Mainstream Media Ignores Shooting Of 7 In This Gun Control “Paradise”


It’s interesting how the mainstream media wants to publicize any mass shooting to make your average uninformed American think that mass shootings are an everyday occurrence and, by God, we better do something about guns! Never mind that mass shootings are (thankfully) a rarity.

Given their love of a “good” mass shooter story, you would think that the mainstream media would be all over a recent shooting. But they’re not. In fact, you’ve likely not heard a single mention of this mass shooting in which seven people were injured.

Why not? Probably because it’s a gun control paradise: Baltimore, Maryland (hat tip to here for the lead). Tyler Durden writes,


The latest shooting deaths in Baltimore City bring the homicide count to 336 in 2019, up from 309 last year.

With eight days and 17 hours left in 2019 (as of 7 am est. Monday) — more homicides are expected in the region that could breach the record high of 342, achieved in 2017 and 2015.

A mass shooting occurred over the weekend in Baltimore that got very little attention in the national press. Seven people were shot but no deaths. There were also three homicides, with two on Saturday and one on Sunday.

The violent weekend angered Mayor Bernard C. “Jack” Young in a Sunday afternoon statement to the press that said: “The level of violence late into this weekend is completely unacceptable.”

Baltimore Police Col. Richard Worley said the gunmen in the weekend’s mass shooting were “brazen” and said it is an example of the overall criminal culture in the city.

“I think it’s the same thing that the commissioner [Michael Harrison] has been saying all along. The criminals are just brazen,” Worley said. “This guy gets out of a car with a rifle, not even a handgun, walks up the street and just opens fire on a line of people.”

Cumulative homicide trends in the city show a massive jump in violence was sparked after the 2015 riots. Homicides from 2014 to 2015 jumped 62% over the year, and ever since, have sustained over 300 homicides per year. 2015 and 2016 were record-breaking years for murders, and 2019 could be another year for new highs.

So, you have a city with strict gun control laws, and, yet, homicide rates are some of the highest levels in the city’s history. Apparently, gun control is working well there, don’t you think?

No, of course not. Which makes you wonder why anti-gunners can’t seem to get their heads around the idea that the way to stop these kinds of “brazen” criminals is to have someone who can shoot back. Do you really think that these criminals would feel safe shooting into a crowd if they knew that anyone in that crowd could be carrying concealed at any time and shooting back?

The answer for a violence problem is to enable and even encourage law abiding citizens to be able to fight back. That means less gun control so that your average person has a better opportunity to protect themselves.

It seems obvious, doesn’t it? But, then again, maybe gun control isn’t really about protecting everyday citizens. That’s something to think about, too.



  1. Gun Control is only about being able to control the masses into Submission and turn Citizens into SUBJECTS

    • Right on target, Mark. The sad examples of NYC and Chicago has never been learned; fact of the matter is that governments have ***no*** interest in protecting private citizens. Their only interest is power and the illusion of protection in order to stay in power. As for private citizens, there are plenty more where we came from.

  2. Baltimore is now controlled by the Murderers and Criminals. It has been for some time now. Even the leaders of Baltimore have been somewhat less than Honest and decent. Sorry for the Good people still there.

  3. I don’t recall any mass shootings in the early west or east for that matter and I don’t recall any gun-control legislation during those times. Might have something to do with most everyone was carrying a gun.

    • “Gun Control” had its beginning in racism even before the Civil War; the purpose was to keep the black man down. Later, in 1911, Big Tim Sullivan, a Tammany Hall Political boss (spell that in five letters – “C-R-O-O-K”) wrote the gun law that bears his name because he wanted his poll watchers armed and those of his opponents unarmed in order to stay in power.

  4. Gun control is, and always has been, about securing and keeping power over others. Once the power is safely secured, the Sheeple will placidly accept the regime and it’s rules and even defend their rulers against anyone that would try to change things and free them.
    A slave can feel very secure in his slavery, since security and lack of any real responsibility are what he really craves. Real freedom is scary.

  5. The MSM doesn’t tell the truth. More people are killed by knives than be guns. It isn’t even close. More people are killed by knives at double the rate of guns.

  6. No amount of evidence will convince an idiot. Mark Twain Are not these anti guners violating their oath to uphold the constition and the amendments ALL OF THEM? I feel it about people control in the end.

  7. tyler durden has given the best argument yet to do away with GUN CONTROL that I’ve read in a long time > GOOD POINT DURDEN ! THANK YOU for standing tall

  8. My idea of gun control is using both hands. One shot one kill. I swore an oath to this country to protect the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic many years ago, and there’s no expiration date, so I’ll give my life to protect my gun rights, you will give yours if you attempt to remove mine, any questions? I remain COCKED LOCKED AND READY TO ROCK SEMPERFI 🇺🇸🇺🇸

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