DOJ Proposes Violating Constitution With New Legislation


If there is any part of the government which should know the Constitution backwards and forwards, it should be the Department of Justice (DOJ). Sadly, as we witnessed in the previous administration in Washington, even if they know the Constitution, that doesn’t mean that they have any interest in following it.

Unfortunately, there still appears to be folks in the DOJ who have that same disregard for the Constitution as evidenced by legislation which they sent to the White House with the intent to have it submitted to Congress. Jake Gibson and Alex Pappas write,

The Department of Justice has sent a package of legislative proposals on gun violence to the White House, a person familiar with the matter told Fox News, as the debate rages over how lawmakers and the president should respond to a recent spate of deadly mass shootings.

The White House has had the proposals for two weeks, according to the source, but has not yet sent anything along to Capitol Hill. It was not immediately clear what proposals are included in the DOJ package.

President Trump has signaled a willingness to at least consider new measures – while insisting he will also defend Second Amendment rights. Meanwhile, Democratic presidential candidates have gone so far as to urge mandatory gun buyback programs and other far-reaching measures.

Now, this should be disturbing not just to gun enthusiasts but to Constitutionalists.


Lets start with the Constitutional side. Besides the whole Second Amendment aspect (what part of “shall not be infringed” is not clear?), the legislature is supposed to propose legislation, not the Executive Branch. Yes, that means that neither the President nor the DOJ should be submitting any legislation.

Secondly, though, any restriction on guns has historically been deadly to those whose guns have been taken away from them. Seriously, read about any number of communist or other totalitarian regimes. The first step is to disarm the populace. Then, the cruelty really begins.

We need to let our representatives in Congress and also let the White House know that we won’t tolerate any more gun control. All gun control needs to be repealed. Period. End of story.



  1. Anyone in Government who proposes blatant violation of any of our Constitution should be immediately fired and removed from office, and escorted off the premises, and banned from every serving in any capacity.

    • Totally agree.. they took an oath.. and it clearly states PROTECT AND DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES. What is it with these asses…. the most dangereous groups in our government are the FBI, CIA and the CONGRESS.. all 3 of them think they are above the LAW… and NOBODY HOLDS THEM ACCOUNTABLE…..

        I agree that those CONs who occupy any REPRESENTATIVE OFFICE must be removed from the current CON-gress for the ABDICATION of their OATH OF OFFICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. They should try taking care of the “REAL” problem instead of blaming a weapon. But it is SO MUCH EASIER to just propose new legislation to ban weapons(which is UNCONSTIYUTIONAL) and then just go back to their doing nothing and feeling proud that they proposed a new law that WILL NOT BE ENFORCED, just like ALL the other weapons laws already on the books. That will be the first step toward total communism — disarm the people– so they can’t defend themselves against their own government. This is total BS and I believe if President Trump and his people allow this to happen — he will be a 1 term President which I totally don’t want to see happen.

  3. I’m from a now totally blue state, New Mexico yet all but 3 of our county Sheriffs have declared their counties sanctuary gun counties. Of course the three counties in the three biggest cities approve of the mandatory requirement to do background checks on all transfers for buyers and there is also talk of requiring the same for all sellers.
    Take my oath to defend from enemies domestic and external seriously. “Molon Labe!”

  4. I’m so afraid this President is going to mess up and pass a gun law that will cost him the next election. Any gun law is a win for the dem party, and gun laws (control) is a must for for socialism. It’s reported that we have 40,000 gun related crimes in America each year, but 33,000 of those are “Suicide” !! That doesn’t really leave a lot of violent gun crimes, so it’s proving to be a political movement by the gov.!!

  5. I am against any type of gun control. We must be able to defend ourselves in the case that we need to. Taking away any of our guns put us all at a disadvantage against all criminal actions.

    • I disagree with you being against any gun control. Americans must learn to control their gun when they are in possession and are using their gun. Control is very impotant when it comes to hitting your target.
      Americans’ gun ARE NECESSARY to DEFEND ourselves against a TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT! I hope and pray enough Americans WAKE UP and see the DANGER that is creeping into OUR COUNTRY by these COMMUNISTS and MUSLEMS who want to control and use Americans. In America We the People are CITIZENS with God given RIGHTS which CANNOT be removed – – – – – NOT SUBJECTS!!!!

      • Since when do criminals acknowledge the law. If yhey obay the law they wouldnt be criminals. In countrys were guns are baned the choice of weapon is the knife. Knives with a six inch blade have now been band. The number one killer of young people is accidental death the next is drugs. The % of death by guns is .027% taking away suicides it .007% The government backed phyrmicitals have killed 27,000.

  6. As the DOJ is NOT the Legislative Branch, they can not LAWFULLY suggest ANY Legislation, to do so is a conflict of interest! Their ONLY Lawful Authority is enforcing LAWFULLY Passed legislation. Nothing more.

    • You first Glenn. Who you going after? Those that disagree with you or the local cops and firemen who represent law and order and safety? Maybe teachers that don’t teach what you want to hear? Politicians? Good luck, fully 50 % will disagree with whatever stand you take as one half of them as against whatever the other half thinks…

    • @JB; Change one word in your statement please. “The Second Amendment clearly REAFFIRMS that the RIGHT to keep and bear arms is not to be infringed.” Other than that one word – – I as an American AGREE WHOLEHEARTEDLY with your statement.

  7. Just speak to the people of Venezuela if you don’t think tyranny can raise its ugly head in the 21st century. See Chavez and his 2012 gun laws. Most of the legislature does need a dictionary, especially to confirm the definitions of shall, not and, infringe. And the ones who say SCOTUS was wrong in “Heller” should google September 9, 1789, and the NEGATIVE vote the Senate took regarding the words “for the common defense”.

