FedEx Driver Defends His Life With Firearm


As you might have heard, a UPS driver was held hostage and killed in Florida a few weeks ago. It’s an absolute tragedy.

A Pennsylvania FedEx driver decided that he wasn’t going to be put into the same position and carried his firearm with him while making his deliveries. Unfortunately, he found himself in the position of having defend his life with his life with his firearm. Matt Agorist writes,

Earlier this month in Florida, a tragedy unfolded when two armed thugs hijacked a UPS truck with the driver still inside. The chase ended in a hail of gunfire as police failed to follow any safety protocols, used innocent bystanders as human shields, and two innocent people were killed as a result. A single variable in this situation, however, could’ve drastically changed the outcome. Had the UPS driver been armed, he may still be alive, along with the innocent bystander who was also killed in the unnecessary crossfire.

Adding weight to this claim is the fact that a very similar situation unfolded on Tuesday in Philadelphia. In this situation, however, when the armed thug attempted to rob and possibly hijack a FedEx driver, that driver was armed. Because the 32-year-old driver leveled the playing field with his own weapon, no high-speed chase ensued and multiple lives were arguably saved—including his own.

As the FedEx driver was attempting to deliver a package Tuesday night, he was approached by an armed robber who stole his keys to the truck and his wallet. During the scuffle, the FedEx driver was shot in the abdomen. He could have been killed but he pulled out his legally owned and registered pistol and fatally shot his would-be attacker.

The FedEx driver shot 27-year-old Jevan Lundy several times, killing him, according to Philadelphia Police Department Capt. Jason Smith.

It’s unfortunate that this FedEx driver had to defend himself from a violent criminal, but you can be sure that he is glad that he had his gun on him. If he hadn’t, he may not have survived that situation.


Of course, this whole situation begs the question of anti-gunners, how would this guy have made it out of this situation alive if he couldn’t have had his firearm? The answer is that he very well may not have survived, and that’s yet another reason why we must keep our gun rights.



  1. In today’s disturbed society, anyone who doesn’t “carry” is a fool. Statistics indicate that a citizen is very unlikely to ever encounter a situation where they would need their firearm, but it is far better to have one and not need it than to need one and not have it.
    For me and mine, we will continue to be armed everywhere there is no metal detector.

    • And i don’t shop anywhere they don’t allow concealed carry. In those stores you are a sitting duck.

      • Bill, you are quite correct any store that doesn’t value it’s customer’s lives doesn’t deserve to be in business. I’ll add that those stores, hospitals, government buildings are all liberal institutions. I have been around for a long time and one thing I have seen over and over again is that liberalism is related to Satanism. Liberalism is the lead to socialism, atheism, and communism. All of these are destructive to human happiness and most of all Christianity.

  2. My brother was a long haul trucker. He carried a snub nose revolver and produced it on more than one occasion. He never got shot or shot anyone, but he said that pistol stopped the threat immediately. It’s just common sense.

  3. I wonder if he faced any retribution from FedEx for carrying on the Job. Heard of other cases where self defense at work caused job loss because it was against company policy to be armed at work.

  4. Not just retribution from FedEx – I hope he was LEGALLY carrying,
    and not facing felony prosecution for having the means to save his life!

  5. OK the outcome is in favor of the just. Nevertheless the just suffered as well. And will likely suffer even more. What I’m really interested in is what happens to the FedEx driver. Will he be dismissed based on a FedEx employment clause? Will the civil suit that follows bankrupt him and leave him and his family homeless and destitute? Will the civil suit eat a hole in Federal Express’s wallet giving them still further reason to disarm their employees? I think it’s time that the government put limitation on civil suits in the instances that are determined by the police to be justified.

  6. This is one of Many stories the the MSM and the anti gun people Don’t want you to hear about. Being armed doesn’t always save your life but it Does give us a fighting chance at surviving an attack.
    This is Exactly why we can not allow the gun grabbers any room to get our guns.

  7. Why would any of us give up our right to bear arms and defend ourselves and our families. Not me.

  8. My comment regarding the FedEx driver now I know FedEx has this thing about having firearm can you find out what the response of FedEx against that driver having a fire

  9. But of course he’ll be accused of murder because he shot the guy and shot him several times after he himself was shot. The DA will say the guy was finished with his robbery and there was no immediate and imminent danger to the driver at that point. In other words, the law tells us that vengeance is not ours but rather only theirs. uh, huh.

    Oh, and wait for it. FedEx will fire him for having protecting himself. That’ll be next to go down.

    There is NO winning for the average person. NONE. The legal system is rigged against him or her. Period.

  10. I am sure Jevan had a license and just shot the driver accidently while trying to borrow his keys and wallet. Watch Jevans family try to sue FEDEX if they do they should lock them up for breathing our air.

  11. He should have put him in the truck drove down one of the alleys, dumped him off, after all he was in Philly.

  12. Of course he will , if he has not already been fired for violating company policy. Our own government doesn’t want us to be armed because armed, we can resist tyranny . Disarmed, we are at their mercy and our freedoms will be severely curtailed. Stay well armed and never surrender your rights or freedom. Resist with all you have any attempts at tyranny in any form. support and defend the constitution. Never give up. SECOND AMENDMENT FOREVER. All persons legally allowed to poses firearms have the right to defend themselves and their family and others.

    • Also, never give up any of your freedoms for so called “more security”!!! That’s just another B S Government ploy to take away our freedoms & our guns. We have compromised more than we ever should have on the 2nd Amendment! NO MORE COMPROMISE!!!!!!!!

  13. The author of this article should have included, “The Rest of the Story.” Did he quickly recover from his gunshot wound? What did the police do to/for him? Were any charges filed against the driver? What did FEDEX do? These are not small bits of the story but they wrap the story with complete details or what happened next, because it only get started after the police arrive at the scene.

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