This Is The Kind Of Teacher That You Want In Your Child’s Classroom


Since the Parkland school shooting in Florida, there has been talk of the idea of arming teachers as a way of protecting children from another tragedy committed by a nutcase. And many people, especially in the gun community, support the idea of having armed teachers on campus who can shoot back instead of making schools simply a group of helpless targets.

Of course, if you have armed teachers, you want teachers who actually know how to use a gun and know how to defend themselves and others. In other words you want teachers like Angie Steffey of West Virginia (hat tip to here for the lead). Caroline Foreback writes,

Angie Steffey heard noises in her backyard. She noticed her dog acting strangely when she let him outside.

“I wasn’t expecting my husband home for another hour, but I heard someone in my driveway,” Steffey said.

Steffey thought the noise coming from her driveway was just her husband coming home from work, but when she looked out the window, she saw the suspect breaking into her car. She confronted the man and called 911. When the man refused to leave, she took matters into her own hands.

“So, finally, I told the dispatcher ‘I’m going to get my gun’, and they didn’t want me to do that but I still continued to say that I was going to get my gun,” Steffey said.

When she stepped onto the porch with her gun, the intruder ran away. When she looked in her car, Steffey discovered the man had dropped crystal meth in her passenger’s seat.

Steffey is to be commended for doing what needed to be done. And this story is a perfect example of so many situations than anti-gunners don’t get. Like so many situations in which a firearm is used in self-defense, Steffey didn’t have to fire a shot. But she got the result that she needed: She is safe.


Now, that’s the kind of teacher that I would want armed in schools.



  1. I’m sure that those killing people with guns offensively were mostly unlicensed to carry a gun.

  2. Well we fight fires with fire why not fight guns with guns? We do that in wars. Take away guns and they will use bow and arrows or knives. Locking up these nut cases before they can do harm to others is the real solution.

  3. I myself don’t carry or don’t even own for reasons.. I did make a promise if I was ever got mugged in the park,whatever I would welcome a concealed carry person before the police, NOT out of lack of the police, they are among my hero’s, out out of self preservation. By the time the dispatch got called, all questions needed to be answered I would be DEAD. Instead, a concealed carry could disarm, call police, and hold until police got there. To this I say: God Bless President Trump, God Bless the concealed carry, God Bless the Police

    • Now he’s gonna have to get more meth to deliver to the right address and be out the money.

  4. The whole point of having a concealed carry permit is personal protection. One NEVER wants to be in a position to have to draw the weapon but, if you are forced draw, you are most likely in a situation where you have no choice but to shoot to kill and, he or she who hesitates when the opponent is armed cannot let him or her have the first shot, YOU do not get a SECOND CHANCE! Law Enforcement can only respond to an incident AFTER THE FACT and, by then it is almost ALWAYS too late For YOU. It is a shame that OUR COUNTRY HAS BEEN SO TRANSFORMED EVERYONE SHOULD BE CARRYING BUT, it is our right to protect ourselves, families and properties! WHY CAN WE NOT BE COMMON SENSICAL ABOUT DOING THE SAME ON OUR SCHOOL GROUNDS, AS MAKING THEM GUN FREE ZONES ONLY MAKES TARGETS OF OUR CHILDREN. And. let us place the BLAME for that where it belongs: on the lunatic New World Order oriented Leftist losers!

  5. There is a very good company in Utah that teaches Army Special Forces, police, citizens and yes they teach teachers how to be responsibly armed citizens and how to defend themselves and their students. But it’s more than just arming and teaching the teachers. We also have to teach the students how to be responsible and how to help the armed teachers handle any incident. Come on America pull your heads out. Put GOD back into our schools. Put Christian prayer and the pledge of allegiance back into our schools. Come on Christians take back this Nation. “ONE NATION UNDER GOD” GOD BLESS AMERICA

  6. We need more teachers who are willing to defend students in the event of crisis. It will, however, require a mental commitment to be able to pull the trigger during that time. Only teachers who have addressed their mental decision that they could do this, should apply for the training. Some could and some can’t. Training consist of being comfortable with the gun, it use, their accuracy and being comfortable with the decision, should it ever occurre.

  7. Absolutely right. Proper training and skills are essential. Should be a core curriculum for our school teachers and thier choice.

  8. Unfortunately prayers didn’t immediately save too many Christians used as entertainment for the Romans, some form of weapon probably would have. Do we truly prefer our loved ones, or is dead?

  9. I agree with Bruce and Patriot 1, but I think that schools would be better off with metal detectors and armed security

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