Finally! Honest Research About The Real Effect Of Guns On Crime


If you’ve read this website for any amount of time, you know that research on gun violence statistics is very often flawed at best, downright deceptive at worst.

Fortunately, though, there are a few organizations that are more interested in the truth than in an anti-gun political agenda, and the gun violence research from those organizations can provide some very eye-opening information which you won’t get from the mainstream media.

A recent article from one of these rare organizations tells a story about gun violence that anti-gunners won’t like to hear: guns prevent many more crimes than they are actually used in. Lawrence Reed writes,


In “Defensive Gun Use is More Than Shooting Bad Guys,” James Agresti, founder and president of JustFacts, provided overwhelming evidence from multiple sources showing that defensive gun use is more common and effective than anti-gun fanatics like The New York Times suggest or will admit. Agresti says that “people who use a gun for defense rarely harm (much less kill) criminals. This is because criminals often back off when they discover their targets are armed.”

Reed also points out these facts from our friends over at with data taken from a Center For Disease Control report commissioned during the Obama Administration:

  • Guns prevent an estimated 2.5 million crimes a year, or 6,849 every day. Most often, the gun is never fired, and no blood (including the criminal’s) is shed.
  • Every year, 400,000 life-threatening violent crimes are prevented using firearms.
  • 60 percent of convicted felons admitted that they avoided committing crimes when they knew the victim was armed. Forty percent of convicted felons admitted that they avoided committing crimes when they thought the victim might be armed. 
  • Felons report that they avoid entering houses where people are at home because they fear being shot.
  • Fewer than 1 percent of firearms are used in the commission of a crime.

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that gun control isn’t going to fix the gun violence problem (which is already decreasing, by the way) because those committing the violence already aren’t following the gun control laws on the books. Why would they follow new ones?

Thankfully, there are a few organizations like the Foundation for Economic Education, which published Reed’s article, who have the guts to tell the truth regardless of who likes it.



  1. The damned media wants to ban guns. The decent, honest citizens would be defenseless. Why? Because the media wants plenty of gore to fill their newspapers. They have all of the sincerity of a prostitute’s kiss!

  2. NavyPO, I think their agenda is much worse than that. They want the criminals to have a little free-for-all with unarmed people, thus killing on a wholesale basis, which allows them to declare martial law,which, IMHO, will never end.

    • you have two senators and one member of the house of representatives who supposedly represent you in Washington. Then you have your state representatives. did you send a copy of this article to them? Politicians may start out as good intention ed people, but as soon as they start the political process in America they learn the truth. That is that the 1%ers…who own the corporations run the country. the politicians are paid off by the lobbyists to vote in favor of BIG BUSINESS…Thats why you can build apartment buildings and collect rent AND PAY NO INCOME Tax…..laws have been passed saying the gov’t needs housing…..The same for OIL…..The same for FOOD….Thats why you have huge corporations like Monsanto (recently bought by Baye)r going into the food business…they pay no tax…they had laws passed exempting them from paying tax…..And the good meaning politicians become the prostitutes we know them to be….read the books ” throw them all out” and “Advise and Dissent” about our greedy politicians….If every voter who was a gun advocate would send a copy of this study to their “representatives” in Washington and their state with a letter……” I am in favor of the 2nd amendment……support it or you loose my vote”…..perhaps we could protect our right to have a firearm…..Its time for gun owners to stop whining and take action….2020 will be soon upon us and its either more people like Trump, who at least is doing what he promised to do…or lunatics like Bernie…..and his ilk……..take action or loose your guns……

