NASCAR Goes Anti-Gunner, Bans Gun Ads


Oh, say it isn’t so! Sadly, some of our most venerable and treasured institutions have begun to slide down the slippery slope of believing the anti-gun rhetoric being spouted by celebrities and anti-gunner politicians.

It’s finally reaching a breaking point. Universities have bought into it. Some churches are buying into it. And, now, I hate to even say it, but, even NASCAR is going anti-gun.

Actually, I’m completely serious about that. NASCAR is doing something which is bound to anger a large portion of their fan base (not a good business decision, in my opinion). Ryan Saavedra writes,


The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, otherwise known as NASCAR, has reportedly started to take a “gradual shift” on its stances surrounding the Second Amendment.

The revelation comes after multiple gun companies have said that NASCAR, which has a primarily Republican base, banned them from running advertisements that feature guns.

“Dark Storm Industries said an ad it submitted featuring one of the company’s AR-15s was rejected and online retailer K-Var Corp. said an ad featuring an AK-47 and 9mm handgun was also rejected,” The Washington Free Beacon reported. “Both said a NASCAR advertising agency solicited ads from them for NASCAR publications. They submitted ads but were told NASCAR would not accept them.”

In a statement, Dark Storm industries wrote on Instagram:

NASCAR decided to turn their back on their customer base, joining the likes of Yeti, Dick’s and Under Armour. We were approached by a NASCAR publication eager to earn our business, but after submitting our ad it was immediately rejected, stating that we cannot depict “assault weapons”… whatever those are. We resubmitted the ad after adding a large ‘CENSORED’ bar over the rifle, with a tag reading “This publication rejected our ad.” This too was rejected by NASCAR. They said they did not like that we called them out. We resubmitted a third time, with a tag line reading “Visit to find out why!” This was again rejected. They did not like the words “FIND OUT WHY.” As we have learned, NASCAR has made a “gradual shift” but this doesn’t seem very gradual to us. It seems as though NASCAR has turned their back on the overwhelming majority of their fan base in the most embarrassing way possible. #nascar

Other companies have reported similar rejections from NASCAR.

However, not everyone is taking this lightly. For example, radio host Mark Walters wrote,

Go ahead NASCAR, try to fill the stands with a bunch of David Hogg, Moms Demand Action, Everytown for Gun Safety, urban, progressive, skinny jean wearing, soy sipping, man-bun wearing, Antifa loving, gun-hating socialists. I won’t be around to see how that turns out for you.

It will be interesting to see how this turns out, but it seems likely that this can only have the same effect on NASCAR’s profitability that a similar action had on Dick’s Sporting Goods: a nosedive in their profits.

NASCAR needs to wake up and realize that a huge part of their fanbase are gun owners. To ban gun ads on NASCAR is to alienate a majority of people who support NASCAR. NASCAR’s management had better wake up and smell the coffee before the organization becomes a shadow of its former self.



    OH, WAIT How about prize giveaways, like the , I think TEXAS, pistols….
    It would seem about right for NASCAR to do something like this anyway, they cave to a lot of new generation crybabies, yes racers included!!
    I’ll bet the “INTIMADATOR” is rolling in his grave!

  2. unbelievable, What is wrong with these people.Do they think not advertising for a Gun company will stop anything. (NOT) I’ve watched several Nascar people hunting on TV they are the ones that could speak and be heard. Gun owners are going have to realize this is real turn off the TV when a race is on and go out shooting or hunting turn our backs on them like they have done to us. I work construction about everybody hunts or at least do like to shoot. But when i bring up losing our Gun rights they just think awe nothing going to happen. WAKE UP PEOPLE NOT WATCHING A RACE IS EASY

  3. Run a little while, take a break, run a little while take a break. That ain’t racing.
    They ruined it several years ago. I stopped watching when they started the stage bull crap. NASCAR SUCKS!

