Congressional Betrayal: COVID ‘Relief” Bill Included Millions For Gun Control


One of the most infuriating things about Congress, about any legislature, really, is their idea of a compromise to get legislation passed is to simply tack on more stuff to the bill at our expense (or at our kids’ and grandkids’ expense).

The COVID “relief” bill that Congress recently passed is no exception to this rule, but it is one of the most offensive examples of this nonsense, at least, if you’re a gun owner.

The fact of the matter is that there are, quite literally, millions of dollars in that COVID “relief” bill for gun control. How is that related to COVID relief? It’s not. You’re not missing anything. It’s simply wasteful spending for immoral purposes. Chris Eger writes about the bill:


Congress this week sent the mammoth Fiscal Year 2021 omnibus spending bill to President Trump, and gun control advocates are celebrating the millions in appropriations it contains to fund their issues. 

The $1.4 trillion omnibus bill – perched on a raft of another nearly $1 trillion in additional COVID relief pitched to fight the virus and aid suffering Americans – includes spending taxpayer dollars to research “gun violence” as a health care issue and encourage the use of controversial gun seizure orders on Veterans.

In that bill is funding for researching gun violence prevention and firearm safety by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Never mind that gun violence isn’t a healthcare issue and that this kind of research is typically the kind in which the “researcher” is trying to find evidence to support the conclusion that they already want to put forth instead of looking for the truth.

The bill also includes infuriating things such as pushes to use red flag laws by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Never mind that military veterans are some of the least likely to use guns in a non-hunting manner except for self-defense purposes. We wouldn’t want reality to dampen gun control dreams.

And, remember, all of this spending is borrowed money which means that your kids and grandkids will be paying for this nonsense.

So, if you wonder why people are opposing the COVID “relief” bill, it’s because little to none of the bill and its add-ons are actually about COVID or about providing relief to the American people. So, I guess in that respect, this bill fits the pattern of gun control bills which aren’t about helping the American people, either.



  1. Biden and the Democrats are the clear and present danger to the American people. Spending us into bankruptcy and stealing what they can along the way. Not saying that some Republicans aren’t a disgrace as well. Every bill passed needs to be viewed on its own merits and not filled with pet projects..

  2. If they try to take my guns it will be a very bad day . I may loose , but I will take very many of them with me and strike a loud statement of defiance for a nation of freedom loving Americans who will fight and defeat a tyrannical evil and dictatorial regime. ” WE AS A NATION OF FREE PEOPLE WITHOUT FAIL WILL NEVER SURRENDER OUR FREEDOM TO A SELF SERVING LIBERTY STEALING GOVERNMENT ” !!!!! STAND UP IN UNITY AND RESIST WITH ALL OUR STRENGTH AND WILL !!!!!

  3. You are foolish to think that you have any chance of standing up to an oppressive government that wants your guns. No matter how many guns you have or how well you shoot, you will always lose. They are not going to send a single cop to confiscate your guns. If you are lucky, you may take out one or two cops, but, in the end, you will die. Keep in mind, there are many more of us than there are of them. If you manage to remove at least two of them. Long term-we will win because of attrition.

  4. I don’t delude myself into thinking I have a fighting chance with what guns we do have.

    But they are also deluding themselves. As taxes continue to rise, people simply stop working and become leeches on the state. This is why communism always fails. As they raid from honest workers, honest workers stop working and they run out of other people’s money.

    A Democratic Republic is a sustainable economic system. Capitalism works. I’ll be laughing all the way to the grave.

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