Yet More Real-World Evidence That Gun Control Doesn’t Work


Anti-gunners swear up and down that gun control will stop gun violence. Some of them (especially “celebrities”) get hysterical about it in the media.

But it just isn’t so.

How can I say that? Because the data doesn’t show that gun control reduces overall violence or that gun control prevents shootings. On the contrary, it’s easier for violent people to use guns to injure or kill people when no one else has a firearm.


Don’t believe me? Then you need to explain why gun violence hasn’t decreased in gun control Mecca Washington, D.C. during the Coronavirs lockdown (hat tip to here for the lead). Amanda Michelle Gomez writes,

D.C. has not gone a week without a homicide since Mayor Muriel Bowser declared a public health emergency over the coronavirus pandemic on March 11. 

There have been 17 murders in D.C. since the city saw its first confirmed case of COVID-19 on March 7, and 46 murders since the start of 2020, according to data from the Metropolitan Police Department. Despite a pandemic and orders from the mayor to stay inside, D.C. is on track to match its homicide rate from last year, when the city saw the highest murder count in a decade, at 166. And like last year, the overwhelming majority of homicides involved a gun. 

There are now two co-occurring public health crises killing residents: COVID-19 and gun violence. 

But maybe you think htat the issue is only in D.C. Maybe people are upset about all the bickering in Congress. Then how do you explain what is happening with gun violence in New York City? John Annese writes,

Murders have surged in New York City for the second straight week in spite of the coronavirus lockdown — pushing the 2020 homicide total past the number of killings in the same period last year.

The NYPD on Monday reported 10 homicides last week, compared to five in the same week in 2019. There were 11 murders the week before that compared to four in the same time period last year.

Doubled! NYC murders doubled under the Coronavirus lockdown and gun control in NYC!

If gun control worked, then New York City and Washington, D.C. would have decreasing rates of violence, but they don’t.

Gun control doesn’t work, and the statistics prove it.



  1. Certainly gun control works! It works to make law abiding citizens helpless in the face of criminals and of tyrannical government.
    Why else do you think leftist politicians work so assiduously to establish and enforce it?

  2. Chicago is another example of “gun free zones”, where it’s almost impossible to buy a gun — and is illegal to own one. Yet, they have an average of 50 shootings in any average weekend. The media hasn’t told the truth for decades. Why expect then to start now? They’re not journalists any longer. They’re little more than hecklers and political activists.

    • Chicago does allow ownership of guns and even issues permits to carry. Not many and they are not cheap but they are available. Chicago Tribune has even run a story or two about defensive gun use. Not as many stories as decrying the ‘epidemic of gun violence’ but some.

  3. When DC was still in full gun-ban mode, the homicide rate was over 600 a year for 4 years in a row. At 166, it’s a bargain compared to what it was when citizens couldn’t protect themselves and the criminals knew it!

  4. The Government as whole is the most corrupt interprise in the country.
    There are just as many people who commit crimes in our Government as there are behind bars. The difference is when you make mistake as an ordinary citizen, you lose all your rights, EXCEPT the right to pay TAXES.. This is the main way they are disarming America…
    NO RIGHTS NO TAXES it only seems fair..

  5. cry baby hollywood democrats , you know , the ones that uses toy guns when their playing cops and robbers in the movies they star in.i quit play like when i was 10 years old and then went in the military and then spent 20 years fighting real crime as a police officer, not play-like in hollywood , then spent another 28 years in private security !!!! you actors in hollywood should do what you do best , and that’s acting ! and leave the real crime to we the people! we are trained to protect our families , and yes even people like you actors in Hollywood. even though you hate us !!!!

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