Letter From “Common Sense” Gun Control Advocate Shows That Common Sense Is Uncommon


Do you know what the biggest problem with people advocating for “common sense” gun control is? It’s that common sense is incredibly uncommon in our world.

You’ve seen it. It’s the dumb crook news that you read about online. It’s the guy washing his car in the rain. It’s the woman thinking that she doesn’t need to learn self-defense because she finds the idea “uncomfortable.” And, yes, it is people advocating for common sense gun control.

And if you want a shining example of this foolishness, here is a letter to the editor from the Camarillo Acorn that will prove my point:


With the anniversary of the devastating Borderline shooting upon our community, I’d like to share the following letter I sent to Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin last November, to which I received no response.

“My name is Jim Dumond and I am a 58-year resident of the Conejo Valley. In response to the shootings at Borderline Bar and Grill, I came up with a compromise that I believe could go a long way toward eliminating our country’s mass shootings.

I believe that both gun and anti-gun advocates will see this as a positive step forward. This gives both groups the right to protect their homes, and gives the citizens peace of mind from individuals, who, like Ian David Long, intend to cause others harm.

1. Owning a weapon (gun), would still require the existing background checks, as required by law.

2. To use a purchased weapon, one would be required to register the weapon online, via a home Wi-Fi type system. The weapon would be embedded with a microchip and would be unusable until registration is complete and authorities grant activation.

This activation would require GPS of the owner’s home and simultaneous location of the weapon. Activation could not be completed at separate times, nor at different locations. Creating a permanent record/registration of owner and location needed for the lawful usage of the weapon.
3. The weapon would be given a usage radius of, say, 1,000 feet from the home Wi-Fi system. If the weapon is taken beyond this point, the weapon would no longer be usable and immediately disabled, until it is brought back into the given parameters.

4. The weapon would also have a safety fault system for tampering. If tampered with, the weapon would become useless and again disabled.

To protect our rights to bear arms, and to protect our families from those who seek to harm others are what we can do as U.S. citizens.

I understand you have a limited schedule for such matters, but I do believe this is a viable solution to our state and country’s worsening mass shooting issues. Thank you in advance for listening.” Jim Dumond Thousand Oaks

Now, the first error in this guy’s thinking is in the idea that pro-gun advocates will support his idea. We don’t. We oppose any restrictions on gun rights, but especially some kind of expensive and faulty technological solution that limits the geographic area where we can protect ourselves. We’re already the gun owners who are going to comply with stupid laws for gun free zones because we’re law abiding people. The people illegally possessing firearms? Not likely.

The second problem is that you know this technology would get hacked and quickly and would, therefore, be a useless extra expense on guns.

I could go on and on, but you get the idea. But, no doubt, this gentleman believes that his proposal is reasonable, and I have no doubt that he means well. The problem is that he doesn’t know enough about guns, gun usage, and Constitutional rights (and the reasons behind them) to make a rational argument that truly makes sense.

And, so, we have another example of why there is no such thing as “common sense gun control.”



  1. you apparently are not much brighter than JIM DUMOND, you talk about “legal” gun owners. it is an inherent right to own ARMS (guns are included) in this country so anyone that possesses one or more that did not steal it are legal gun owners.. by going along with gun resgistration and things like concealed carry permits or automatic weapons bans.. YOU are supporting the infringement of our rights…

    • I am really sick of morons like this, talking out their butts. The problem with Common Sense is it just ain’t that common. Most people operate just above the idiot stage, which should scare the hell out of the rest of us. Also, these boobs drive cars, a tool which can maim or kill far more than a gun, which has been shown by some of our Muslim Extremist friends in London, Lyon, France, or Battery Park City, New York City, New York. Here a rented Toyota pickup truck from Home Depot was used to run 25 people down on a Bike and Pedestrian Path, which killed eight people. But, there has been no “Common Sense” Pickup Truck Rental legislation coming forward, and no Democrap, or Socialist trying to hold Toyota, or Home Depot responsible for this heinous crime. We never hear about “Common Sense” Machete legislation, since the Terrorist Gang, MS13 employs machetes to hack their victims up, as opposed to simply shooting them, to send a brutal message to rival Gangs, and the Communities at large. It’s not as if they don’t have access to guns. They have an arsenal at their disposal, but a few rounds into a victim’s body doesn’t quite make the gruesome mess that a machete does. And that’s the point. If you live or work in an area where Gangs like this exist, then a gun will be your best friend, and first real line of self defense against them. One last item of interest for people to think about. Why do the Democraps, Liberal-Socialists, and even Communist champion gun ownership in a Country like Israel, where every adult is armed, or has quick access to guns, as well as the required training to use them, but these same people want every American Citizen, as well as in Europe, Canada, and Australia, disarmed? Why does every School Teacher, and Principal in Israel have access to guns, and carry guns on their persons, but we Americans get “Gun Free” Zones around our Schools, with signs advertising the same, and where Teachers, Principals, and Administrators are all barred from carrying guns, in the blue, Liberal-Democrapic, Socialist-run Cities, and States in this Country? These Left Wing lunatic Liberals, Democraps, and Socialists don’t give a Damn about your safety, or that of any child. It’s simply power, and control over the population which first drives them to try and disarm you. Also, if they really cared about children, and their safety, they would start by ending Abortion, immediately.

