Is Anti-2A Activist Filing Lawsuit To Try To Avoid Accountability?


It seems to be in the very nature and personality of anti-2A activists to avoid responsibility for their actions. So very often, when talking about gun violence and the causes of gun violence, those activists are quick to point the finger at legal gun owners (who, statistically, are less likely to commit gun crimes than even law enforcement) than they are to take any responsibility for the fact that anti-2A activists are more likely to commit gun crimes than legal gun owners.

As if that isn’t hypocrisy in action.

But, sadly, that is a constant theme from those of that ideological viewpoint, and in today’s story, we have an anti-2A activist who is doing everything that they can to blame other people for a tragedy that happened. Even though that activist is the one who was holding the gun. Joseph MacKinnon writes,


Alec Baldwin, apparently keen to further displace blame and liability for the accidental 2021 shooting death of Halyna Hutchins, has filed a lawsuit against several crew members working on the scandal-plagued film “Rust.”

The 64-year-old gun-control activist, who is himself accused in another lawsuit of “recklessly” firing the prop weapon, asserted in his complaint that the film’s armorer, its first assistant director, and others failed to maintain safety on set.

MacKinnon continues:

According to the New York Post, the actor’s aim with this lawsuit is to “clear his name” and hold the defendants “accountable for their misconduct.”

Like the actor, those named in Baldwin’s lawsuit have similarly denied culpability for the 42-year-old mother’s slaying.

And, yet, anti-2A activist Baldwin conveniently ignores two of the most basic rules of gun safety that he should have known (as the producer of the movie, he is responsible, ultimately, for that information being known on set): treat every gun as if it is loaded, and do not point the firearm at anyone or anything that you aren’t willing to destroy.

And the gun was in Baldwin’s hand when it went off, so, who is responsible for that shooting?



  1. Baldwin did it. That isn’t complicated or questionable. He may have a point insofar as someone handed a person opposed to gun possession a gun which, in retrospect, was a grave mistake, but in no way does that relieve him of responsibility. It is not unreasonable to keep guns out of the hands of people who are opposed to having guns in their possession; it is improbable they’ll handle them safely. That is no reason to impose like restrictions on the rest of us.

  2. The fact that he has not been charged with a crime, at least negligent discharge of a firearm is reprehensible and an act of cowardice by the authorities that should have done so, a long time ago. A person holding a firearm is responsible for the safety and use of that firearm and he was grossly negligent and should have been prosecuted! The fact that he hasn’t been is clearly the result of justice that is selective and caters to those that are considered to be “privileged” and above the law.

  3. This Statemen: THE 64-YEAR-OLD GUN-CONTROL ACTIVIST Alec Baldwin, WHO IS HIMSELF ACCUSED IN ANOTHER LAWSUIT OF “RECKLESSLY” FIRING THE PROP WEAPON, ASSERTED IN HIS COMPLAINT THAT THE FILM’S ARMORER, ITS FIRST ASSISTANT DIRECTOR, AND OTHERS FAILED TO MAINTAIN SAFETY ON SET. Baldwin is a liar and refuses to take any responsibility for his stupidity in failure to treat any gun as if loaded with live ammo.

  4. He being the last person to handle the gun, he is ultimately responsible for checking the gun to see if it is loaded or empty depending on the use …
    Like all anti-2A activists they leave out the part of PERSON RESPONSIBILITY and either blame it on an inanimate object or someone else …

  5. Any person that handles a gun know dam well they should be sure it NOT LOADED! Alec Baldwin has handled gun in his personal life. So he GUILTY FOR MURDERED THE WOMAN! Just as these leftist with no common sense to their name. It not the laws abiding people who doing the killing! IT THOSE CRIMINAL THE DEMOCRAT REFUSED TO HOLD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR CRIME! And yes leftist you are to BLAME FOR ONE OF YOUR THAT SHOT UP THE GAY CLUB! No he was not a conservative but a LEFTIST JUST LIKE THE ONE PAUL PELOSI HAD IN HIS HOUSE!

  6. If a person is going to touch a gun…he or she must verify if the gun is or is not loaded. If they don’t know how to verify the ‘loaded/nonloaded’ status they must treat it as loaded and/or get someone else to verify status of the gun.

  7. Selective justice. If it were a black or a regular Joe they would have been charged. Being a celebrity doesn’t put u above the law. But others think they are obviously. God help us !!!!

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