S&W vs NJ: Here’s Why The Rest Of The Country Should Care


One of the newer tactics that anti-gun politicians have been using to try to indirectly rob Americans of their right to bear arms is to go after gun manufacturers for the actions of someone who uses a firearm made by the manufacturer.

It’s like suing a car manufacturer because the driver of a car intentionally ran over several people. This is really about keeping Americans from being able to bear arms, and this has nothing to do with doing the right thing.

But that hasn’t stopped the Attorney General of New Jersey from trying to find ways to harass Smith & Wesson in an attempt to circumvent the Second Amendment. So, S&W filed suit. Matt Vespa writes,


Smith and Wesson filed suit against the New Jersey state Attorney General Grewel after he subpoenaed the company, asking for, among other things, materials regarding their marketing strategy – and ostensibly challenges whether owning a firearm is a “lifestyle” choice, and therefore violates the state’s consumer fraud laws. The anti-gun Left wants to know the inner workings of the gun industry and because it’s a state investigation, the threshold isn’t high for these folks regarding securing such a wide-ranging probe. They then, pawn this information off to their allies in the trial lawyers’ corps which the State of New Jersey names on the “approved special counsel list” on their attorney general’s website. 

This isn’t a secret. It’s just not being reported. At the heart of the case, is the New Jersey Attorney General’s position that any opinion that a firearm can be used for self-defense is fraudulent.  That’s what’s going to be argued. 

Think about this. If Smith & Wesson lose this case, that means that New Jersey can dig through S&W’s corporate files, and you can bet money that the ruling for this case will be used for arguments in future court cases. You can also bet that any information which the New Jersey Attorney General gets is going to “magically” appear in the hands of anti-gunners in other states.

The fact that S&W had to file this suit is absurd. They should have never been harassed by the New Jersey AG, but that is the anti-gun climate that we live in. Anti-gunners seem willing to go beyond any ethical or legal restraint in their misguided efforts to make Americans defenseless.

This nonsense has to stop.



  1. The the people kill in automobile should have the families sue the car manufacturers for the desth of family member

  2. What a joke!
    McDonald’s made me fat and lazy
    My fork and spoon kept feeding me
    I drove drunk it’s my cars fault
    I pulled the trigger but it’s the manufacturers fault
    I got lung cancer it’s Marlboros fault yet the air we breath is worst.
    What is this world coming to.

  3. More evidence that New Jersey has the crookedest government in the USA. Grewal should go back to India and leave us alone; he probably would be happier there. Don’t bring India here!

    • A clarification here; I have never hated anyone for racial reasons. However, India has a Caste System and when it is brought here it is a real PITA. Picture trying to discuss anything with someone who thinks you are in a lower Caste. The people of NJ need to tighten their seat belts because they are in for a rough ride! I had a boss like that once.

  4. EVERY state governed by DEMON RATS is governed by TRAITORS TO THEIR OATH.
    The time for the Revolution is coming!
    Vote the DEMON RATS out of every seat they occupy!

  5. It’s simple, the Demicrats want to create as much power for the Democrat Party as possible. The Democrat Party knows their goals and objectives are not popular and they don’t care. Just look at our southern border. The first thing Biden did when he became President was to stop construction on the border wall. Then he implemented policies which made it impossible for the Birder Patrol and ICE to enforce existing immigration laws. As a result, over one million illegal aliens have crossed the border. They aren’t being health screened and certainly not checked for the COVID virus. Yet, Biden wants everyone vaccinated. Why have over one million illegal aliens been allowed to enter our country? The answer is obvious, they will be allowed to vote in the future and the Democrat Party believes these voters will vote for Democrats. This is not the first time they have used this strategy. In 1964 and 1965 President Johnson signed voting writes and civil rights bills into law and commented this will insure the black vote for the Democrats for the next 100 years.

    It’s hard to control an armed population. That’s why the Demicrat Party wants strict gun control. Notice I said the Democrat Party and not Democrats. There are a large number of Democrats who own firearms. Since the riots of last Summer, more Democrats are buying firearms. That doesn’t make any difference to the Democrat Party leadership. Pelosi and Schumer have all the armed security they need, they don’t have to worry about being assaulted.

    For eight years Obama tried to pass strict gun control laws and failed everything. Democrat controlled state governments have passed stricter gun control laws and magazine limits. Just the other day Biden made a speech about high capacity magazines upwards of 120 rounds should be banned.

    The Democrat controlled state and city governments are bleeding voters. They are moving to states with lower taxes and Republican controlled states. I was born and raised in New York City and after my service in the Marines I returned to New York City, got married and started a family. After a few years, I realized New York City was not the place I wanted to raise a family. So on July 4th, 1976, I declared my independence and left the city moving to Montgomery Alabama. It was a culture shock for sure, but I never regretted moving. Since that day, I have lived in a number of states and eventually retired in North Carolina. My three children all live in North Carolina by choice. I have several friends who moved to North Carolina from New Jersey who haven’t regretted moving from New Jersey.

    As for the New Jersey law to allow people to sue gun manufacturers for any harm or death at the hands of a criminal who used one of a firm’s firearms to commit a crime and shoot someone, I believe there will be challenges to that law so we will have to see if it holds up in the courts.

  6. New Jersey is the residence state of the Mafiosi capos (dons). They work well with the Democrats, as both use the same tactics, though the Mafia is more lethal! Their goons can easily get all the guns THEY require, but the Mafia wants to limit the possibility of the local citizens to interfere (the socialist Dems OH SO AGREE!), so they have their toadies, the bought and paid-for politicians, enact laws to make citizen-owned arms illegal!

  7. If New Jersey is supposedly safer because of gun control , then someone explain to me Trenton, Newark, Camden and Jersey City’s amongst others places soaring violent crime rates. Hmm oohh. There All Democratically controlled cities and gun control= giant fail.

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