House Democrats Again Show Themselves To Be Clowns With Push To Regulate A New Non-Existent Class Of Firearms


If you’re like me, you find many of the efforts of anti-gunners to push for gun control to be both irritating and amusing. Irritating because they are trying to steal our liberties and our safety for their own perceived sense of safety even though the reality is that they will be less safe with strict gun control than with widespread availability of firearms. In other words, the willful ignorance or stupidity (take your pick) of anti-gunners gets irritating pretty quickly.

But if I get so irritated at them, what could I possibly find so amusing about their gun control efforts? The answer is simple, really. I find it funny that they keep trying to speak authoritatively, as if they have knowledge and insight about the subject, when what they say reveals how absolutely clueless they are. In other words, they are simply talking out of their own rear end about guns and gun owners and “gun culture” because they are absolutely clueless.

Take, for example, a new push by House Democrats (of course) for gun control action on a very specific non-existent firearm. I’m not kidding. Jack Phillips writes,


A group of House Democrats has asked President Joe Biden to take executive action on “concealable assault-style firearms,” citing two mass shootings in Atlanta and Boulder, Colorado, last month.

“Concealable assault-style firearms that fire rifle rounds pose an unreasonable threat to our communities and should be fully regulated under the National Firearms Act consistent with the intent and history of the law. The recent tragedy in Boulder, Colorado where 10 people including a police officer were killed is one in a string of deadly incidents involving this style of weapon,” Reps. Mike Thompson (D-Calif.), Joe Neguse (D-Colo.), Val Demings (D-Fla.), and Ed Perlmutter (D-Colo.) said in a letter to Biden.

They said that because alleged Boulder gunman Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa used a semi-automatic Ruger AR-556 pistol, which is a smaller variant of an AR-15-style rifle, either Congress or Biden should take action.

Now, before you take exception with my reference to these firearms as non-existent, stop a moment and tell me whether you can keep an AR-style pistol (which seems to be what they are referring to) truly concealed? No, you can’t. It’s readily apparent that you’re carrying a large pistol which means that everybody knows that you have it. By definition, that isn’t concealed.

So, we already had anti-gun politicians pushing to ban “assault rifles,” which is a non-existent category of weapons (unless you use the term to mean “the scary looking ones”), and now they want to regulate “concealable assault-style firearms” which is a non-existent subset of the non-existent category of firearms called “assault rifels”.

Can anti-gunners make themselves look even more clownish? It would seem to be difficult, but experience has taught me that I shouldn’t bet against them trying to be even more foolish than they already have been.



  1. Pardon me for posing a possibly dumb question, but precisely what is a “concealable assault style weapon”. PIstols and revolvers are usually concealable, but they usually aren’t described as “assault style weapons”. While on the subject, exactly what is this “assault style” business anyhow.

    • What “assault style weapon” definition the anti- gun crowd really mean is, “Anything they say it is” and can be changed on a whim. They actually want guns but only in their hands in order to enforce “Power OVER the people.”

        • Doesn’t this remind you of HITLER?
          I guess your history teacher was lacking a great deal of real history!
          Maybe you heard of the 30 million people killed in USSR by Stalin?
          Or Mao Dzhe Dong and his close to 100 million people?
          They all banned the weapons in their foolish ideas that the people would use them to take them out of power!!!
          HMMMMM, Good Idea?????

  2. What is the difference between a AR pistol shooting a .300 Blackout and one that shoots a 9mm? Why was it a “Rifle” round? Why nor any size ammo?

    But the error in this article is; I (6′ 3″) can conceal an AR pistol on a sling under my leather trench coat. of course I could conceal just about anything under my leather trench coat. So what is meant by “concealable”?

    What about a phased plasma rifle? If we are banning something so nebulas why not go for it all? It would make about as much sense as saying you can only carry guns if you are necked. Hard, but not impossible to carry a concealed weapon if you are necked. Maybe some congressmen should start wearing fully enclosed crash helmets inside, it would make them harder to hear when they say stupid stuff.

    • “Phased plasma” rifle! I like that! More asinine terms for the uninitiated and clueless liberals to bandy about! How about banning”megapositron magazines”, too? That ‘mega’ sounds like a lot, right?

  3. Au contraire. AR pistols are concealable. Just ask the Secret Service, CIA, etc. By folding the arm brace, adding a short single point sling, carry over one shoulder, and cover with a jacket. However, gun control is gun control, no matter how you try to justify it.

  4. Unless you are wearing a trench coat you can’t conceal a AR pistol. Especially if it has a brace. I would be suspicious if I saw someone running around in a trench coat in this part of the country (Ohio) as it’s just not done. I did seen one fellow a couple winters ago wearing one and automatically went on high alert. Turned out he just thinks he’s a cowboy. I used the brace comment in my reply to the ATF when they were asking the public for opinions concerning pistol braces. This is just another too far left attempt at a gun grab.

  5. I hate overstated comments, rules and especially laws. BUT, these clowns prove why we must do this. Specificity is of utmost concern in this case, and in all cases of anything to do with weapons. We have rifles, handguns, shotguns, machineguns, grenade launchers, rocket launchers (the RPG can, if you argue it correctly, be classified as a rifle, hence R..P…G…maybe!!), and not much else. Using their logic, small Derringer-like handguns become a new class, weapons classified by caliber, MSRs, folding stocks, and a host of other issues will be affected. ANY of this erodes the intent of the 2d Ammendment. Why do we not worry about ENFORCING the laws we have, for which there is a “plethora” and more than enough, to protect the majority of the nation. Even with all the violent actions of unbalanced individuals lately, death by gun violence is far below death by natural causes, vehicular death, death by HAMMERS, and of course, the biggest killer of all, abortion. It is an easy target, and most importantly of all: disarming the population is the first step for full and autonomous control over a population. That is not conspiracy theory, that is an historical fact.