    • They have ruled out competition in favor of ribbons for competition. When you punish someone for the car being a fraction of an inch too high in the rear end you have gone over the cliff in insanity. Need these rules for these cars. CID, weight, axle width and span from front wheel to back. Let the be innovative again. Let them actually run cars we can buy. I remember when the cars looked a lot like those on the street. no longer. France family ruined a good thing. Tuned in the the brickyard for a bit recently and the seats were no more the 30-40% filled it seemed. Used to be you could hardly get a ticket.

    • I am with you Ron. Been watching NASCAR for over 60 years. Stopped watching when candy assed “racers” needed to take a break. Can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen. Now they are bowing to the anti gun idiots. What the happened to red blooded Americans???

  4. Their fan base is strongly rooted in the “good ole boys” and no disrespect intended. These are the guys that hunt and fish and lots of folks depend on that for their food. We did that for years. It is a way of life for many and restricting them will have no bearing on the issues which are behavior problems not gun problems.

    • NO! Not their roots BUT those of the crybabies of the liberal socialist racist bigots who believe that the world owes them and wants everything their way and given to them.

  5. I guess they can afford to loose fans and alot of money. Never thought they were anti American and constitution.

  6. I put NASCAR in the same category as Dick’s, Benchmade, etc. I stopped watching NFL when the knee thing blew up in their face. I haven’t bought anything Nike or Under Armour years ago. I could go on with the list of mfg’s I no longer support but you get it. I decide where my honestly earned money goes and I vote. I’m tired of “them” laying the mental problems of kids at MY feet. Some nutcase will make another attempt at getting on the evening news until they know we’ll shoot back and their name is never mentioned again. Good men with guns defeat bad boys with guns every time.

    • same here! no football, quit NASCAR when they went to channels you have to pay for, they have been steadily crapping on the folks that got them where they are. i honestly hope that people actually stop watching these sports that cave to the lefties every whinny. alligator tear drop.

  7. NASCAR may have just signed its death warrant. OF all organizations, for NASCAR to succumb to this pressure is sickening. How about supporting the millions of LEGAL. LAW-ABIDING gun owners instead of kow-towing to the anti-gun minority who doesn’t even support your sport?

  8. Well, so much for attending or watching another NASCAR event. Kind of like the NFL. Don’t care about their FAN BASE. Just the Liberals aganda.

  9. NASCAR is the Biggest TRAITOR to their fans, and I for one will never watch or listen to the races ever again!!!
    Hell YES I am a gun owner, and as one of my bumper stickers says, “I’m politically incorrect and I’m also religiously incorrect and I am Very Glad of it!!!!”

  10. I am 82 and have been a NASCAR fan for a long time, I have always respected NASCAR for their ability to stand up for the Constitution and reject the nonsense of the Liberal left. I am exceptionally disappointed in NASCAR for failing to adhere to their roots and maintain an American based position, perhaps they will see rejection for failing to adhere to the foundations upon which NASCAR was founded.
    One must remember the foundation on which NASCAR was born, and that was running whiskey during the period of abolition of alcohol. Rum running founded the sport by Americans who were opposing the illegal abolition of alcohol because of left-wing politics, now the left-wingers want to ban guns which are protected by the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution. The left-wing does not care about the Constitution they want to control your life with excessive power, and anyone who tells you it isn’t about power is completely ignorant of reality!

  11. Dump NASCAR. They don’t support my 2nd amendment rights, I don’t support their business. We now have divergent beliefs and must art ways. I would wish them good luck, but I hope they fail. They ask for it.

  12. NASCAR can go the way of the PUSSY NFL (No Fans Left). Let all the supporters of the products related to nas(ty)car feel the wrath of the true AMERICAN people. I just erased all the races that I could not watch live and I will do the same as pussyball. Was a diehard fan of both but since they want to BOW DOWN and KISS the ASSES of the LIBERAL SOCIALIST TRAITORS and crybabies, they can all go to HELL. They are undermining our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS.