  2. If you want to solve the problems of the shootings the only way is to get rid of liberals and their asinine child rearing rules and start raising adults instead of just old children. We didn’t have this garbage going on until they infested the system with their lunacy. Guns were prevalent in the country and didn’t need to be locked up nor did people’s houses to secure safety. IT WAS TAUGHT and children were brought up to be adults. The first step is to get parents to grow up is to get parents to grow up and start doing their jobs.

  3. We have to use some of the lefts tactics in defending our Second Amendment rights. The left likes to demonize their opponents (Saul Alinsky tactics), and by demonizing them erase their rights to an opinion. The left has stolen the term “common sense” and used it to discredit the Second Amendment defenders. After all, who could be against “common sense” but an unhinged person. We need to call this out for what it is. “Common Sense” is the lefts dog whistle for gun-grabbing. We need to question their use of the term common sense. Who defines what is common sense is? Is it the same people who want to define hate speech for us. The lefts dog whistles are numerous: common sense, hate speech, bigoted, hateful, white supremacist and on and on. We need to turn their tactics around on them and give them a taste of their own medicine, otherwise we will lose our freedoms.

  4. This man’s idea is just COMMON – – as in TRASH, NO THOUGHT, NONSENSICAL, RIPE FOR MISUSE, RIDICULOUS, UN-WORKABLE and finally an INFRINGEMENT on Legal Law Abiding American Citizens’ God given RIGHTS.

  5. I was going to try to be nice. Then I realized that this was wrong. The alleged “Common Sense guy is a complete F%%king moron. If gun control actually worked California would have no gun murders. It does and it leads the nation for all thing related to gang/ gun violence. PS Chicago can thank Cali for its gang violence problem that’s where it spread from nationwide. Next that kind of technology doesn’t exist in a gun. If it ever does the gun will be large and Incredibly stupid looking. Lastly Even if your a law abiding person you can only protect yourself within a 1000 feet of your home. I just hope this idiot hasn’t polluted the gene pool.

  6. One of my favorite saying is: Common sense isn’t. If it takes ya more than a second or two to figure it out………………….
    This idea (a variant of “smart”(?) gun tech) is just WRONG. There are way too many ways the tech he proposes can (and will) go wrong. He needs to be reminded of the Wide Receiver program (which many claim was exactly the same as Fast & Furious – it wasn’t). The bad guys found out about the attempt and simply waited until the batteries ran out to move the guns around. I could (like the author) go on (and on and on) about the problems but I think this poor dead horse has been beaten enough.

  7. This is my favorite part:
    “If tampered with, the weapon would become useless and again disabled.”
    That’s not how any of this works, as the kids say today.
    No such system can be tamper-proof. All it takes is someone with some basic tools and the willingness to ignore “No User-Serviceable Parts Inside” labels.
    Like say a criminal, or a “legal” gun owner who really needs that gun WHEN THE POWER GOES OUT.

  8. The problem is that those who oppose guns have NO sense common of other wise. See they for whatever reason think that Criminals will obey the laws. The thing is if one intends to break one law they care nothing if they break others along the way. A person bent on killing another does not care if they use a gun or a rock . The person robbing another does not care if they use a gun or Knife. Now there is the other MASSIVE PROBLEM that being those who want gun control instead of blaming the person who uses the gun they blame the gun an object that can do NOTHING without a person to operate it. The FACT is all laws do if not enforced is make something a crime. Now if they were to actually want to be serious then we need to talk Criminal control. We need to put punishment back into the Crime prevention area. See rehabilitation is a good idea but first one must know what they did was WRONG that is where the punishment phase should be but thanks to LIBERAL IGNORANCE that part is gone. To commit a crime is a choice not something one’s life makes them do. Yeah I know so called Doctors will say otherwise but they also say letting a delusional person who denies Reality when they see a person other than their gender when they look in the mirror make the rule that they are normal and everyone else is wrong about them. In Europe and sadly soon here they will be allowing sex with Animals or children being married to old men because some believe that is perfectly fine things. Now if people want to talk about any subject they both need to deal in FACTS and till those who oppose guns admit that it is the person who chooses to do the crime NOTHING will ever get done.

  9. There is good news behind this type of thinking. This man should be elected to DC. He would fit right in with about half of our current politicians who make laws for things they have no clue about. At least this way he would not be unemployed and a burden to our society. I was hoping to see his plan for retrofitting the 300,000,000 firearms that currently exist. No doubt this would be free to all current gun owners. Chip them or ‘hell yeah, we’re gonna take them’. This rates right up there with ‘free’ (you name the topic) for every one in the US, legally or illegality. After all ‘free’ means you pay for it through taxes, but in the long run it cost less because the government is in control. As if that has ever worked in the past….

  10. FredK….The liberal, dumb democraps still don’t understand, that the gun is the tool. and the mind is the weapon. And that we still have the God given and constitutional right to defend ourselfs. Oh, when are we going to get smart enough, to vote these assholes out of office.

  11. What this idiot ‘JIM DUMOND’ missed, (or intentionally is ignoring ) is that very simply, the 2nd A was NOT primarily for home protection (within 1000 feet of home or otherwise ) And would be a joke, if this firearm were made to function as he described it. Can you just imagine a militia unit with each member restricted to an area within 1000 feet of each members home. I’m sure even folks who have never been in the military can see that it just wouldn’t work. SO, Mr. Dumond, you either are just another DemoCRAP/Socialist/Communist, who, Like so many others, think you can sell your brand of feces to true Americans, or you have been drinking too much left wing kool aide and have lost what little ‘COMMON SENSE” You may have been born with !

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