  6. Do any of these (so called experts)on firearms know what AR in AR-15 stands for? I think NOT. Most of the public thinks (thanks to the anti gun people) AR stands for assault rifle WRONG WRONG. It stands for the conpany that designed it None of the AR family (9,10,15, and others )are assault type weapons. Military type M16 ,M4 now your getting there.

  7. This is an excellent article and I only disagree with calling assault rifles “non-existent;” a true “assault rifle” is capable of full automatic fire as well as semi-auto fire and requires a Federal Machine Gun Permit to own and about $20,000 or so to buy. In fact, no commander in his right mind would send soldiers into combat with AR-15’s because our guys would be shot to pieces. The “Anti’s” also call AR’s “assault rifles” when AR stands for “Armalite Rifle” after the company that developed it. I realize that I am preaching to the choir here!

    Concealing an AR – type here in FL would be a problem because I would have a problem wearing a trench coat here! A great style and would be at home in OH or PA. 🙂

    • g19 – Yep – those non-existent assault rifles have been around since at least 1943 – “sturmgewehr” (prototype – ’44 model production version) to be specific. And they do have both a legal and military definition, not some set of arbitrary bureaucratic ones – which as was noted by another poster can (and are) be anything said bureaucrats ‘decide’ they are.
      It doesn’t help an argument when the “editor” gets basic facts wrong.

  8. Well if anybody figures out how to conceal an AR pistol please let me know. I have a hard enough time with a six round sub compact. Good luck keeping your pants up. Idiots

  9. If you stop and really think about it, how many of these Democrat clown own guns them selves and how many do they have and are hiding at that? Apparently they want to ban weapons of self defense from the law abiding citizens and legalize the weapons to the Criminals them selves. Every one with a brain knows that when you strip the guns from the good and honest people, the criminals will not give them up but will be able to obtain them even more and more causing the crime rates to climb more and more.

    • bjahn – the simple fact that the bad guys won’t give up their guns always eludes the antis.
      What they also forget is that if by some miracle of magic or something all guns were ‘disappeared’ the bad guys would simply resort to whatever clubs or knives or tire irons or whatever other objects they could get their hands on and use them instead. And run in packs – very few of us would stand a chance against them if we don’t have ‘equalizers’. The don’t care if we become victims as long as they can control those who are left.

  10. It’s all really very simple. When you have 95+% of the media running cover and lying for you, you can make up whatever you want, tell whatever lies you want, and get away with it. Understand now?

    • Well for your information, I have no weapons except a knife. I’ll line up behind you people when the SHTF. I’ll provide the body bags and iced tea or lemonade, whichever your preference.

  11. What morons! There is no such firearm that is “assault style” that can be 100% completely concealed. Not when a skilled person knows what they’re looking for in those terms. I would say the “Dumbazzcrats” need to get educated, but it would do no good when they lose an argument with a brick wall and still continue to argue with the wall!!!

  12. Assault style weapon is a very misleading term …
    Muskets were used in assaults in the Revolutionary War along with other black power guns .
    Bolt action 1903’s and pump action shotgun M97 or Trench Gun of WWI .
    All the guns of WWII and Vietnam , ECT. …

  13. Can’t Glocks get through airport metal detectors? ( sarcasm/rhetorical) You must pardon me but I get serious responses to such questions but maybe those same people don’t understand that in the parentheses.

  14. Could we expand “red letter laws” to include mandatory mental health investigations of people who, through irrational fears, become obsessed with other peoples guns?

  15. I heard a Congress woman on tv once say,” We need to pass more control over these automatic revolvers.” She was from Calif. go figure.

  16. A hammer is a hammer, until you use it to split another persons skull… ONLY THEN is it an “Assault Weapon” and ONLY THEN will it have legal standing in a Court of Law to be called “The Assault Weapon used to kill the Deceased by the Charged”.

    The same applies to all the steak knives in every drawer across the Nation, and all the rocks, or baseball bats.

    In the history of the world, NEVER has a gun “assaulted” another individual. Just like the lowly hammer, and steak knife or rock, the gun is incapable of self action, thus, incapable of “assault”.
    Except in the illogical mind of Congressional Democrat elected ass hats. Instead consider a law regulating mentally incompetent elected government. Wait ! We already have those laws, they are called the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

  17. This is the same thing as gun violence. It is not gun violence. It is human violence. How about car violence, political violence, drug violence, maybe infanticide violence for abortion ? Maybe it is all categorized as human moron idiocy, or just an accident, Hmm !

  18. During our Revolutionary war an Assault Rifle was a Black Powder Kentucky Squirrel Rifle. If you do not believe me read some history books. The Redcoats were most assuredly assaulted with them. As assault rifle is any rifle used in an assault. It is a historically moving definition. If you are talking about a .223 caliber fire arm made to hunt small game and for target practice, then say so. Today’s military rifle may look the same but they are not. The M-16 are select fire ( I.E. “Machine Guns” the AR-15 or its equivalent is not select fire. They are also made with Plastic stocks and with Parkerized metal parts instead of Shiny Polished Wood and Shiny Blued Steel it is because they can be carried in the field without the finish getting scratched and are much less likely to be damaged by bad weather.They also require much less maintenance. Just because they are not shiny does not make them more deadly . Stop coddling criminals and people shootings will drop in frequency.
    Good control is hitting what you are aiming at.

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