  13. “before the organization becomes a shadow of it’s former self” ??? are you kidding me ? They did that years ago due to drunken mismanagement. Playoffs ? How original, for ball sports. How about runoffs or race-offs ? They’ve been drunk too long, and I quit years ago. Then they hooked up with NBC, and for pay only. Ruined the good spots to view, at road tracks like Watkins. Just look at the stands. Hopefully this will be the straw that broke the camels back. They can re-organize or go belly up with the leftist fascists.
    The second amendment is more than just guns. It is true liberty and freedom and individuality. The alternative will be tyranny and the first to go will be their useful idiots. Just look at history. It is just like groundhog day, a terrible re-run.

  14. NASCAR has been dead for a few years. It is too heavily ruled by people who have no clue where it got its roots. We good ole boys are getting older and we see the decline of a once great institution. I no longer watch or support it since it no longer supports me. Find a good southern dirt track to support.

  15. NASCAR died with Dale Sr. It’s been a rainbow flag sport since with its “soft” walls and prettyboy drivers. You haven’t been able to pay me to watch this sissy boy crap since 2000!!! I’ll stick with the NHRA, where the risk, speed, and MEN are real and there are no soft walls for the pussies who are scared! David Hogg and the fags of the world can have NASCAR! NASCAR sucks!!!

  16. NASCAR has sunk their ship. Wait until the drivers income gets cut by 30 to 40 % when the race purses shrink!! Sponsoring companies such as Cabelas, John Deere , American grassroots companies look to less expensive venues with better % patronage.
    My father was on the beach in late 40s with Marshall Teague. He is turning over in his grave

  17. NRA is still involved in NASCAR! The tobacco industry was barred from advertising in NASCAR years ago, but it never affected tobacco use. What makes anyone think the lack of a gun sponsor on a car will affect gun sales, or your right to own one? Lighten up! This coming from an NRA member, gun owner, and A2 supporter!

  18. Why are they involving themselves in political issues? Are they next going to disrespect the flag and national anthem? That’s not far behind not respecting the Constitution.

  19. Fuck NASCAR! Now it’s a snowflake PC shitshow not worth watching. I stopped watching these clowns 10 years agao!

  20. I have deleted all their apps and programs on my devices, unsubscribed from their newsletters, and absolutely refuse to watch anything even remotely associated with NAH-SCAR. I live 7 miles from Auto Club Speedway in SoCal, but now the only thing I’ll be going there for is weekend drag racing and Indy cars.
    You’re selling out to the politically correct socialists and turning your backs on the people who made your sport what it was.
    Quit the faux patriotism, flying the Stars and Stripes and show your true colors: rainbow flags, or perhaps a hammer and sickle?

  21. I new there would come a day that I would stop watching Nascar, well I see that ,,, that day has come,,, even nascar lost their BALLS, good buy !

  22. I agree with most of the posts here. However, “All talk, and no action” rings a familiar bell.
    Instead of just posting our gripes, take action!! Write to NASCAR, write to EVERYONE involved with this pitifully dwindling sport and SOUND OFF IN WRITING!!!!
    Boycott the tracks and the financial ramifications will be felt–no income=no purses= no races AND LET EVERYBODY know your reasons.
    Everyone write to the TV stations and do the same—no TV revenue=no purses=no races.
    The power of income cannot be overstated—–DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. NASCAR, Dick’s , Kroger, and all the rest of the anti-gun businesses can kiss my business good bye… and I tell all my friends and neighbors not to shop your stores too…. Very hard to believe that you would dismiss many of your customer base by choosing a political stance the way you have. Alienating the very people that have supported you. Wrong, wrong, wrong…

  24. NASCAR has been going down the tubes for the last 15 years. I was a card carrying crew member for 15 years (1999 to 2014) and have watched it steadily decline during that time. Just look at the attendance at the weekly races. It has become too political and boring and it may be too late to save it. Major sponsors have left with their pocketbooks because of it. I walked away in 2013 and haven’t looked back and don’t miss it one bit. BTW I am a NRA Life member.

