Sig Sauer Released A Red Dot Equipped Compact 9mm

Image courtesy Sig Sauer.

Red dot sights are becoming more common these days as firearms enthusiasts have become more aware of their usefulness in increasing accuracy in their shooting. Of course, whether you are hunting, shooting target practice, or using your gun for self-protection, accuracy is vital.

Still, many folks have tended to think of red dot sights for use on larger firearms such as rifles, but a few companies are looking to change that. One of those companies, Sig Sauer, released a red dot equiped pistol so you can bring that increased accuracy to the firearm that you are more likely to have on your person when it’s needed. A writer going by Matt E gives us the details:

Recently, SIG announced their red dot equipped X-Series called the RXP. The new RXP pistol has a few different changes from the previous versions of the XCompacts and they may be small changes but make a big difference in everyday use. Let’s dive into the new SIG RXP XCompact and what it has to offer.

Over the last couple of months, I’ve carried the SIG P320 RXP XCompact and wondered if the changes were worth swapping out my standard XCompact for the new model. Just like the original XCompact, the new RXP has a 3.6″ barrel and weighs 25.6 ounces unloaded. The New RXP comes with the X-Series flat trigger just like the previous models which is a nice change from the standard P320 trigger. Probably the biggest change between the older XCompacts compared to the new RXP is the undated optics cut and rear sight assembly. The SIG Romeo 01 PRO that comes attached is a 6MOA red dot that has a large field of view that’s extremely easy to pick up.

The older XCompact had a slide cut for an optic as well, but the overall set up was a bit different. The previous generation had the rear sight built into the optics plate which worked but the mounting screws locked into the plate next to the rear sights. Having the mounting plate next to the sight made the optics plate secure but added to the overall thickness of the rear sight. Thankfully, the new model has separated the rear sight and optics cut so it eliminates the problem of losing a rear sight and the issue of overall thickness. The new RXP XCompact has suppressor high XRAY3 night sights with smaller blacked rears with tritium inserts and a large front dot. MSRP on the new RXP XCompact is set at $999.99 but the street price seems to have settled down around $899.99.

Overall, Matt E seems pleased with the RXP XCOMPACT, and added in his overview of the firearm that “I think this handgun would be a great option for anyone who wants to carry an optic on their concealed carry handgun.”


Essentially, if you’re looking for a pistol with red dot sites, the Sig Sauer P320 RXP XCOMPACT may be worth considering.



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