[Video] The Two Minute Cartoon That Educates Your Anti-Gunner Friends About The Dangers Of Gun Control


It’s a sad fact of reality that you sometimes must use a “childish” medium to educate childish people about the truth on certain issues. And you have to do it that way because, sadly, many of those people seem incapable of grasping the basic logic of the opposing argument.

In this case, we’re talking about gun control, of course (did you think that we’d be talking about a non-gun issue here?), and FreedomToons is the medium that we’re using to educate people about guns.

It seems odd until you actually see the video, but Seamus (the creator of FreedomToons) has done a good job of fitting in a lot of information and logic into a short amount of time. Watch the video here:


Did you watch it? It’s only 2:09.

Now, you may have started the video wondering where Seamus was going with his discussion about what an automatic weapon is, but the overall point of the video is in the last 39 seconds of the video.

In case you need the summary, here it is: automatic weapons get lots of media attention and attention in our culture, but they make up an incredibly tiny number of weapons out there because, in case you aren’t aware of it, automatic weapons are machine guns, as in “pull the trigger and it keeps firing until you stop pulling the trigger or you run out of ammunition, whichever comes first.”

Sadly, though, many people call the commonly available semiautomatic weapons (one pull of the trigger equals one bullet fired) automatic weapons. It’s this kind of confusion which makes uninformed people think that an AR-15 is an automatic weapon (it’s not. It’s a semiautomatic weapon.).

This confusion is leading anti-gun politicians to push for gun control and confiscation (like what is happening in Virginia now) of semiautomatic weapons.

Other than the clear Constitutional issues with gun control and gun confiscation, eliminating semiautomatic weapons means, essentially, going back to only having access to bolt action and other single-shot firearms. This is a huge problem if you’re the one trying to fend off a group of muggers or a gang trying to assault your family. And, as Seamus points out, since defensive use of guns occurs “between 500,000 and three million times per year, banning semiautomatic weapons would hurt far more than it could ever help.”

There you have a it: a two minute video giving a solid, logical argument against gun control. Share it with your anti-gun friends.



  1. Good video. But they should have said why the term automatic is so widely misused in the conversation about guns. Because the msm intentionally misuses it to promote their liberal agenda.

    • Ken – exactly – and for the same reason they conflate “assault weapons” with ARs – or any other semi-automatic – they intentionally deceive the uninformed.

  2. Educating people is always good, but it’s likely this toon is preaching to the choir, as few anti-gunners will watch it, and the Demonrats aren’t pushing gun control to save lives, or cut crime, it’s all about turning the U. S. into a communist police state hell. They know they must disarm the populace first, before stealing the rest of our rights, but they’re already assaulting our religious freedom, free speech, freedom of assembly, etc. at the same time. To see the future they strive for look at LA, San Francisco, Baltimore, etc., where they have power, rats out number people, Typhus is making a comeback, homelessness is an increasing problem, murder rates are higher, as well as other violent crimes. This is their goal, as they are pro crime, until they get enough power to push their police state into power to oppose crime, thus stealing all of our rights at once.

  3. Gun owners already know why Democrats trying to take away our semi-automatic guns and reduce the number of rounds our clips can hold of ammo. Because next move Democrats will do pass another law to force us to hand over our guns and if we do not comply they send out national guards to forcefully take our guns and we will be outgunned with ease do to limited firepower we have. I got feeling things are really going get ugly if Democrat becomes president because every one of Democrats are gun grabbers in one way or other

  4. Good video, now send it to all of our congress & senators & let them see the difference. As an ex gun dealer I can tell that all kind of people came in & wanted an automatic weapon. To tell people what the taxes & the permits cost gets it across real quick.

  5. Once again, I am going to have to disagree with you “intentionally misleading” comment. Most people who are anti gun are also afraid of guns. And being afraid of them they don’t bother to educate themselves about them. Those same people couldn’t tell you the difference between a machine gun and a sub machine gun. Nor could they tell you the difference between a machine gun on a plane or a canon. Just because someone is uneducated does’t always mean they are out to get you. People are always afraid of what they don’t understand. And it seems most people these days would rather point fingers and blame things on “them” than trying to see things from other peoples point of view and learn what is out there TO learn because it’s easier to just blame things of other guy!

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