-year-old, police said. They tried to rob him, but he pulled out his gun and started to fire shots at them, according to authorities.

While fleeing the area, the men put their car in reverse and crashed into a building, police said. They ran away but were later found in a vacant house in the 8100 block of Knodell Street just blocks away in Detroit.

A Grosse Pointe Farms K-9 unit helped Detroit police track the men to the vacant house, officials said.

The men were taken into custody. Two of them — a 26-year-old and a 25-year-old — had gunshot wounds, police said. The 26-year-old had been shot in the leg and the 25-year-old had been shot in the body, according to authorities.

They are both stable, medical officials said.

The third man — a 25-year-old — was not injured, police said.

Officers recovered a firearm and money in an alley near the shooting location.

Now, just imagine what could have happened if this gentleman had not had his concealed carry weapon on him. The best that he could have hoped for was to be robbed, but it could have easily gone much, much worse.


Fortunately, though, that wasn’t the case, and he had his firearm on his person and was able to use it.



  1. I’m surprised he wasn’t charged with “unnecessary force” or some other insane liberal-sponsored piece of idiocy.

  2. I can almost guarantee this story will never be seen in any “mainstream media” outlet because it doesn’t fit into their total disarmament agenda.

  3. Good for the victim. There are more criminals stopped by victims using a gun (weapon) than the news will tell you about. The MSM is so entrenched in the antigun movement they cannot report the news correctly.

    • The best, most “common sense”, gun control law would be to remove almost all the laws on the books. Allow law-abiding citizens to carry and remove all the gun-free zone signs. You seldom hear of those armed heroes stopping or reducing the damage of the criminals. It simply doesn’t fit their narrative. If a majority of people are armed these cowardly acts would, in all likelihood stop.

      All laws they are suggesting do not make sense and will only lead to confiscation. Politicians are so out of touch. They surrounded themselves with armed guards and/or Secret Service agents for their protection while they want constituents to be sitting duck targets.

      MSM and Politicians “advertise” ad-nauseam these mass shootings. Isn’t it possible that many are simply copycats?

  4. I take issue with the opening statement of this article. I have lived in Detroit most of my life and yes. Detroit has it problems. We are not different than any other large rust belt industrial city. Don’t believe the media headline hype. As I said no different than any other larger former industrial city. Things are better and the rebuilding continues. These jerk wads that tried to rob this man got exactly what they deserved. They got shot in the process of committing a crime. So be it. I too carry everyday to protect myself that would try to do me and my family hard.

  5. More good guys with guns, the only way to stop bad guys with guns. No gun free zones. roaming groups of militia members with guns, all this to quell the gang violence.

  6. Interesting article and yet more proof an armed (legal US) citizen is better than an unarmed.
    I want to address something said in the initial opening about “gun violence “. There is no such thing as gun violence. GUNS ARE NOT VIOLENT! PEOPLE ARE VIOLENT! Stop using this phrase because it is FALSE and it vilifies firearms. We don’t say “ knife violence” we say a stabbing. Everyone knows this means the PERSON committed the act not the knife. Please think before using the gun haters catch phrase.
    Carry on and carry often…

  7. The liberals don’t like guns and freedom so their beliefs should be entertained by everyone. There is a giant problem with their beliefs, the patriotic Americans don’t believe in the liberals asinine bull shit. History has proved their beliefs result into the government ruling the people.

    • Liberals respond to ANYTHING they don’t like with demands for MORE ‘control’, and MORE laws! Never mind that the criminals do NOT obey laws (hence name, “lawbreakers”?), and care nothing for ‘control’. They obtain guns WITHOUT registering them, so why bother trying to do this? Just a waste of paper, time, money, effort, and more bothersome regulation ‘hoops’ to jump through for legitimate people, trying to stay legal! Indeed, criminals actually PREFER more laws and controls! It hamstrings legal owners, and gives THEM the edge! Basically lazy cowards, these thugs do NOT want their victims armed and resisting!

  8. Thats the way it should be in all states. People who use their firearm in defense of a victim of crime, should not have to worry about legal ramifications, or even trying to defend oneself from criminals….but I suppose there is a fine line that must be considered, in certain situations.

  9. If you read the NRA magazines on the page titled Armed Citizens they have several stories every month about armed citizens protecting themselves. They also report that this happens about 2 million times a year but essentially goes unnoticed because it does not fit the “fake news” propaganda message.

  10. Michigan is a “Shall Issue” state and any honest citizen of age and with no mental illness or criminal history can apply for and WILL GET a Concealed Carry permit INCLUDING residents of Detroit!

  11. So where is his pistol now, in the hands of the police and he is going to have one hell of a time getting it back if every,

  12. As per our 2nd Amendment no Citizen of the United States should have to acquire a Concealed Handgun Permit. Every Citizen has the right to carry a firearm for protection whether or not they have a Concealed Handgun Permit. Just read the 2nd Amendment to our Constitution (A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed). SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED means that it can never be done away with and that there can be no law enacted that would inhibit the rights of American Citizens to keep and bear the arms of their choice for self defense or in case of war to be in a Militia to help protect our Country from invaders. But it does not mean that us Citizens can use our weapons for evil means.

    • I agree with your statement. I came out of a Kroger grocery store and the manager stopped me and said thank you for your open carry. Wish more people would show their concern about our problem of jerks who think they are better off than we. I am 76 years old and consider myself a citizen of the second amendment.

  13. FredK…. I can not understand why some States are allowed to circumvent the 2nd A. Isn’t the 2ndA the supreme law of thee United States? How can rhey just violate it?

    • Because we have no justice system anymore. It’s a total failure due to the influx of so many idiotic liberals who think they rule the world.

  14. FredK… This a message to Senator Booker: Senatoe Booker Says: We must get rid of all guns so we can get our freedom back. Well, Sen. Booker, it was our guns the gave us the freedom we have now. You should get your history straight.

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