Wow: One State Looks At Instituting Firing Squads As Death Penalty Option


One state just made a move that will send leftists completely out of their minds. The leftists who hate the death penalty and the leftists who hate guns for any purpose whatsoever are sure to be livid with the State of South Carolina.


Because the South Carolina House just passed a bill which, if it passes the Senate and is signed into law, would institute the option to use firing squads for the death penalty. Isabel Van Brugen writes,


The South Carolina House voted on May 5 to add firing squads as an alternative execution method for the state’s death-row inmates, amid a lack of lethal injection drugs.

The bill, approved by a 66–43 vote, will require condemned inmates to choose either being shot or electrocuted if lethal injection drugs aren’t available. The state is one of only nine to still use the electric chair and will become only the fourth to allow firing squads.

Currently, South Carolina isn’t able to place inmates on death row as its supply of lethal injection drugs has expired, and it hasn’t been able to purchase more because of a nationwide shortage. The state last conducted an execution in May 2011.

Condemned inmates are currently able to choose between the electric chair and lethal injection, and since the drugs aren’t available, many have chosen the lethal injection method as the state is then unable to force inmates to be executed by means of electrocution.

The bill keeps lethal injection if the state has the drugs but requires prison officials to use the electric chair if it doesn’t. Inmates could choose a firing squad if they prefer.

Now, before you criticize the State of South Carolina of being some backward place that just wants to be cruel to inmates, realize that the reason that the state hasn’t been able to implement the death penalty by lethal injection in the last ten years is due to the pharmaceutical industry. If you want to blame someone, blame the people who aren’t allowing a “nicer” method to implement the death penalty.

Still, whatever your thoughts on firing squads, this is certainly an unexpected situation. What do you think about South Carolina possibly implementing firing squads? Tell us below.



  1. The selected inmates ought to burned at the stake or slowly hanged.If the leftists don’t like it,let them take the inmates’ places.
    You could also use the inmates for medical experiments

  2. What about those “peaceful protesters” whom promote chaos and mayhem, and the treasonous leftists who promote it all?

  3. Beheading, anchor duty, 22 short rattling round the ol’ brain pan, on and on the choices are endless.
    As for the limp wrists among us, if someone is on death row, why? Maybe they murdered another? In that case, do unto them as they did unto …. Get it?
    Oh boohoo oh boohoo. We can’t kill people, oh boohoo!!!
    Time to pull up the Depends and DEAL WITH IT!

  4. China uses its “prisoners” for experiments also, SC should expand the death row option to include Hanging.

  5. God has stated in the Bible that , murders , rapists , child molesters , should be sent to the Father for judgement ” death penality ” and these things will cease to happen . If your that possessed by demons seek religious help , or suffer the consequences . I’m trusting you God .

  6. God has stated in the Bible that , murders , rapists , child molesters , should be sent to the Father for judgement ” death penality ” and these things will cease to happen . If your that possessed by demons seek religious help , or suffer the consequences . I’m trusting you God .

  7. I believe that firing squads can prove to be a good thing. IF the prisons can’t get the lethal injection drugs they need, this is a good alternative.

  8. The Left doesn’t like or want the death penalty but they are willing and able to murder 360,000 infants a year in this Country alone through abortion. I don’t believe God is happy with the U.S. or the World at this point and time.

  9. If this passes and you need some people to practice with, I would like to give you, our top Government officials. Just to suggest a few, Northam, Warner, and Kaine, would be great

    • Any Government official who supports unconstitutional actions is guilty of treason! Firing Squad is especially fitting for the Second Amendment tramplers!

  10. Firing squads are just another way of getting the job done, and it’s no less humane than any other quick fix. It’s not as if people who are judged to be given the death penalty are somehow “deserving” of anything other than this!

  11. An interesting point: probably the biggest reason for “nicer” executions has been to protect the witnesses. Hangings that were muffed, causing the prisoner to squirm would sometimes cause the witnesses to faint, for example. Fortunately, no one – AFAIK – ever tried to duplicate the electric chair use described in “The Green Mile” which would have not only have caused witnesses to faint but also the crew.

  12. I think these people should be hanged by the neck, outside the Courthouse. I think these hangings should be every Saturday at noon as needed and open to the public as they used to be. I think this idea that convicted felons have certain rights is BS. What rights did their victims have.

  13. Only liberals care about murderers and rapists. Time for this country to go back to constitional carry. An armed society is a polite society.

