Bizarre: State With Regular Riots Passes Bill To Make Riots More Dangerous


One of the first principles in dealing with bullies is to stand up to the bully and to be able to injure the bully if they start a fight.

With that in mind, you would think that it makes sense to allow the people in an area which has regular riots to be able to defend themselves from rioters.

But Oregon. apparently, doesn’t think that its citizens should be safe. Isabel Van Brugen writes,


The Oregon Senate on Wednesday passed a bill that would require people to keep unattended guns locked up, ban firearms in the Oregon Capitol building and airports, and would permit schools to ban guns. It now heads to the governor’s desk to be signed into law.

After a brief debate, the “safe-storage” bill, Senate Bill 554, passed the state Senate on a vote of 17-7, with all Republicans voting “no.”

The bill mandates that gun owners secure unattended weapons with trigger locks or in locked compartments. Those who don’t would be strictly liable for any injuries or property damage. If a minor gets ahold of an unsecured firearm, the gun’s owner would face a maximum $2,000 fine.

It would also require that a gun owner reports a lost or stolen weapon within 72 hours when they “reasonably should have known” it was missing.

Democratic Sen. Ginny Burdick of Portland, who introduced the bill, said Wednesday that gun violence is a “public health crisis.”

Van Brugen continues:

Critics of the bill argue that forcing people to keep guns locked up could waste precious moments if they need to defend themselves against armed intruders.

Opponents have also said the bill is an infringement on the constitutional right to bear arms.

“As usual, the Second Amendment is under attack because attacking it is a perennial favorite with Democrats and has been for years,” James Purvine of Eugene, Oregon said about the bill in written testimony to the House Committee on Health Care.

So, it would appear that Democrats in Oregon are more concerned with allowing people to riot, injure people, and destroy property than in allowing Oregonians to be able to defend themselves quickly when their lives are on the line. To put it another way: even though Oregon has more riots, Democrats just voted to make those riots more dangerous to everyday citizens.

Those are completely backwards priorities.



  1. Always clamp down on the taxpayers who have committed no crime to prevent crime. Ignore the criminals. This makes sense. We need a process for throwing these states out of the union.

    • No, we need to first get rid of the politicians, beaurocrats and lawyers who support and encourage that bad behavior. Then get rid of those that commit the bad behavior. It is either them or us. They are going to kill us all if they have their way. Them or US, which do you choose?

    Will the real people in the STUPID states wake up?
    Aren’t the REAL people exhausted of the imbecilities their state government demonstrate?
    There are many very great states to live in, besides the STUPID states!

    • only death fixes stupid and you still have to worry about and watch those that lived with stupid to see if it spread to them too.

  3. How many Oregonians can Florida absorb? What a bunch of fu**in idiots running that beautiful state!!

    • yeah right have the liberal scum spread their infection to other states. California infected Oregon and then they both infected Washington. Now the whole west coast is in tatters. The liberal socialist infection needs to be stopped completely. When I lived in Washington the California and Oregon refugees came in crying about how bad their states had become. They moved to Washington and then started trying to make Washington more to their liking by changing the laws and regulations to be more like the states they escaped. We have to stop this sort of “change” or they will spread like an infection or fungus, destroying our homes and lives.

  4. There is another way to fix STUPID ! Don’t pay your taxes ! They don’t vote or represent the people who put them into office and PAY THEIR SALARIES !!! Read – up on who you are voting for and VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE ! Like Stephane says … YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID !!! Another BREACH OF YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS TO BARE ARMS ! Now who is going to protect YOU ??? I guess you are going to have to fight with base ball bats or golf clubs right ?

    • You do not pay your taxes then they just arrest you, seize your belongings and sell them to recoup the taxes. We have to remove them from positions of power by voting them out when we can and holding them accountable when they are an employee. Make their bosses fire them.

  5. Why do people continue to vote for and elect people who do not care about them, their safety, their property, or what happens to them? How do those politicians manage to keep a straight face while promising to represent the citizens of the state?

