Video Asks: Will Virginia’s Gun Rights Battle Be The Start Of A Civil War?


If you’ve been reading this site, then you know that Virginia is shaping up to be a major battle ground in the fight between gun control and gun rights.

Anti-gun governor Ralph Northam is taking advantage of having a Democratic controlled legislature in that state to try to force gun control and gun confiscation down the throats of that traditionally pro-gun state.

In response, most of the counties and independent cities in that state have declared themselves gun sanctuaries.


To which anti-gunners in the state government have threatened to send in the National Guard and to use legal means to fire any law enforcement officer who refuses to enforce gun control or gun confiscation laws.

It’s looking like it has the potential to turn pretty ugly, and a YouTuber going by the name of The Patriot Nurse agrees. See what she has to say about this issue here:

If you watched this video, then you know that The Patriot Nurse has no problem saying some controversial things. Whether you agree with her on everything that she says, she is exactly right that what we are seeing here is the attempt of urban areas, which typically are people who have very little experience with firearms except on the wrong end of a criminal threatening them with a gun, to force gun control on the rest of the state.

Another thing that she says that is right on the money is that, when it comes down to it, laws are just words on paper. They do not have force by themselves. It is the threat of force behind the words that give the words force, and the founding fathers gave Americans gun rights to prevent governments from using threat of force to oppress us. Thus, it is our duty to safeguard our own rights.

Is The Patriot Nurse calling for civil war in America? It could be interpreted that way, but, as we all know, it usually is enough to know that people can defend themselves with firearms to prevent being oppressed by other people. The firearms don’t usually need to be used for a person to defend their rights. Let’s hope and pray that this #VAGunRightsRebellion doesn’t end in violence and bloodshed.



  1. Let’s do it !!
    Americans vs Democrats.
    I’ve been waiting for this for years!!!
    We’ll be done by supper, we have the guns !!

    • It may come to that, but it will not be done by supper, at the very least it will take years to overcome the left, they have been working for this for over a hundred fifty years and they are well entrenched, especially in several of the more populated states, and lemmings will follow the leader even when it means their own death.
      I the war for Southern Independence it took the Union three years with trained troops to overcome the untrained southern militias, and you can bet that those who will stand against the gun grabbers will be facing trained UN troops if it comes to a shooting war, there are several thousand of them here in the U. S. now being trained by the U.S. Military.
      Remember it was only a few weeks ago in FL. that a mo-slum shot up the training base and killed some of our men there and there were a lot of others that were arrested afterwards, and there are 23 know terrorist training camps scattered around the U.S. the question is WHY hasn’t the government shut them down? and how many more are there that we don’t know about? so it it come to a show down you know that they will jump in and do as much damage as they can, and they won’t care which side they do it to as they hate all infidels.

  2. I live in East Texas. Norfolk, VA is my ‘second home town’. Kindergarten, 1st grade, 6th grade, 7th grade during childhood and stationed at NAS Oceana and NAS Norfolk during my Navy Career.
    Norfolk isn’t too far to drive to enter the fight to preserve the Second Amendment which actually preserves the entire Bill of Rights from tyrannical idiots like their governor and legislators.
    When the battle starts, I’ll be there, locked and loaded!

  3. My grandpa once told me that if I could fart the National Anthem, it would still be a great song but even the most patriotic might not be willing to listen to it. Listening to her really brought that to mind. Even a great message can be destroyed by the one delivering it. She needs to cut some of the coffee out of her diet.

  4. It may not be the start of a civil war… but it may be the start of the beginning civil war.

  5. When people support illegal laws such as felons cannot own guns. Instead of keeping the criminal off the streets. What do you expect? That unconstitutional law came straight out of the 68 GUN CONTROL ACT. I’m amazed how many idiot’s suck up to it. You use FELON. ASSAULT WEAPON. SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIAL and other lib RAT words they got you to use. WAKE THE FLIP UP. Your children are at risk besides yourself since the police state is now in full swing. If they have their way. You all will become felons. They hope so. And please. I want just 1 person to show me where the word EXCEPT is in the 2nd amendment. To you so called police who call themselves law enforcement but in reality are AGENTS OF THE STATE. If you stand for the 2nd. Stop enforcing bogus laws (LIES).

  6. I would hate to be a member of the Virginia National Guard and be ordered to go door by door and take people’s legally owned guns, I may not make it home to my family. I’m afraid there is going to be much innocent blood shed. I have a better idea, Virginia just send your governor to do his own dirty work.

  7. No, he’s badly out of line, but he’s not stupid. The first election that comes around (when? Virginians will know) he will observe that, if he and his co conspirators are up for election, they will be not only unemployed, but unemployable in that state. Note: The National Guard has already replied, (Does national Guard get paid by Federal or State check?) and the only law enforcement officers he can fire are the state’s employees. (which, it might be interesting to watch how many would come down with “blue flu””He’s also not dumb enough NOT to understand that,. sending armed LEOs to confiscate guns, would be a crime in itself. (They are private property, ya know.) And, he can STILL be arrested, for certain crimes, even while in office.

  8. I no longer live in Virginia, but have children and grand children there.This law is beyond my wildest belief. I have all the permits to own and carry but this CAN NOT HAPPEN. He needs to be ousted and a realist elected, that HAS values from the past and for the past AND for the correct future. I will come back for the next rally.

    • Well i hate to tell you this but you have already given in to the tyrants by paying them to allow you to exercise your 2nd amendment rights, no where in the Constitution does it say you have to pay a bureaucrat to; Keep or bare arms. but you are not alone many others have bought into that trap. At first it was just a way to garb off some money from the citizens, but now it is also a easy way for them {the gungrabbers} to know who and where to come to collect the guns.

  9. Maybe the Governor had better take a civics’ class and learn that Sheriffs are elected the same as he is and even God almighty can just fire and elected public official if they could the people4 could just fire the asshat occupying the governor’s mansion

  10. First, I subscribe to the theory that we’ve been in a Cold Civil War for going on 12 years, ever since Obutthead was elected to office. The Left’s rhetoric, physical attacks, and many incidents support that claim. What’s being attempted in Virginia, has the serious potential to be the Ft. Sumter moment for tbe ongoing national division. Division, that is the widest I’ve seen, since the race riots of the 60’s.
    Could Virginia’s Liberals escalate the situation? Very easily.

  11. She must be my female double because she speaks the way I do and the way I’ve proposed others begin speaking because the days of nice and respectful have ended because it’s gotten this country nowhere.

    Here, here girl. Here, here…………….

  12. Check out THE LAND PATENT — This is where you DO actually OWN the property -WHEN you own your property you are not beholding to the government — As it is now – even if your land is paid off – you do NOT own it – you can NOT tell the government to get the F off your property because without a LAND PATENT in your name you you still rent it from the government -( Property taxes)- LOOK UP– Allodial title via Land Patent— Forced the government to stay off your land LEGALLY – then they cannot come and confiscate

  13. I agree with all of you,it’s time for we the people to take back what’s ours. I just turned 60 and never thought in a million years I’d see this country turn into what it’s become because of all the corrupt politicians and all there dirty deeds I’m with you Virginia cause if it can happen there,it’s only a matter of time before it come home to roost thank you and God Bless.

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