  14. Quote: “CONDEMNED INMATES ARE CURRENTLY ABLE TO CHOOSE BETWEEN THE ELECTRIC CHAIR AND LETHAL INJECTION, AND SINCE THE DRUGS AREN’T AVAILABLE…” Sorry but there is a positive glut of drugs available which are lethal. Fentanyl comes to mind since it seems to be pretty popular. The problem only arose because politicians have been led to believe that only certain drugs should be permitted.

  15. Big Pharma won’t give out drugs for Lethal Injections but they will Gladly give out this Poison for the Covid Flu. they don’t want to just kill one or 2 people that have been condemned to death for their Actions they want to Kill Thousands or Millions of Innocent people that have fallen for the Lies of the LEFT about this Scam Demic.
    a Firing Squad it the best way to go, it’s instant there is no messed up injections, no low power issues and suffering in the electric chair and it’s very cheap, Hell I’d even Volunteer to pull the trigger.

  16. People shouldn’t be so casual about killing someone, especially if it is the state. In case you didn’t notice many state and federal Govt are entirely corrupt or corruptible, the lastbelevtion is a lesson in that. This shortage of drugs to put people down like pets is by design. 1st they narrow the option to putting criminals down by using the courts and cretinous politicians & govt officials, then they remove the supply. Disgusting to treat humans as indolent pets and “put them to sleep”. In my opinion it is more respectful of society to shoot them for their crimes, treating people as animals is vile. if these hypocrites want compassion then the criminals can have one to the head.
    There are some crimes so vile that as far as hanging, cage and gibbet or breaking wheel still better than putting people to sleep and just for society.

  17. Several rounds to the heart has got to be “quick”. Several to the center of the head would be quicker. Dead before pain could register.

  18. The firing squad death penalty if exercised,,,The Governor of the State has to be the shooter. Lets get his hands dirty for a change.

  19. I have long thought that firing squads are the only way to go and then the empty rifle is also a good idea that way any body that feels bad about pulling a trigger can always hold out that he had the unloaded rifle. a As far as what the condemned feel who cares they gave up their rights when they endangered some one else with out even a care in the world what their actions would result in. All of these bleeding heart liberals need to be stood in front of said firing squad and put down like the curs they are.

  20. Proper Firing Squad protocol calls for a seven person team, one rifle loaded with a live round, six loaded with blanks, rifles chosen at random so no one knows who has the live round. All aim for the head

  21. I think it’s about time . I’m sure a Bullet is a lot cheaper than the injection or the Chair . We the Tax Payers are tired of Housing ,Feeding and Clothing these People that have committed Crimes that got them on Death Row . It shouldn’t take 10 , 20 , 30 Years to Execute someone on Death Row . The Prisons are over crowded as it is and they are having to let so.e lesser Offenders out before their time due to it . So Prisons all across the USA should implement a more speedy process of Hihg Risk Death Row Inmates . I’ve worked in a Prison and know for a fact , they don’t have anything to lose and don’t care who they hurt or kill while they’re in there.


  23. Where do I sign up? Can we use our own weapon(s)? If I am selected for a squad, can I bid after the fact to have the criminal’s head to take it to a taxidermists to have it stuffed and mounted to put alongside my other stuffed trophies? (This statement is what used to be refered to as “Gallows Humor” — I could display it right next to the head of my ex-wife”s divorce attorney!)

  24. Proud to be a South Carolinian!! Governor McMaster has made it very clear that he is a staunch supporter of Law and Order as well as passing 2A Sanctuary status for us, my County of Horry is already a 2A Sanctuary County. He has also passed in that same bill a great step in the direction of allowing those who possess a CWP to open-Carry, if they so choose. While also waiving the 50 dollar fee paid to SLED in order to obtain a background check. Yes you still have to pay $75 for the Concealed Carry class, but everyone who plans on carrying should at least take some extra training if they’re a new gun owner. So criminals and prospective murderers think twice before committing crimes in SC!

  25. Yes , nd public hangings and guillotine in public. And actually use the Damn things. If CRIMMINALS can murder and rape, then this should be their fate. But if your faint hearted, weak KNEED, democrats, stay in hiden with Biden. Will catch you anyway…lol. Enjoy your freedom.

  26. I’ve always said it were me I’d want the firing squad.. it’s fast and effective, the body goes into shock after the first bullet so any following hits just hasten the process

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