Try Not To Laugh When You Read What These Politicians Say Caused Gun Violence


I suppose that I shouldn’t be surprised where this story comes from. After all, it comes from Sleepy Joe Biden’s old stomping ground of Delaware which, I suppose, means that there is a good chance that people there have bought into the leftist kool-aid pretty thoroughly.

Sad for them. Funny for us.

So, this story comes, specifically, from Wilmington, Delaware, where politicians are blaming gun violence on a cause that actually has nothing to do with gun violence. But that’s standard anti-gun (lack of) logic for you. Mark Eichmann writes,


Wilmington leaders are wrestling with how best to spend $55 million in federal money to halt an outbreak of violence that’s afflicted city neighborhoods over the past year.

Wilmington murders are up more than 60% compared to this time last year. Shooting incidents were up 52% and homicides increased 35% in 2020 during the pandemic. The latest statistics published by the city shows murders jumped 86% over the past two years.

“Our city is plagued by gun violence,” City Council President Trippi Congo said during an online forum this week. “It’s extremely true for any of you who live in our city, you already know this.”

Wilmington has already received $27 million of the money anticipated from the American Rescue Plan, which was approved by Congress in March to help communities deal with the ongoing effects of COVID-19.

Late last month, the U.S. Treasury clarified the way cities can use the money.

”Communities can use these funds to build a holistic, evidence-based approach to combating violence, especially gun violence, through strategies ranging from subsidized employment and behavioral health programming, to Community Violence Intervention programs and community policing,” Treasury’s chief recovery officer, Jacob Leibenluft, said in a statement.

So, money to be used to combat the effects of CoVid-19 are being allocated to deal with gun violence. It’s as if the Treasury Department and Wilmington city officials think that CoVid-19 causes gun violence.

How absurd. How absolutely silly. But, sadly, this type of non-thinking is exactly what we expect from anti-gun politicians.



  1. I GURSS I could buy that , could be solved if the Sheriff gave Barney more than one bullet to do his nob!

  2. Covid is being used to explain or justify a lot of things that have little or nothing to do with covid.

  3. One solution might be to use part of the money to build a shooting range,
    part of the money to sponsor firearms training and competition, (citizens of Wilmington only)
    and part of the money to pay the top half of the competitors with half the purchase of a (new) concealed weapon.
    Nah, that makes too much sense. Bloomberg would never buy it. Doesn’t buy left-wing weenie politicians a few more years of the best subsidized, do-no-real-work job a person could have.
    And I wish that this article stated some demographics about the victims of the violence. My proposed solution would be different. Like, pay money to first find the source of the violence and base a solution on that.

  4. I have seen ARP funds meant to recover from COVID affects used to beef up Internet access at rest stops across several states. I have see ARP funds used to improve network infrastructures in several states, and to get Internet access available to THOSE THAT CAN AFFORD IT, in more rural areas. NOTHING IS FREE, especially FREEDOM. The American taxpayer is paying for the ARP funds, then it is given to states to use to purchase things, such as Internet (some states are spending over $100 million on this initiative alone!!!), from vendors that are charging a LOT of money to be HELPING our citizens, and probably (this part I cannot validate, the rest I have seen first hand) giving kickbacks to those politicians that enabled this. AND, it is ALL LEGALLY DONE!! Crazy. This was NOT what was intended, ever, for these funds. Guess who is at fault for this? Those in Congress, mostly liberals, some conservatives, and the White House. By the time the Supreme Court gets to hear about it, IF they ever do, the money will be all gone, so it will not matter, and politicians will still be richer and then leave office and go on TV and write books. I work for a living, so this pisses me off, A LOT.

  5. That 27 MILLION must have bought a lot of dunkin donuts , because those crime rates look like they just keep climbing upwards !

  6. I guess you could blame Covid to be a cause of increased violence if you consider all the free time (and money) that the thugs got from the government from lockdowns, rent forgiveness and bonuses for staying home. Now they can afford to buy black-market firearms or have the time to steal them.
    These are the same thugs that the local prosecutors and judges keep letting back onto the streets. Police can arrest them, but if the prosecutors and judges won’t do their jobs, the best police work in the world won’t help. Prosecutors and judges are politicians and they tie the hands of the police.

  7. These politicians come up with the weirdest ideas on trying to stop violence
    . Delaware, say isn’t that and new Jersey, islands off the coast of north Korea, that are run by power crazed politicians who want to tax and enslave all Americans?

    Holistic and employment? What is this? New age yuppie thought?
    These criminals don’t want jobs or play midnight basketball. I remember seeing on television a interview with a gang/ drug dealer, they asked why he didn’t get a job and he said he could make more money in one week selling drugs, then working at some job for a month. Plus he sets his own hours and has people working for him.

    What the problem is, is gang members and drug dealers fighting over’turf’ and drugs.
    Plus the Border Patrol has no more room for all the illegals coming up from Central America and they are putting them on busses and planes and sending them off to major cities and now the crime rate has gone way up. Many gang members, drug dealers, prostitutes pose as poor migrants to cross the border. Now there are more outbreaks iof CV in major cities. and the ( Chinese run)
    news media says nothing about it. Finish the border wall now!

    Biden puts the blame on increased crime in cities on *”white supremacists terrorists”, and white law abiding citizens. what nonsense.

    Maybe if these far leftist politicians quit listening to a bunch of loud mouth punks, criminals rioters and gang members, and stopped trying to defund-abolish the police and let the police arrest these rioters, looters and criminals, then the crime rate would go down.

    You get these lying far leftist politicians saying they want more gun laws and that will stop crime.
    What “law” will stop criminals? Nothing, that’s why they are criminals.

    Back in the 1870’s, if someone stole a horse, rustled cattle or robbed a train, after they got caught, they were hanged. Did that stop anyone from stealing horses or rustling cattle or robbing trains? Of course not, they still took a chance and did it anyways.

    But politicians think if they pass more and more laws, that somehow the criminals will obey them. What a joke.

    I read on one site that there are now more than 2 million “laws” on the books in the United States, and something like a hundred a day are added to the list. It said one cannot drive to work or go grocery shopping without breaking half a dozen laws, so that basically makes everyone a “criminal”!
    They want to be able to put you in jail for any reason. The far leftist politicians want everyone to be a criminal so no one can own firearms execpt for the police and military and politicians.

    Most of these gun banning groups are run by Micheal Bloomberg, George Soros, the Chinese government, the U.N., Russia and Mexico.
    Mexico is now sueing gun manufacturers in the USA for crime in Mexico. The Brady group is helping Mexico with the lawsuit. This really says something, you’ve got a group helping a foreign country to abolish a freedom and a Right in America. The Brady group is a traitor to America!
    The Mexican drug cartels are worth billions of dollars. They can purchase anything on the world open black market. Why would they go to a gun store in the USA to purchase a new firearm?
    It’s been said that China sells full auto weapons to the cartels.
    Half of the cartels members are ex police and ex military and they bring their weapons with them and give them to the cartels.any other police and military either sell or give their weapons to the cartels. That really says something about a country when their police and military join drug cartels.

    Why is it in the 1950’s, a person could go to a hardware store, gun shop, and mail order all kinds of firearms with no background checks and no waiting periods and crime was much less than today. Explain that far leftist gun banning politicians.

    Protect and support your right to keep and own all types of firearms and accessories. Don’t allow the far leftist power crazed politicians to ban and confiscate our guns.

    Background checks equal gun registration equals gun confiscation equals gun control concentration camps!

  8. The have lost there way because a handful of fools that seem to be running the CIRCUS. B.T.Barnum is really excited about all the new clown recruits for his Biggest show on Earth !!!



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