  25. NASCAR has been changing since Brian France took over the reigns after Bill Jr turned it over to him, he shows no interest in Promoting the sport and has anyone in charge that will take the heat other than himself, thus the organization is now commanded by THE POLITICALLY CORRECT PEOPLE to passiffy the left

  26. WOW — and I was just starting to watch Nascar because the nfl,mlb and nba are out but oh well — back to women’s tennis or water polo.

  27. NASCAR should remove anything connected to them that are Red, White and Blue and place a red flag in place of the Green and Checkered flag. I’ve been participating in many ways with racing more than 60 years, but now my country and the rights of our people comes first and as long as we do not put our guns we will remain a free nation.

  28. Done with NASCAR races
    Used to look at Road coarse races
    But no longer
    Indy road / city racing only
    Not around around around for 500 miles
    Plus F-1 is still great BUT they Are loosing it TOO
    With silly penalties
    Gunnar in Texas

  29. Ladies and gentlemen, take note of the sponsors that advertise on the NASCAR broadcasts. Then, quit patronizing them. Whenever you’re asked to comment on, review or respond to any of these companies products and services, make it clear that you will not support or spend your hard-earned American dollars in their stores or wherever their products are sold. Make it clear that our Constitution allows them to do business in this great country of ours and that means ALL of the Constitution, including the Bill of Rights and the Second Amendment. Unless they support the Constitution FULLY, they will no longer be receiving the dollars spent by me and my family, and I will not display their logos on my shoes, athletic equipment or other products that I use and consume. Further, if I have a concealed carry permit I WILL continue to carry, concealed, wherever I go, inside, outside or in the vicinity of any of their locations; that’s why I have it! Hit ’em where it hurts, in their revenues!!

  30. Ok I’m done with Nascar Hope you lose all your sponsors because of your anti gun stance you have a lot of gun owner’s don’t you know. I have a bunce of friends not watching Nascar any more and that’s just me so good luck you are losing a lot of follower’s because of it. Parents need to raise there kids instead of making cry babies out of them. Kids no longer have no respect for not much of anything anymore because of the way they are raised by there Parents and that is so sad they don’t get their way and they go to violence that’s the problem with the gun violence not a bunch of nuts running around. Wake up people Cars and drugs kill many times more people than guns do you just don’t hear that everyday.

  31. Watching NASCAR is like watching grass grow. Round and round ! Same people in front. Same people back in the pack. Cars are manufacturers products in name only. If you go to just to see wrecks, you should get a folding chair next to the freeway.
    A Dixie Cup on the track brings a 20 Min. caution. HO-HUM, think I’ll take a nap !

  32. NASCAR which used to be an American Institution, is now going Socialist agenda and also Anti-American.
    I am a Patriot and will not support ANY anti-American agenda(‘s) or stupid Democratic solutions. That means in plain English I will not watch another NASCAR race and vote for Trump in 2020.

  33. If NASCAR cannot support CONSTITUTIONAL LAW I cannot support them!!!!! The 2nd. Amendment is what keeps the United States a free nation!!!!! If NASCAR wishes to follow the wishes of the socialist/communist DEMONcrat party then may they exist no more!!! They will NEVER have my support again even if they change their tiny little minds!!!!

  34. Nascar is heading the wrong way down a one way street!
    Ask the NFL or Nike!
    Ladies and Gentlemen, “WE” truly have the power to make a difference in this debate, wake up and smell the exhaust fumes, cut NASCAR off at the knees and just turn them OFF!

  35. Was working on vacation plans to see Richmond and Daytona races (purchasing flights and tickets). Not now! If NASCAR is going to take a position the violates the second amendment…well I’ll be doing something else for vacations. I’m done with NASCAR.

  36. I have recently become a NASCAR fan! I’m going to watch them one more time and write down all their advertisers so I can avoid them as well. For a good life ahead, I don’t need liberal supported products and definitely don’t need/want to watch NASCAR!

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