    • People vote for these corrupt politicians because the politicians have “bought” their vote through government programs that have “made their lives easier”. It doesn’t cost the politicians any money or personal property to vote for “feel good” expenditures. Matter of fact, they more than likely became richer from lobbyist groups who support the expenditures. The losers are the taxpayers who don’t receive any of these big expenditures because they live in more rural areas, but still have to pay higher taxes to pay for all of this.
      Let me explain how this works: I was mayor of a very small south central Kansas town. We applied for a Federal grant of less than $500 to bring our dirt streets up to all weather use for the citizens. We were turned down, and the reason presented to us was that the grant amount was “too small”. The large city located 60 miles away received hundreds of thousands of dollars for “road upgrades” from the same Federal grants. The politicians “went to bat” for the large number of voters in the large city but not for the few hundred people in our small town, and our taxes went to help pay for the large city grants.

  6. The real public health crisis in Oregon is the politicians who refuse to deal with the problem of violence against their citizens. They continue to pass the blame off on unreal issues while letting thugs like ANTIFA and BLM riot and destroy the state. They do this because they think that all of this chaos and mayhem benefits them. ALL of the politicians and beurocrats who let this continue need to be removed and re3placed. They should also be held completely responsible for all of the death and damages since they refused to adress it and have the thugs arrested. If the liberals and democrats are going to hold us accountable for things then they too have to be held accountable.


  8. I think every politician that voted for it and has a security detail attached to them, should have trigger locks on all there weapons,

  9. To “protect” citizens from unauthorized gun use, Oregon wants these citizens to lock up THEIR guns, adding extra time required to access them in an emergency! Meanwhile, the thugs, who flaunt laws (which is why they’re called LAWBREAKERS!), ignore this NEW one! Now, citizens MUST rely on police, who may only be minutes away while seconds count, have to waste time getting THEIR protection, OR as many may now do, ALSO ignore this and other asinine laws, and become ‘lawbreakers’ (technically) themselves! Of course, this also means they may SURVIVE long enough to defend themselves in court by claiming self-defense! I know which course I would select, ……….do you?

  10. Rioters make sure every riot is more dangerous and destructive.

    Oh,btw all you law abiding citizens lock up your weapons so theres more chance of violence.

    Let’s send all these destructive idiots to those who thinks it ok.

    Post your home addresses and those of your family and friends.

    NOW ,tell me the same thing when you are face to face with your stupidity

  11. Can you spell V-I-G-I-L-A-N-T-E? How about something analogous to S-T-O-C-K D-E-T-E-C-T-I-V-E?

  12. There are a number of key leftist devices employed against fellow Americans that accomplish the absolute domination that Leftism requires be imposed upon all proximate or under their influence. These are deception, corruption, coercion, facilitation of poverty, chaotic disorder, or as in this case, endangerment. Leftists are by nature predators and assailants of all of our citizens, even and especially other Leftists. For those of our citizens who enjoy these activities, just keep electing these enemies to high office.

  13. That’s something that a person who represents Portland would talk about increased violence after what’s happening even now in Portland. Guess hoping to not get a visit from the Mob who runs the city.

  14. If your in the home, then the gun is not any more unattended than a child would be. Ironically they hardly ever charge a thug when one of their kids get killed! They also turn the thugs they catch with illegal guns back out into the street routinely . They’re only ever gonna go after a Republican or gun rights advocate .

  15. As soon as the Criminals follow the Laws, I am sure that the Good People of Oregon, will follow.

  16. If Oregon is such a good place to reside because of the socialist liberal Democrat government, why is it that the entire southeast part of the state wants to secede and become part of the State of Idaho?
    Could it be that this very rural part of the State of Oregon is sick and tired of the socialist liberal Democrat government allowing, and even encouraging, the BLM/Antifa riots in the more populated areas of the State of Oregon?
    You don’t see or hear of much of the racial unrest happening in the Old South part of the U.S. the very place where racial discrimination was born into being by the KKK which formed the Democrat Party.
    Also, the historical methodology of socialist governments is to disarm the citizens of the countries along with causing ethnic groups to hate each other by way of propaganda aimed at each group by the socialist governments – aka, divide and conquer.

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