Hypocrite NJ Gov Says Guns Are To Defend Him But Not You


I can’t stand hypocrites. You know, the kind of people who tell you to “do as I say, not as I do.”

Well, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy is showing himself to be a typical anti-gun politician. In other words, guns are okay for people near him to have but not for you to have (hat tip to here for the lead). Jessica Chasmar writes,

The National Rifle Association has dubbed New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy “freedom-hating” after he defended keeping his armed guards despite closing gun stores as “nonessential” businesses due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The NRA highlighted a moment from Mr. Murphy’s press conference Wednesday when he was confronted by a man who pointed out that the Democratic governor still enjoys Second Amendment protection while many New Jersey residents no longer can.

Mr. Murphy on Saturday signed an executive order closing all nonessential businesses, including gun stores, and state police closed the online background check portal the same day.

The man told the governor, “The poorest minorities living in the most dangerous cities with the highest crime rates now have absolutely no way of buying a firearm. I lived in Newark and I understand this firsthand. You surround yourself with armed guards, so clearly you understand the benefit of the Second Amendment.

“At this moment, how can a New Jersey resident who isn’t already a gun owner exercise their Second Amendment rights?” he asked.

Mr. Murphy responded by saying he holds a “philosophical disagreement” with people who argue in favor of more guns.

“A safer society, for my taste, has fewer guns and not more guns,” the governor said, adding that also includes keeping the guns that already do exist in the hands of the “right people.”

I’ll give Murphy this: at least he was honest about it. He doesn’t like the “taste” of the idea of people who aren’t protecting him and his cronies having guns.


Of course, the hypocrite in political office is the one who wants to consolidate power for themselves at your expense, and, frankly, this is why the 2nd Amendment is in place in the first place: to protect ordinary, everyday Americans from power hungry people like Phil Murphy.



  1. If a person doesn’t like guns don’t buy one. If you don’t like Church don’t go. If you want a different Constitution. Go to a country of your choice. This country is taken and the Constitution is the law of the law. Any law that is contrary to the Constitution, is not a law. It is in violation of the Constitution, and is void and invalid. All Veterans took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution from all opponents both foreign and domestic. None of us were ever relieved of that oath. I’m sworn in to defend the Constitution with my life if need be, along with 18.2 million other Veterans trained and ready. I’d venture to say the vast majority are well armed. Who is willing to die trying to destroy the Constitution? I doubt the active military will face their brothers. A large percentage of law enforcement are also veterans. One major thing that is drilled into all branches of service. We cover each other’s back. Rork, or Dork or whatever hell your name is. Hell no you’re ain’t taking ANY guns, from anyone. You don’t like guns, don’t mess with them. Look up the dick act of 1902. Guns cannot be taken. Congress passed a law and it cannot be repealed. Information for your dumb ass, Beto.

    • Religion is a special case because religics are all under written orders from their BuyBulls to automatically instantly hate, hurt, and mass murder everyone on the planet not of the exact same religion… i.e. Catholic Christian Religious Terrorist Hitler wasn’t content to stay in his own country… neither was Shinto Japan…

    • Now that most people have tasted Socialism at its highest stink, we can remember these atrocities against US Citizens when we go to the poles. Equate Democrats to Socialism, it is a fact and seen in several states. So, there is enough proof that Dems. equal Socialism and are the best examples of evil power hungry Dems. ; and the worst example of communist operaterating in coruppt action.

      • When all is said and done, it won’t matter what is said and done. The Dems. will try to steal the election by home voting corruption. The Dems. are proven enemies of the President, the Constitution, and the people.

        • There is only one way to have an honest Presidential election and that is for Pres. Trump to declare Marshall Law. To reject this idea hands the US to the Socialist Dems. and enemies of the Constitution.

    • Well said Citizen Mike… Unfortunately DemonRats don’t think that way. They lean towards the Socialist/Communist
      Ideals. If it we’re back in the late 1700’s they would be erraticated
      like rats.

  2. You are ever so correct. I remember taking the oath to protect my country and the constitution from all opponents (enemies) foreign or domestic. I do not recall ever being relieved of that oath. Although I am at an advanced age, I can still carry on my duties.
    United States Air Force, 36th. Rescue Flight, Japan, Korea and Vietnam. Para Rescue Service PJ

  3. Murphy should resign! If he bodyguard then he need guns! But these bodyguard are NOT POLITICAN WHO SERVE THIS COUNTRY! So Murphy disarm your bodyguard! If they are on your payroll, then we hope it coming out of your pocket! Taxpayers money is NOT for you to waste on bodyguard! The second amendment give everyone that are an AMERICAN CITIZEN THE RIGHTS TO OWN A GUNS! BECAUSE OF POLITICAN LIKE MURPHY AND OTHER DEMOCRAT AND RINOREPUBLICAN. THAT WHY YOU ARE CALL A TYRANNY GOVERNOR! TRYING TO FORCE YOUR OPINION ON US! WHEN THE SECOND ADENDMENT TELL US YOU CAN’T!

  4. Didler: THANK YOU for your service – and all the Heroes you worked with. You guys picked up my brother outta the jungles of NVN in 1967, and would have come and get me, but the NVN gunners never found me. They heard me, and felt me, but never saw me.
    Pitz was our hero – then and now, forever! Their Motto: “So That Others May Live”.

