[Video] How Red Flag Laws And Nazis Go Together


This is an idea which goes completely counter to the standard anti-gun and mainstream media narratives, but the fact of the matter is that, historically, gun control laws have never kept people safer. In fact, just the opposite. Gun control laws make people vulnerable to an oppressive government.

To make matters worse, gun control laws actually take the people who are supposed to be protecting us (law enforcement officers who used to be commonly called peace officers) and puts them to work endangering everyday citizens. Inevitably, when this happens, they say that they were “just doing their jobs.”

What is scary is that is exactly the defense that guards at Nazi concentration camps used when said that they were just doing their jobs when they threw innocent people into gas chambers and shot other innocent people.


Does this sound crazy to you? It shouldn’t if you’re familiar with the details of history (most gun control advocates only know the biased, incomplete, revisionist form of history often taught in public schools these days). But if you want a little more detail and perspective, take a few minutes and watch this video from someone calling herself The Patriot Nurse:

If you know the history of how the Nazis consolidated power in Germany so that they could do horrible things to people who simply wanted to live their lives and take care of their families, then you need to learn your history, and by that I mean the real history. Read about historical examples of gun control laws being enacted (it’s never pretty). Read about the history of totalitarian regimes and how they took power and kept power. Read “controversial” writers (You may not agree with them, but you’ll either understand the person that you disagree with better or you may find that they are controversial because they have valid reasons for disagreeing with the party line of progressives and other anti-gunners).

Anti-gunners don’t really understand why pro-gun people are pro-gun. Anti-gunners have this idea that pro-gunners want guns because they want a fight, because they like violence, because they want civil war. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

The truth is that pro-gunners want guns because guns are what prevent mass murders like Hitler, Stalin, and Mao Tse Tung from gaining control of a country and killing huge numbers of people.

And law enforcement officers need to do the right thing by taking seriously their oath to uphold the Constitution, including the Second Amendment, instead of allowing themselves to be the puppets of leftist totalitarian regimes (remember, the Nazis were socialists (it’s in the party’s name), and fascists took strongly from socialist ideologies, too. All totalitarian regimes that weren’t monarchist were leftist in ideology. Let that sink in.).

Private gun ownership is necessary so that everyone, including those who don’t know their history, has the possibility of living of life free from being murdered by their own government.



  1. At some point there will come a fight. Little by little our rights are being taken from us and no one is getting excited about it. But there will come a moment when we all realize that this ‘must’ stop or we’ll loose everything that we hold sacred. Freedom is the most important thing; if we loose our freedoms we become slaves to our political masters. We, as patriots, must never allow this to happen. Get mad, speak the truth, but never give up that which so many have paid for with their blood. We’re still the best country in the world. Let’s not let our politician pussies ruin that for us. Stand tall and be counted.

    • That moment you speak of is now. Red flag laws ARE the introduction of government repression. They want to out a stranglehold on our most sacred right. Then, they can take all our rights away.

    • Craig,
      I am with you on this issue.Red Flag laws have the potential to vendettas agains people that someone dislikes. Red FLag laws could be a good thing but abusers can use such laws to get back at innocent peope. Bad idea.

      • They already are… how do you think the man in Maryland ended up being murdered by the police with them changing the story 5 times after it happened…

  2. I just watched The Patriot Nurse video and she is spot on with every point. Wish that I owned a T.V. station because I would play this video repeatedly. I do not want my guns taken ( nor anyone else’s seized) as it destroys due process. Think about this : look at the lawless way the socialist/democrats keep trying to oust Pres. Trump,a lawfully elected president. Their aim,despite their claims ( actually LIES ),their intention is gun confisication. That is how they will destroy the U. S. A. by taking our freedoms and turning our country socialist ( I believe that when all is said and done it will be a COMMUNIST REGIME–led by the squad and Adam Schiff,etc.). Its not a conspiracy,as they have stated their intent to go socialist if they win the Presidency,House and Senate. We nedd our guns to save our great country from these tyrannical crooks.

    • With all due respect, you might want to find a better leader than DJT. He’s a well known turncoat. He will do whatever he can to stay in power. Let’s elect a more deserving Republican. Donald told everyone “I like taking the guns first, then worry about the courts.” Did you forget he said that? Fuck him! I want Ted Nugent then.

      • You’re right. The Donald is far from the best possible leader, but like our system of government, he is so much better than all the rest. Let’s start looking now for a deserving conservative successor to run in 2024.

        • Agreed. You can’t focus on one or two things about any president. These days you have to focus on the outcome of a presidency. Is freedom more important than freebies, or safety more than Nanny-state security?
          Trump may not have been the best choice, but he definitely IS the better of the two compared to what is being offered but the ‘other’ parties.
          More and more when we go into the voting booth we are faced with “who” or ‘what’ is the better of two possible evils . . .

  3. The problem in today’s America, the truly Americans are allowing Parent immigrants that have come to USA for the wrong reason AND use their Children to implement PC Liberal Communist agendas to change America and use it, just like Mulsim BHO use it in his eight years as President, which is what you read and see in today’s fake news and no-matter what the truth is or the facts are they will still liar and lair until either America has a Civilian War within USA or the truly Americans just give up and allow it to happen to void a War within USA. It’s like attacking God and the Ten Commandments, so either you wake up and be part of Trump Presidency, don’t do nothing and stay home or keep Voting into the Senator & Congress truly Americans which is one way to save USA.

  4. This should be played in schools, the halls of congress and on t.v.. That’s right it goes against the narrative. The propaganda. People might learn the truth. That’s why no one hears about it.

  5. The Anti-Gun Politicians know exactly why the 2nd Amendment was Enshrined into the Constitution, and that Frightens the Bejesus out of Them as well it should. The 2nd Amendment has nothing to do with Hunting or Self Defense and Everything to do with Putting Down a Tyrannical Government. The Time is Fast Approaching when a Rebalancing of the Current State of Affairs will be Absolutely Necessary to Restore the Country to Its Original Structure! The Government Governs at Our Will or that was the Original Intent, and Not the other way round as it is now.

  6. You know anti-gun people are already twisting and using “technical” loopholes in Red Flag laws to confiscate firearms. It’s just instead of going after the adult in the home they just file it on the child. No juvenile protections from media or outside influences for accused children and even though the children don’t own the gun all of the firearms in the home gets taken anyways. Your kid gets in trouble at school and you live in a Dimocrat district like Broward county in Florida sorry about your luck prepare for a minimum of 4 to 5 different court cases. You have to prove your child’s innocence (even though the law says the opposite and that the onus is on the prosecution to prove otherwise), fight for and prove they “deserve ” their 2nd amendment rights, argue the case for YOUR private property to be returned, argue the case of YOUR fitness as a parent, argue the case to have YOUR right to own a firearm and then argue the case for them (your firearms, again) to be returned. All this and you don’t even know if these clowns still HAVE you guns let alone haven’t intentionally damaged them which is a whole new court case all together. But let’s not forget that literally everything you just went through disqualifies you from purchasing a gun by the very questions and requirements on the forms you fill out to purchase a gun. And guess what… there are places already doing this to ” put the parents on notice”. Don’t forget that while you were unaware of it they argued for the red flag in open court without you present or knowing because it is in the same classification as a protection order…

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