If Gun Control Works, Why Are Homicides Up In LA?


Gun control is a complete failure.

Now, say that to any anti-gunner, and they’ll tell you that of course gun control works, that it’s obvious that it works, that it just makes sense that fewer guns outside of stores means less gun violence. It’s all so clear, right?

Except that it isn’t, not when you see the statistics. See, when you see the statistics, you see what is really going on. Then, it can be a valid question to ask why gun control isn’t working in areas with strict gun control, but you can’t argue that it isn’t.


Take Los Angeles, for example. LA is one of the biggest cities in the country, and, obviously, one of the biggest cities in California, a gun control Mecca. Gun control has been strict in LA for years, so you would think that murder statistics would show a decrease in the number of homicides. But that just isn’t the case (hat tip to here for the lead). Sean P. Thomas writes,

The [November 15, 2019 knife] killing marked the latest in a particularly deadly four-month stint for Downtown Los Angeles. Since the start of August, eight people have been killed within the Central City. Overall, the killing marked the 15th homicide in Downtown since the start of the year, which has already surpassed last year’s mark of 13 at this time.

Unless the trend increases, Downtown will likely end below the stats from 2017, when 21 people were killed. Over the past 12 months, 18 people have been killed in Downtown.

Downtown is still below the 16 homicides committed through October 2017, but Central Division Capt. Timothy Harrelson said that while the homicides are concerning, there isn’t any pattern that explains the increase.

“We don’t have a serial killer out there,” Harrelson said. “We have people getting into arguments and getting into fights. People having issues with narcotic sales and transactions.”

So, the police have no specific person or situation causing the increase in homicides over the past month? Maybe that’s because the problem is human nature and not some specific type of weapon.

But that would make too much sense for an anti-gunner to understand.

The sad part is that this situation in LA isn’t an isolated situation. Look at the U.K. and other parts of the world. Review history. Anyone with a shred of objectivity will quickly understand that gun control doesn’t fix the violence problem because guns aren’t the real problem.

And, so, the answer to the question posted in the headline of this post is, “Gun control doesn’t work. End of question.”



  1. Maybe one day Mexifornia will grow up and understand the Dem way is death to all but the elitists. They don’t care how violent it gets since they’re above it all.

  2. If gun control works, why is the gun death rate so very high in Chicago, Illinois? Why does everyone on the left ignore this fact?

    • They get away with ignoring it because city wide Chicago’s death by gun rate is not out of line. Most of the shootings occur in certain neighborhoods. While I have never seen rates posted for specific areas of the city I would suspect those neighborhoods responsible for most of the shootings have a gun death rate multiple times higher than the national average while the civilized areas of Chicago have an average or below average rate.

  3. As respecters of the Second Amendment keep telling us, guns are merely an instrument. They cannot, in and of themselves, kill or maim. It takes a human being to wield that instrument and that’s where the gun control argument breaks down.
    Look at the cities and countries that have extreme gun control measures; gun crime is still rampant and absent the the gun, knives and other means to inflict harm are the norm.
    London business establishments now are equipping themselves with bleed-out kits to treat those who fall victim to knife attacks and the UK has now instituted knife control laws. All of this thinking that somehow by limiting the instruments of violence, that violence itself will decrease. Just as you cannot legislate morality, you cannot legislate violence or the propensity to commit such, out of the human condition.
    Yet, while every gun crime or killing by the gun gets front page treatment on the evening news, how often do you hear of the gun crimes that were either thwarted or didn’t happen because the potential assailant was afraid of armed resistance?
    The argument still bears repeating that the only remedy to a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun. An armed society is a polite society.

  4. Notice that the Liberal Democraps don’t try to disarm the gangs across the Country? They never go after MS13, the Latin Kings, the Crips, and Bloods, or the Norteneos street gang, in California. Gangs shoot back, and will not be disarmed, or they are wide open to attack from other gangs, and they also lose a great deal of powerful influence in their Communities. Also, MS13 usually kills their opponents with machetes, so they can send a gruesome statement to their rivals. Guns are rarely used in these situations. When will the Liberals disarm this gang with this simple gardening tool?

    • Hogan, you sure are right here. Gun control or even gun banning will not stop any thing except make crimes go up to be honest. Take away guns and who will have them? Of course, the criminals will have them and thus for the crime rate increase. Of course, it will also give these gangs you have listed a better and higher chance of robbing the disarmed as well.

  5. Why do we have shootings in large cities all across the US,yet we have lots of laws on the books in all these cities? Because gun control does NOT work. Justl loud mouths braying loudy.

  6. Well the demoncrats are all evil haters. And why because half of them couldn’t own a gun if they wanted to I am sure all of them have criminal history so there for they lose their gun rights. They can’t own a gun. That is why they want to take and crush the second amendment. Think about it those whiners can’t have one so they think we shouldn’t have one either. Well I say all demoncrats can go pound sand. They are breaking the laws of our Constitution on a daily basis. Time to punish them all with the Laws that are within the Constitution. First Hot Tar and feathers to brand them all the treasonous traders they are. Then let them walk around for a couple days then let the hangings begin. And I say do it in time square and have it televised so the whole world can see how we handle treason and being a traitor in this country. Problem solved. Then you watch those demoncrats change their tune it will be funny just to watch them throw their friends under the bus. So on that note I have nothing left to say. Except demoncrats suck.

    • Did I read that right, “democrats’ are all evil haters”? I would have to say the Democrats are the Evil Lovers since they seem to encourage crimes and hatred so much. Disarm people in America, and who gets the guns? Criminals of course. Who wants violent people to come to America? Democrats. Who is the ones slamming about White supremacy and hatred towards white people in general? Democrats. Who is calling for the extermination of certain colored skinned people or races? Democrats of course. Shall I keep going? So how do you consider this as Evil Haters when they are practicing evilness and hatred so much?

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