    Y’all go see LAST FULL MEASURE, if you haven’t. On Amazon Prime and lotsa other places. Story of the Heroes PJ’s that saved hundreds and hundreds of shot-down pilots.

    And, yes, we are still-armed-and-ready-Veterans.

  5. Wyatt: These Elitists believe, REALLY believe their life is worth more than mine – or my family’s. They are wrong. And if push came to shove, they would find that out. The PEOPLE like their families more than they like their politicians.
    When the Capitol Police and the Secret Service and the DC Police ALL turn in their guns – and our politicians go about their day without such protection like they want US to do, …….when THEY disarm, I will too. But them first. I won’t hold my breath.

    • BBT – what they fail to comprehend is that ALL politicians can (and most should be – like diapers and usually for the same reasons) be replaced. They like to claim that they are special but most of us know that they are not.

    • Amen! I will put it this way. I told a city police officer that his paycheck come from people who pay TAXES AND BUSINESS OWNER WHO PAY TAXES! Then I explained to him that his job and paycheck was just a few short weeks of being STOP! Then what was he going to do? These Mayor and governor have call their state and city a SANCTUARY PLACE FOR ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. And we have heard Trump say he will CUT THE FEDERAL FUNDS MONEY TO THESE STATE AND CITY! So pray Trump does it! I then ask the police officer how he going to support his family? He walk off mad!


  7. NOPE – murphy, it is NOT a “philosophical difference” – it is demonstrable proof of your arrogant, entitled, elitist attitude. Or do you not put your panties er um pants on one leg at a time like us mere mortal deplorables do? YOU are nothing special – no matter what you claim. Fortunately you have come out in the open with the I’m better than all of you menials, serfs, minions or whatever other derogatory term you apply to us. I can only hope that the good Citizens there finally wake up and toss you out of office, preferably MUCH sooner rather than later.

  8. when does Phil Murphy come up for election again ? now that the whole world knows what a chicken shi_ he really is, they can vote his dumb ass out of office ! otherwise the citizens of NJ can legally draw up a petition to remove him from office ! i don’t live in NJ but if the gov. of my state did what Murphy did i would be the first to get that petition moving! i wish the citizens of NJ god speed, and good luck !

    • Don’t hold your breath! New Jersey people are so Liberal and left-wing as is New York! They rather have a government check than a working man check. That way they can start all kind of crap against another person. Because the government check is direct deposit. They want SOCIALISM CONTROL so bad they don’t even understand it! Right now SOCIALISM is getting push by these Democrat state governor and MAYOR!

  9. Smurphy, what an arrogant P O S. Elitist self centered, egotistical . Knows exactly what he’s doing and doesn’t care about the well being of us. He just feels he can put his own agenda first and I firmly believe he is power hungry and thinks he is so far above us that our rights and needs matter not and that he would subjugate all of us and place himself over us . He seems to feel that his opinions are the defining ones and that we have no say in matters concerning our lives. He needs to be gone from office, and the sooner the better. No one has the right to defy the constitution, N O O N E. PERIOD.!!!!!.

  10. If you folks remember, the Governor of New York said the same things about him being more important than you and therefore entitled to have armed body guards. Now, if you ask any of the body guards for the two Governors, If they are veterans, I would bet that they are. And if so, which oath do they feel is the most important? I’m also a Vietnam vet and the oaths that I took back then are still in effect today. Yes, we may be a little stooped over, gray and balding hair, but there’s one thing we have that no one else has, and that’s a heart and love for this country like no other. So, don’t piss off our veterans, because you just might get pissed on.

    • Andy Cuomo, like his old man, Bug-eyed Mario, is a piece of dog shit. He is so proud of his anti-Second Amendment SAFE Act, that the New York State Police, and most County Sheriffs, north of Westchester County, stated that they will not enforce, so it is null and void. These same County Legislatures passed resolutions voiding the SAFE Act within their own respective borders.

  11. Andy Cuomo, like his old man, Bug-eyed Mario, is a piece of dog shit. He is so proud of his anti-Second Amendment SAFE Act, that the New York State Police, and most County Sheriffs, north of Westchester County, stated that they will not enforce, so it is null and void. These same County Legislatures passed resolutions voiding the SAFE Act within their own respective borders.

  12. So this new Jersey governor think he the only one entitled to have firearms? So that mean none of his family can own a guns? Why is his bodyguard got guns then? Don’t think he or any demoncrat governor Know what the Constitution laws is. But the second amendment give us the right to own guns for our protect against governor like him! Who is a TYRANNY GOVERNOR!

  13. We all have read about the civil war. But the truth was never told by those who PUBLISHED the history books. Because they were control by the government! Black believe it was over slavery. But NOT! It WAS OVER STATE RIGHT! The Northern state could not grow food! So Lincoln had to stop the southern state from selling food to French and England. So Lincoln FIRE THE FIRST SHOT AT FORT SUMTER! We are back at it again! And I WILL FLY MY SOUTHERN FLAG HIGH! TO TELL YOU THAT THE BIG X ON THE SOUTHERN FLAG MEAN —-STOP TREATED ON ME! AND ANY SOUTHERN PERSON SHOULD FLY IT HIGH! OR EVERY PATROIT AMERICANS CITIZEN SHOULD FLY THE REBEL FLY AGAINST THESE TYRANNY GOVERNOR AND MAYOR!

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