Congressman Actually Tweeted That It’s Easier To Buy An AR-15 Than Sudafed


If you haven’t been following the crazy things that anti-gunners say (and, if that’s the case, you’re obviously new to this site. Welcome!), then you may be surprised at the absurdity which passes for rational discourse and intelligent discussion about guns. You might even think that you are talking to someone with mental challenges.

Now, lest you think that I’m kidding about that last sentence, a recent Tweet by a current member of Congress (yes, really) will dispel any notion of my exaggeration and will bring you up to speed on the bizarre state of anti-gun reasoning in America these days.

David Cicilline is a Democratic member of the House who recently (09/02/2019) Tweeted, “Call me crazy, but I think it should be harder to buy an AR-15 than it is to buy Sudafed.”


Yes, really.

So, let me jump on the backlash bandwagen and say, “Hey, David, crazy isn’t the word that I would use. It’s too nice.” Stephen Green writes about the absurd incident,

Please note that David Cicilline is a fully Twitter-credentialed member of the Blue Checkmark Outrage Brigade. That’s because he’s a congressman representing Rhode Island’s 1st District, chairman of the House Democratic Policy and Communications Committee, and chairman also of the Antitrust Subcommittee. So you’d think Cicilline would have some familiarity with the law, but you’d be wrong.

Cicilline did, however, receive quite the education in his Twitter mentions, on the off chance he actually reads them, and on the even more remote chance that he’s capable of comprehending them.

Humorous replies to Cicilline’s Tweet included a question about what forms and background checks were necessary to buy Sudafed and a response from someone who apparently also lives in Rhode Island who said (and I paraphrase to avoid the swearing) that Cicilline should already be aware of the seven day waiting period for firearms purchases in Rhode Island that doesn’t apply to Sudafed and that he should just sit down and “close your flap.”

And, then, there was the response from Louie [BTC] who Tweeted, “Anti-gun people saying stuff like this is exactly why pro-gun people don’t take them seriously when they call for ‘common sense gun control’. You need to actually have common sense first.”

It’s nice to know that there are some other people giving the verbal smackdown for ridiculous anti-gunner propaganda. Makes me proud to be an American when I read them.



  1. All these gun grabbing prostitutes need to do is look at Honduras and Venezuela and see how the government screwed the people into their no gun agenda, look up how many lives are saved by guns every yr 2.5 million,
    these mass shootings are put on by the Cabal that murdered the Kennedy’s, they cause all the wars that we have to send our young men to fight, they are all manufactured wars for the Rothschilds who boast they have financed bothsides of every war since Napoleon and have 500 trillion dollars, let arrest them sickos and seize all their money, that alone would stop all the wars !!!!!!!

  2. Communism is socialism and has ruined every country that fell for it, democracy is next to control the people.
    Our Republic was the best form of government we ever HAD, Now look at all the Democracies around the world, total unrest for the people.

    • Amen, to all of that, Harold. I have just one very minor clarification to your post. Technically, Socialism is the economic engine of Communism, as the terms, Capitalism, Socialism and Fascism are economic terms, while Democracy, Communism, Monarchy, and Anarchy are all philosophical forms of governance. Our founders set up a Constitutional Republic, utilizing Capitalism and Free-Market principals, which I am sure you know, has been subverted since the 1860s and more substantially subverted since 1813, when Woodrow Wilson signed the 16 Amendment.

  3. Every dictatorship started with disarming the populace first. After listening to the demonazi party candidates it becomes obvious that is what they want to do. Usher in a government dictatorship with the elitist demonazis in charge. Maybe they should think about who will really be in charge. There is very little room at the top for more than one.

  4. Democrats want total socialism, thats why they want to disarm americans, and impeach a republican president, because they want totsl control

  5. Cicilline is beyond Idiotry, he’s fully crossed over the line into imbecility. He’s one of the Poster Children of Assholism, that’s so rampant in the Democratic Party today. If the sorry sack o’ shite steps anymore to the Left, we’ll hear that vast sucking sound Ross Perot warned us about, as what little brains he has left get flushed down the Liberal Loo.

  6. That is all well and good bur just to bad it is a lie. Not just a lie but a bald faced lie and he knows it as part of his agenda true or not. and not in this case. Even if he says it a thousand times it is still just a lie.

  7. background checks = registration always leads to banning firearms red flag laws = we are supposed to think anti- gunners will not turn people in just because they own guns!! look what is going on with our President because they want to get rid of him. WAKE UP AMERICA — VOTE THEM OUT!!!!

  8. The 2020 election SHOULD provide a true barometer on the health of our country.
    If the Dems are not markedly thrashed at that time it’s time to rethink our reality. We would be in big trouble.
    The propaganda machine and Democratic party can hype from now until then. Wednesday morning will tell. In the meantime ignore the media chatter and talk to your neighbors about how very important this election is to continuing our way of life.

  9. It’s astonishing how stupid these people really are, i would love the opportunity to go before these clowns and set them straight, being that when i served I was a weapons specialist.
    Please let me play.😎

  10. Cicilline is just another ignorant Democommunist. It’s not their facts or their eloquence which gets peoples attention….only their absurdity and their volume.

    • Actually, It is much easier to buy a cemetery plot than an Ar-15; which is something this gentleman is really going to need, if he tries to take our guns.

  11. My first thought was ” you can’t fix stupid!” then my second thought was “Ignorance is bliss!” Third thought
    perhaps he wants to make it more difficult to purchase any inanimate object! Then perhaps he really doesn’t know what an inanimate object is! While my head is swimming with other possibilities but I will stop before it gives me a migraine headache!

