Should You Consider Buying A Beretta APX?

Image courtesy Beretta USA Corp.

Beretta. The word has become synonymous with the concept of “tough,” “efficient,” and “slick” (in a cool way). Whether you are talking about cars or something else, Beretta is a term that most guys, at least when I was growing up, wanted to associate with.

No doubt the folks over at Beretta (the firearms manufacturer) had this in mind when they chose the name for their company, and, to be fair, they have some slick looking models. Take the APX, for example. 9mm or 40 caliber, it’s a sharp looking pistol, and some say it’s one that you should consider if you’re in the pistol market. A writer going by Caleb had this to say:

I’m always interested in the search terms that pop up around guns. For example, a related term for Beretta APX is “Is the Beretta APX any good?” Well let me answer that one for you: yes. In fact, the Beretta APX might be the best deal you can get on a new 9mm carry gun right now.

The MSRP for the APX is just under $400, and Caleb noted that the street price can be found (at the time of this writing) at around $350. Caleb continues:


Some upgraded models like the RDO or Combat are a bit more expensive, but if all you want for self defense is “pistol, 9mm” then you can get an APX for less than 4 bills. That’s…really good. In fact that’s so good it means no one should ever buy a gun from a second tier brand again. Why would you buy a Canik (at the disco) or an XD when you can get an actual good gun for the same price? It makes no sense.

Actually, when you start to examine this whole thing, the price point of the APX really starts to make other guns look unattractive. 

And again from Caleb:

So if you’re asking “is the Beretta APX any good” the answer is yes. It’s reliable, it’s accurate, and it’s extremely affordable. 

Now, Caleb does make the point that there isn’t much of an aftermarket for the APX right now, but, in my mind, if you’re buying for practical reasons (and, let’s be honest, if you’re pushing to get a good pistol for under $400, it’s probably not one that you’re buying to be a collectible), then you’re not looking for resale value. You’re looking to buy smart and use it until it completely wears out.

So, the answer is, if you’re looking for a good, practical pistol, the Beretta APX is worth considering.