This Is Why You Should Never Talk About Your Guns With Your Doctor


I remember growing up with the idea that your doctor was someone that you are able to trust, that they are someone who wants the best for you and is looking out for you.

Sadly, that seems to no longer be the case as evidenced by the case of a New Jersey man who was targeted by his doctor to have his guns taken away from him. Now, we’ve warned about this possibility in the past (see here), but now we have a case where it has clearly happened. Cam Edwards writes,

A New Jersey man’s simmering dispute with one of his former doctors has led to a “red flag” firearms confiscation order and the seizure of several firearms, after the physician told authorities he felt threatened by some of the man’s comments.

The Asbury Park Press reports a hearing was held Thursday to determine whether or not Alfred Conti should have his guns returned to him, or whether he’ll be subjected to a final order that could bar him from gun ownership for an indefinite period of time.

Now, to be clear, it has been alleged (and, for all we know, could be true) that Conti had to be asked to leave the doctor’s office because he was getting “aggressive,” however, Conti maintains that he never threatened anyone. The doctor even had to “reluctantly admit that he had heard no direct threat from the man.”


In other words, the doctor got scared and was able to abuse gun control laws. Edwards continues,

Maggs might have been alarmed, but it sounds like there’s no evidence that Conti is a danger to himself or others. Still, the judge hearing this case didn’t issue a final ruling, but instead scheduled another hearing for early December.Unlike other states with red flag laws on the books, New Jersey’s law doesn’t automatically expire after a specific period of time, which means if the judge approves the order, Conti will be permanently barred from legally owning firearms unlessor until the judge decides at a future point in time that the red flag order can be lifted.

Cases like this demonstrate the dangers of red flag firearms seizure laws. Here’s a man in a dispute with his doctor over what he believes was a botched surgery, who has made no threats against anyone, but who still may lose his right to keep and bear arms along with his good health. It doesn’t appear that Conti’s had any trouble with the law, and even now hasn’t been charged with a crime, much less convicted of anything. Still, one dumb comment about knowing where the doctor and his attorney live may cause him to lose his Second Amendment rights for the rest of his life.

This case should serve as a reminder about how dangerous these red flag laws are to individual liberty, and how ripe for abuse they are in a state that already views gun ownership as a privilege, not a right.

This is a horrible situation, and it shows how people abuse government power when they are unwilling or unable to handle a nonviolent disagreement with someone else.

All this to say, be careful who you let know that you have a firearm. You never know who may use it against you.



  1. First State Laws do Not supersede the US Constitution
    Second State laws do not supersede the Federal Hippa Act which prohibits the release of any medical information without express written permission of the patient.
    This would not have co,e to the attention of a Judge without a violation of the hippa act first…
    Third Red Flag laws are direct violations of the US Constitution on illegal search and seizure, and not just firearms possession.
    Fourth Red Flag laws are also direct violations of the Tenth Amendment…

    • Has Conti gotten a good lawyer yet? If not, get him one! With any luck, this case can be hauled up all the way to the SCOTUS, and used to knock all “red flag” laws down.

      –Leslie < Fish

  2. Maybe the “” the doctor “” thought that the patient was going to pull his ” sex-gun ” on him and
    shoot him ” sex times ” , before re-loading.
    Probably the ” so-called-doctor ” is a lie-telling idiot democrat, like Pencil Neck Schiff.


    Gee, maybe don’t make threats and it wouldn’t be a problem. Some idiots DO need guns taken away.

    • Julie, you have never said something to someone in anger that you didn’t literally mean? You said it because you were angry & frustrated but your history proves that you would never act on whatever stupid thing you said. Plus, gun violence was never mentioned. He could have meant anything by a statement that stated “I know where you & your attorney live”. That statement doesn’t automatically translate into violence especially from someone who doesn’t have any history of any types of violence. Some liberal judge is showing off his power over the citizens by enforcing an unconstitutional law upon a law abiding citizen. The judge is no better than the worst criminal in our society.

  4. Second Amendment advocates have been warning people for 30 yrs about sharing personal information (home life – habits) with doctors,especially your child’s pediatrician or an emergency room doctor. Never discuss firearms EVER, not ownership, not the right to possession, not taking the kids to the range or teaching them to hunt. Many doctors see this as child abuse & should be enough to not only have your parental rights revoked but to put you in prison as well. Make no mistake, many will inform the state CPS & law enforcement of your psychopathic & homicidal intentions & to hell with there oath.

  5. Concerning the “RED FLAG ” article ; The weak knee’d judge should be publicly reprimanded for the stupidity of HIS actions on an obviously un-warranted complaint , by allowing it to even be heard in his court !!! I am VERY curious as to the political leaning of this so-called judge , and how he fits into the “dis-arming-of-America” crowd who came up with this NEO-NAZI plan called “RED FLAG” !!

  6. It’s truly sad that it’s gotten to the point where you can’t trust anyone telling them what nice guns you have or even talking about guns.

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