  12. “Makes me proud to be an American when I read them”
    what does this response have to do with anything? We are in America, We are ALL Americans.
    Democrat or Republican. Americans on Both sides of the gun control topic are ridiculously emotional. We, (gun owners) want hands off our guns, but the facts are still facts and shooters in schools and mass shooting is an issue of epidemic proportions. the p[roblerm is neither side wants to sit down together and use commin sense (sans emotions) to see if problems can be resolved so that common sense safety laws can be effectivwly put into place while not infringing on law-abiding gun owners. Both sides are so riled up, the laws being created are reactionary and innefective. The HUGE issue here, If we want to be really HONEST, Is the NRA has been it’s own worst enemy by allowing Treason when they sold out to Russia to buy control of this organization, and TRUMP, the arse he is, destroying Obamas law to keep guns out of hands of the mentally ill. That has left the gun owners constantly fighting and defending for rights and the antigunners reactively creating non-sensical laws we do not want to have passed. Without both sides sitting down (leave the compromised NRA out of this) then no one wins. When leaders on both sides can bring out knowledgeable, intelligent, thinking, and compromising folk to the table, to sit down and openly discuss and problem-solve, then common sense safety laws can be enacted, to a win-win effect.

    • First…….the “mentally ill” are from the left. All of these shootings were done by democrats or their friends. You want to blame someone blame liberals for their bastardization of child rearing and the indoctrination in our failed school systems. Second, also look at the number of deaths elsewhere by other causes. Third, look at where most of this garbage is going on which is in liberal controlled areas. Do you see the connection here???? LIBERALISM. AND fourth, the justice system is a total failure in dealing with the perps just like they are the treasonous liberal we have bastardizing government everywhere.

    • The mass shooting seem to be against unarmed targets ,must be time to rearm the targets so they can shoot back.

  13. Democrats say these outrageous things knowing full well it’s a lie, unfortunately there are enough stupid people who buy into this poppycock crap and that’s who they are aiming for. Voting IQ should be at least 100. Parents need to get involved with their children’s education so they may start learning about our constitution and not all this social crap and sexual innuendos. Kids need to be yanked out of the public indoctrination centers and taught how to become a productive member of society

  14. You may have to show I.D. to get the Sudafed but nobody makes a phone to see if you have a criminal record.

  15. Obviously he’s never tried to buy a gun or AR15 legally. Ignorant people make stupid statements.

  16. Yo, Bright Boy, Sudafed doesn’t require a criminal background check, if it did there would be many fewer people buying it.

  17. I gave up a price of my life and some body parts in the Naval Amphibious Forces. I am now an old man and a disabled Veteran. Now the Democrats want to take my gun. The criminals will still have guns. Will the Democrats provide 24/7 bodyguards for me?

  18. Obviously he’s never tried to buy a gun legally. An imbecile elected to office. Hail Hydra Comrade Cicilline.

  19. Relax HIPPA REGS so doctors can report patients who show dangerous psychological threatening behavior, so THEY CANNOT BUY WEAPONS. They can’t say a peep without breaking THAT law.
    EVERY CONGRESSPERSON should be required to have served in the MILITARY so they understand how guns work, and what role they have played in our Nation’s history.

  20. Well, he just proved he’s certifiable with that stupid statement…..but what the hell, he’s just another stupid Dumbascrap. I expect nothing else.

  21. Leftist Anti-Gunners do not want to learn anything about firearms. They then can claim ignorance in order to justify their lies. And they surely do not want anyone to have a way to ‘prove that they know’ when they are caught in a blatant lie.

    They do not want to ever have a debate based on ‘facts’ about firearms, because they will lose badly. Leftist anti-gun rhetoric does not hold up under factual scrutiny. For instance all rifles, not just so called ‘assault rifles’ make up only a very small percentage of murders annually, yet they are used in home defense frequently.

    Leftists claim criminal use of firearms, to justify taking legally owned firearms when facts clearly prove it is not legally owned firearms committing crimes in most all cases. In fact legally owned firearms stop several million crimes annually in America alone. And at least one study where incarcerated prisoners were interviewed, showed that over 40% of those interviewed stated “they did not commit a crime more than once due to the presence of a firearm.” How is that for proven crime reduction, that was never publicly advertised.

    Murders with Firearms numbers if broken down clearly show that almost all true murders with firearms are committed by gangs in small areas of (Leftist) Democrat controlled big cities. Cities with incredibly restrictive anti-gun laws already in place, which prevent law abiding citizens from defending themselves. Yet these cities have many times more murders than anywhere else in America where guns are not all but outlawed.

    Murder rates are artificially inflated in Leftist reports by including any number of false data into the report. For instance suicides by firearms are included in homicide numbers. As are accidental deaths. Deaths where law enforcement was forced to kill a violent criminal are included as a homicide by firearm numbers. These deliberately misleading numbers are lies, deliberate lies, to scare the unknowing public.

    And lastly, Gun Free Zones are not making anyone safer, except the criminals who are violating those GFZ’s. A 2018 report from The Crime Prevention Research Center discovered that between 1950 and 2018 97.8% of mass public shootings have occurred in Gun Free Zones. Where an armed citizen could not defend themselves, because they were disarmed by GFZ laws. Have you ever heard of a ‘Mass Shooting’ inside a Police Station for example. Look at the number of people killed in mass shootings in GFZ’s versus the very rare mass shooting outside of a GFZ it is significantly lower. Also consider how many ‘mass shootings’ never became ‘mass shootings’ because a legal gun owner stopped the shooter before he could kill enough people to qualify as a mass shooter. In almost every case a mass shooter is stopped by a legal gun owner, be it police or civilian. So why on Earth would you not want to have that legal gun owner on the scene to put an immediate stop to the criminal shooter before the death toll has a chance to rise to a true tragedy, not that a single death is not tragedy enough.

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