  3. Do you really want to get rid of the Gun violence problems?
    Then enforce the laws that are already on the books. If someone is caught using a firearm in the commission of a crime then throw the book at them and then when convicted, you throw the key away. Eventually and rather quickly, the problem we have with mass shootings and other firearm related crimes would come to a screeching halt. The actual end result would be that a lot more conservatives and other innocent men women and children would still be alive and a lot of liberals, Democrats and other psychos would be off the streets serving their sentences in jail cells.
    It does absolutely no good to make more laws when the thousands of existing laws, if enforced, would solve the problem. Why make another law that isn’t going to be enforced? It’s a waste of time money and life.
    But it is something for a bunch of liberal jerks to get on the bandwagon about, to scream, yell, holler, and flap their arms all over the place to make it appear as if they really give a tinkers damn about people when the only thing they honestly care about is the power and money that they’ll get/have if elected.
    And that’s THE TRUE GRIT!
    Now, if they don’t like it,they can always kiss my big fat Conservative, but i’m sure there are other possible solutions to the firearms problem that others might care to contribute.
    The Grit has observed and spoke on the matter.

    • The Grit speaks Truth! Criminals, by their very nature, don’t give a hoot in hell about laws, otherwise they wouldn’t be criminals! Many times, gun criminals are back on the street, looking for another gun before the arresting cop is done filling out the arrest report! Lawmakers are more worried about the criminal’s rights than they are the public’s rights!

  4. Educating our children about guns and gun safety will do much more than gun laws. These could be after school classes, which could be done by police, national guard, or other retired law enforcement personal. Just remember that evil does not obey any laws.

  5. I actually believe the left embraces the gun violence as it gives them a platform to stand on while railing against our 2nd. If they can remove the 2nd, all the others will fall like dominos which I believe is their end goal, CONTROL. Our 1st is also under attack and in of all places, college campuses where free speech, the right to assemble and religious persecution is being violently attacked especially toward conservatives. So many millennials think socialism is a good thing when history has shown it to be an abject failure which has led to the rise of ANTIFA, an organization openly practicing facism that they claim to be against.

  6. I agree with your statement I would like too add that i have always felt that it takes a good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy with a gun . my idea is not accepted by the far left . Texas is taking steeps in the right direction by eliminating some of the gun free zones that have been targeted in the past
    I live in Los Angeles Calif. and c.c. permit is just about impossible to obtain so i am prevented from even defending my self. The gang bangers don’t pay any attention too the laws so i am at a disadvantage
    I am 84 and not as strong as i was 30 years ago however my trigger finger is just as strong as ever I am just prohibited from protecting my self and others SOMETHING IS WRONG

  7. Gun laws are useless if for no other reason than people do not obey laws. How about speed limits? What the criminals do is have the best possible info that they will not be caught or shot. The number of potential victims is also a consideration. The more the better. This does not take a lot of thinking. The best safety we have is ourselves, armed. What can we do? for schoolls we can make a law that any school kid who kiills or maims someone is guilty and so is the guardian. That should reduce school shootings but not eradicte them completely.
    More concdealed persons including the police may also reduce shootings if the criminal thinks he might get killed very quickly. Bur now we have had several shootings in which the police were close by. Also, concealed weapon is of little value in the sense that the criminal has the element of surprise.
    Sincde there are many other alternatives than guns for kiliing people, we are on the useless end of the battle. This is reality, not pessimism. But I am in favor of making some changes. Let’s go after the criminals, not the weapons. But we have to remember that we must use competent people to detrmine who is a threat and who is not.

    • Unfortunately, Jerry, most of the people who have to determine who poses the threat are NOT competent, so, the threats are slipping through the system and creating this mess!

  8. Memorize these statistics and make an effort to repeat it to 10 people every day, maybe we can accomplish what the Educational System has failed to do and save America.

  9. FredK…. I sincerely believe that all those school shootings are staged by the radical “left”. They do this so the more shootings they can get, the easier it will be to get gun control. Just remember, the gun is the tool, the mind is the weapon. I never saw a gun load itself or pull the trigger by itself. And BTW, the gun grabbers don’t care who gets killed, their objective is control over the populace. An unarmed “people” can’t fight back. May God bless the United States, and may God bless President Trump!

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