  8. Actually ALL Executive branch departments routinely suggest legislative measures as they are the President’s experts within their own areas. This has been going on for over 200 years. The President routinely asks his cabinet for suggestions. The sitting President then sends these over to Congress for consideration and drafting into the correct legal framework. This isn’t new, it isn’t illegal, it isn’t unconstitutional and it isn’t news to anyone who actually understands how the government works and has always worked.

  9. I have been with guns since I was 10 years old. I was taught about safety and respect. I was taught in school that the Constitution of the USA was the strongest ever. I understand these demo’s want to change or add to it where they can try to take our weapons, Good Luck.

  10. As a LAW BIDDING AMERICAN CITIZEN I do not want any gun control. STOP gun control! Pass legislation for the proper use of a firearm. Education is the key to understanding – NOT governmental laws, which slowly controls and strips away our Second Amendment rights.

  11. To USA, here what PC, Liberal Communist Democrats want America to accept, have Total Control of H. Care, Increase Poverty by more illegals, increase the Debt by increase your Tax and making you believe the Rich will pay for it, remove you from having anything to defend yourself against the Government first or someone trying to kill you, provide you with freebie like food, housing and income so they can be like your parents control of you, make you get the education that they can use to what they want y to learn in School or the history they want y to be able learn about, take religion away so nobody gets together at any time to talk about politics, and lastly divide you and your family so the only friend or Family you have is the Government, wake America the PC, Liberal Communist Democrat want to destroy USA as they have being trying for the last 50 year’s. Vote Trump in 2020.

  12. The Second Amendment refers to “the right of the people to keep and bear arms.” I think a refined definition of “the people” would be in order here. At the time of the adoption of this Amendment, it was assumed that “the people” were law-abiding Americans with moral backbone, but that isn’t necessarily the case today. I think “the people” whose right to keep and bear arms should be defined as USA citizens registered to vote. This would make it illegal for non-citizens, whether legally in the country or not, to keep or bear arms. Likewise would prohibit felons, minors under the age of 18 years and mentally incapicated persons from keeping or bearing arms, assuming here that the voter registration process would weed out the severely mentally incapicated. Any adult citizen registered to vote would not be affected. Not a perfect solution, but a start.

    • Kitty, Sometimes the simple answer is the best. I like your thinking and response. Now we just need to NOT give the right to vote to non-citizens and illegals to keep our rights. Thank you for your thoughtful comment.

    • Those you mentioned with the exception of young adults are prohibited by law at this time.if gun laws worked Chicago would look loke Msyberty RFD. There were more gun deaths in Chacigo between the El Paso and Midland shootings combined.

  13. Never surrender your firearms, stand together, if any state not only becomes a sanctuary state for the 2a but backs it up I’ll move there. We need too ban together even if it means we abandon the state were live in.
    Remember New Zealand. Just a fraction registered and surrendered there firearms this year since they passed gun control.

  14. Wow. In all our timelines through history you think that we should have a grasp of how America should be managed. Still, It seems that our leaders dont know how to accomplish their tasks without their first agenda is to gain self power by running over peoples rights and placing Americans in harms way. What happen to what America wants. The people run this country. Not the government. Its a disease of decrease that we have political politician’s in key leadership positions that can’t agree to what is important to Americans. It just makes me sick that every political individual tries to back stabe, or find skeletons on someone else instead of working as a cohesiveness unit. You have officials ignoring the consitution. Sorry. You all would have been fired. You have communists in office – against American beliefs. . They would have been deported to their countries. If anything. Its shakey grounds in own oval offices. So people. The ball is in your court. My word doesn’t mean a dame thing to anyone.

  15. Kitty I agree no non- citizens illegals, refugees, asylum seekers, legal or not should not have any American Citizens rights at all and if not a citizen of America they can Not hold any government office State or Federal, must be at least the 3 rd generation American before even able to apply for any government job, by the 3rd generation we the people would know what they are about if they support our Constitution as Written if they believe in the American Dream, that way we don’t end up with these socialist communist muslums that are banned from America no Islam aloud on American soil needs ENFORCED and atheists they are all out to end America for one world order we have to stop this or America will go down

  16. Check your source. I don’t believe that there is any agency of the Federal Government that doesn’t have termites, that spread a lot of disinformation. Is it possible that the Democrat McCarthy was right?

  17. Congress, the DOJ and past presidents have violated the “shall not be infringed” portion of the 2nd amendment many times in the past. The only difference is that this time rather than chip away at it they want to go the whole hog and destroy it completely. What’s next? The 1st amendment and so on until we no longer have a bill of rights. The socialists will have then achieved their goal, The rewrite of history and the destruction of our Republic.

  18. Remind your senators and representatives that they work for you. Also point out to them that the Supreme Court has already ruled on the subject of unconstitutional laws and did so in 1803.

    “All laws which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void.”
    5 US (2 Cranch) 137, 174, 176

  19. Gun by back programs on protect criminals from prosecution in gun related crimes they don’t stop them however from acquiring other stolen firearms to go out and do it all over again, it provides them with money by another gun off the street. shall not be infringed is point blank clear as to what it means too both fed’s and state government but they don’t care, they just want to appease those who are doing all complaining about guns. We know the truth more gun control solves nothing! the criminal justice system needs over hauled to make criminals fear the day they get caught. lastly term limits on these carrier politicians is crucial that will solve some of the problems take the bribe money that these carrier politians are receiving out of the picture.

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