Governor Of One State Signs Executive Order Which Is All Virtue Signalling And No Action To “Reduce Gun Violence”


You can tell that we’re gearing up to election time because the virtue signalling from anti-gunner politicians is starting to build towards a fever pitch.

Of course, the solution to a fever is usually to give a person medication and tell them to go back to bed. Instead, we get politicians like Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf signing an executive order which he says is for the purpose of reducing gun violence in the state. But is it? Not hardly.

No, what Wolf has done is to simply virtue signal and then claim that he’s actually done something when he hasn’t done anything effective. In other words, typical politicial nonsense. Kara Seymour gives us details:


Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf on Friday signed an executive order making “unprecedented sweeping changes” to combat gun violence across the state.

The order makes changes to executive branch agencies and programs, including the creation of a new Office of Gun Violence Prevention.

Charles Ramsey, chair of the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency, is the senior advisor who will coordinate and facilitate the effort to reduce gun violence. Ramsey will lead the new Office of Gun Violence Prevention; that office will contain a Special Council on Gun Violence.

The council will meet within 60 days to formulate its plan to reduce gun violence across the state.

In addition to the new office and Special Council on Gun Violence, the order institutes various measures to reduce gun violence by mass shootings, suicide, domestic violence, accidental shootings and more.

As part of the order, data sharing will be increased and the Pennsylvania State Police will be expanding monitoring of hate groups, white nationalists, and other fringe organizations.

Gun buyback programs will be expanded and Pennsylvania will enroll in the “States for Gun Safety” coalition, a multi-state partnership that shares information for the nation’s first regional Gun Violence Research Consortium.

Okay, to sum this all up, his “unprecedented sweeping changes” are to appoint someone to start a committee to make a plan to reduce gun violence, to share information between government departments, and gun buy backs.

Yep, sounds (in)effective to me.

What a giant waste of time and money. This is just pandering to a bunch of clueless people who twitch every time they here the word “guns” because they are scared stiff of the idea of actually having to take responsibility for their own protection, so they want a nanny state to do it for them.

As Ben Franklin supposedly said, “A people that trades its freedom for security will have neither.” History has shown us over and over that what Governor Wolf has proposed won’t do anything to reduce gun violence. But it may get him re-elected, and that may be the whole point.



    • Please reference where you got your information from.

      As I understand it , and I admit I could be wrong, he was raised a Methodist, as I was, and is now an Episcopalian. I changed to Pentecostal when the Methodist church became quite liberal.

      I believe it’s important for conservative to be accurate by being able to substantiate where they got information from. Some, especially liberals, may disagree with the sources and call us liars, but so be it. I even have my own personal atheist anarchist stalking troll. ;-(

      By the way, I believe as you that we should not vote for Muslims, or humanists for that matter. they’re opposed to the Judaic-Christian concepts that led to Western Civilization and the USA.


      • We in PA found out about it after he was seen praying in a mosque last week. You cannot do what he was witnessed doing unless you are a practitioner of Islam. So Wolf is a Muslim and a liar. What he just did is also unconstitutional!!!

  1. Here it is, another bureaucratic debacle increasing the political arena with pure bullshit and adding more money grubbing no nothings. Adding to the outrageous expense to the taxpayer with no expected results only the shaming of the citizens. Liberal socialism at its finest!!!!

  2. Read BATTLEFIELD AMERICA. Then you may understand why all this unconstitutional garbage has been. And is continuing to go on. IF you are not complacent and bury your head.

  3. Wolf is nothing but a Piece of Shit. The Idiots who elected him deserve to be enslaved. Death to All Demoncrats!!!!!!!!!!!

    • How can you call yourself an American, conservative, constitutionalist, or person of faith when it seems you’re bent on mass murder of those you believe oppose your beliefs?

      A Christian conservative constitutionalist

  4. The really sad and pathetic issue is the number of American citizens willing to erase the 2nd Amendment to obtain a false sense of security. The police will be there – along with the coroner – to take reports after the fact. The police do not prevent murders – they investigate them when YOU are dead. One only has to look to Chicago, LA, SF, Baltimore, to see what gun control over citizens results in – BTW all are liberal bastions of ignorance, arrogance, and politically and morally corrupt politicians.


  5. I get it … democrats, and all people hate to see the innocent killed. But more people die via automobile accidents every year than gun deaths … are cars being banned? With cars … oddly … they don’t blame the cars for causing accidents and deaths … (unlike blaming guns) … and yet drive through liquor stores still exist [car+liquor=the inevitable] … but politicians love their alcohol … so they can’t blame cars, they don’t dare blame alcohol … lets just push this aside, and ban guns!

  6. I agree with Recee1, that one should show there information about someone being Muslim. I no nothing about Pennsylvania’s governor, but Muslim s don’t belong in our government, as they are anti Judao-Christian people, they can’t except the triun God head. Liberal’s need to be educated about the 2nd amendment and should be taught by men or women who served in the armed forces about how to properly handle a firearm.
    These people need to prayed for as they are lost and greatly decieved by the good of this age santin.

  7. Funny how they love to mention white nationalist, hate groups, and other fringe organizations as if only white people are committing gun violence. Sure there are some nuts out there as in every society, however the overwhelming gun violence in this country is being committed by inner city minority’s against other minority’s and they all HATE white people. If one wants to stem the violence start arresting repeat offender felons caught with guns on their person and sentence them to 30yrs. No parole. Allow good decent citizens the ease of acquiring a firearm and concealed carry. When enough thugs have been shot or sentenced the violence will diminish. Democrats embrace the violence as it gives them a platform to rail against firearms which is their ultimate objective to remove them completely from society leaving people defenseless against knives, crowbars, pipes, hammers, bricks, rocks, ball bats and anything else that can be used to intimidate. Furthermore it would allow tyrannical rule by govt.

  8. To do something for the purpose of making it look like your doing something, even if it’s been historically proven to be ineffective, is far worse than doing nothing at all. Isn’t this one of the definitions of lunacy and idiocy?
    All the citizens of PA can now feel safe, and can sleep comforted in knowing that the governor is doing something.

  9. Just more Bullshit and another way to add more liberal socialist idiots to the payroll (off’s) to shaft the LAW ABIDING AMERICAN CITIZEN and take away their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS.

  10. The liberals will never understand the God given and constitutional guaranteed right to self defends. The reason for that,is, because liberalism is a “mental disorder” The gun is the tool, the mind is the weapon! We do not have “gun problem”, we have a criminal problem caused by the idiots {or fidiots} in Washington. A fidiot is someone too stupid to be an idiot.

  11. i just now killed every corrupt politician in america, but i had to flush 15 times because it is a long way to washington dc . bottom feeders are known shit eaters and my shit is really nasty!! die mother fuckers die!!
    lol bet you fucking commie liberal trolls thought i was serrious didnt you!

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