One Of The Big Groups Of New Gun Owners Will Shock Anti-Gunners


One of anti-gunners’ favorite excuses for pushing gun control is that it is “for the children” and “to protect women.”

If these are the honest reasons for a person (ignorantly) supporting gun control, I can respect the motivation, at least, if not the method that they are pushing to try to achieve that outcome.

But anti-gunners may do well to actually listen to the very people that they say that they are trying to protect: single mothers. In other words, women with children in the home. These people, you would think, would be on the front lines seeking to protect themselves and their children, but what these women really want will shock anti-gunners. Kyle Olson writes,


Lisa Mayo owns Flashpoint Firearms in Comstock Park, Michigan, just a few miles north of Grand Rapids.

She said her biggest sales day occurred after rioting in downtown Grand Rapids the night after a George Floyd protest took place. 

Olson continues:

Mayo said her new customers “were scared” after the riots in May. “There was a lot of single mothers that were coming in, never would have believed in their whole entire life that they would own a firearm, and they came to my store and said they need to protect themselves, but more importantly, their children.”

Mayo further explained the thinking. Again from Olson:

“Common, middle class people don’t have enough money to pay for a bodyguard [like politicians do on the taxpayer’s dime], so the next best thing is for us to be able to protect ourselves. It’s everyone’s right to own a firearm,” Mayo said.

Mayo gets it, and anti-gunners, if they are honest about their intentions, should get this, too. Average, everyday, ordinary citizens, especially mothers, deserve to be able to protect their families. For many of these women, their best option is to have a firearm to equalize a fight and remove the advantage that a, typically male, attacker has in size and strength.

We’ve been saying it on this site for years: if anti-gunners really care about protecting women and children, they would be pushing for more gun ownership and training for the everyday American instead of trying to prevent the everyday American from being able to protect themselves from leftist rioters and other criminals.



  1. There are as many leftists gun owners as there are conservative gun owners.
    The FLAGRANT HYPOCRISY of the left politician is so overwhelming that only the “deplorables, second-class citizens, poor,” believe the rhetoric of the left. EVERY leftist in the government owns a weapon, or uses people WITH weapons to protect themselves. Many a leftist I knew where I lived for many years own weapons, went to pass the class and test to get CWP, ( concealed weapon permit), and told the instructor:” PLEASE NEVER us my name with other participants in the classes, ( private class evidently), because everybody would know I have weapons and they would not come to my store anymore!!!”
    The absolute hypocrisy of the left is unconscionable. The absolute corruption of the left is horrendous and despicable.

  2. I seriously dislike it when people play the children card. “think of the children!”…

    Pathos, pure and simple. While I agree that the young, being innocent and unable to care for themselves, need our protection;

    A child’s life is no more or less valuable than an adult, or the unborn.

    So, please spare me the platitudes and the pathos of invoking the children as a means to justify whatever argument of the day. Rights extend to all people, and the negative consequences of people’s actions impacts adults as well as the children.

    This is not a commentary on the gun purchasers wanting to protect their children (bravo to them), but rather on the anti-gun lobby trying to invoke pathos to sway our thoughts. Be aware and astute… think hard, when they say “think of the children”. Is this REALLY about the children? Rarely, is it really about children.

    God bless America
    America bless God

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