Judge’s Ruling In Shooting Case Will Make You LIVID


Of course, this story comes out of California, one of the few places in the U.S. in which a person is not responsible for their own choices, but it’s always someone else to blame.

This story is actually hard to write because the lack of rational thinking in this judge’s decision is both breathtaking in its stupidity and infuriating in its application. Dan Zimmerman gives us details about this ridiculous ruling:

The assault against gun makers in the courts continues. As you probably know, gun makers are protected against legal liability when their products that were manufactured and sold legally are used in the commission of a crime. That basic protection is provided under the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act.

The PLCAA is a critical protection for gun makers as a defense against lawfare attempts to run them out of business. That’s precisely why the current occupant of the White House has expressed his ardent desire to see it repealed.

Zimmerman continues:


But the judge’s reasoning in allowing the lawsuit against the gun makers is…unusual. In his ruling, Superior Court Judge Kenneth Medel wrote that Smith & Wesson sells . . .

‘…firearms that it knew could be easily modified to turn into fully-automatic assault weapons – even when its modified guns have been used in other mass shootings. It also fraudulently marketed its Rifle with known intent to put them in the hands of persons in a demographic particularly likely to cause extreme harm — and indeed harm is the epitomy (sic) of “cruel and unjust hardship in conscious disregard” of the rights and safety of others.’

So, the judge ruled that the lawsuit against Smith & Wesson can continue because a person can modify a rifle in a way that it could shoot quickly like a machine gun.

That’s an awful lot of possible misuses by individuals to make a company liable for that. But you can bet that this same judge won’t rule that an internet service provider can be sued because someone can use that to view illegal material, and this judge wouldn’t rule that a car manufacturer can be sued because someone could drive a vehicle into a crowd to kill someone.

This ruling is so obviously biased, it’s not even funny. This judge isn’t even trying to stay within the legal limits of the law but is just looking for ways to be an activist judge instead of taking his oath of office seriously.

This judge needs to be removed from this case and needs to be impeached for violation of his oath to uphold the Constitution. I’ve never seen a more utterly ridiculous ruling in my life.



  1. I agree this Socialist Nazi Judge should be removed and criminal charges filed against him for willfully violating the Constitution he swore to protect . If found guilty he should be arrested and sentenced to the maximum and a fine of $100,000.00 .

  2. Deliberately and Wilfully Violating Your Oath to the Constitution is Treason and Punishable by DEATH!

    • That’s what I been saying all along. So many of our problems would not exist if treason laws were enforced.

      • Only if people know what US law says about treason. However, look up the definition of and US law on SEDITION. It might be a better description.

    • Where in the Constitution does is say that. Where in US is treason defined and what is its definition. That’s critical to many discussions.

    • instead of shooting the idiot judge, we can stone him. maybe then another liberal judge will sue God for making rocks.

  3. I notice that the article and the judge made no mention of the fact that those modifications are illegal. In fact, anyone who converts a semi-auto into has done a “manufacture” and in subject to being required to get a Manufacturer’s license and pay a much higher tax. The judge is, at least, incompetent and needs to step down. When a gun is modified like that, the manufacturer should be off the hook and the person doing the modification should be the one who is “hooked.” S&W didn’t do the alteration; “Whodunit”is the culprit. Maybe the judge just doesn’t like gun companies.

  4. If the people ever choose to regain their knowledge of common law, which is the law of the federal and state constitutions, we all will realize we are being played. Regulations that operate against common sense and common law are a favorite tool of the communists among us. The reality is that the American bar association become controlled by communist agents long ago. Bar attorneys are taught the common law has been replaced or that it is a compilation of court opinions based on regulatory law. They are actually threatened with being disbarred if they plead using common law.
    Until enough of the people realize our power lies in the accurate understanding of the Constitution and ability to navigate the courts, we will continue slide towards total subjugation.
    I encourage all patriots reading this to check out the movie “non compliance” by Krisanne Hall. You will probably need to watch it three times to fully comprehend it, and then, prepare to do your duty.
    May the Lord of creation and author of liberty be with us. He is our only hope.

    • That’s a good thumbnail sketch of our legal system’s problems. Case law and Stare Decisis have replaced common law and the Constitution.

  5. I agree with Jack, the judge should be prosecuted , He took an oath to uphold protect and defend the Constitution . He didn’t uphold the oath and to me that’s treason and that’s what he needs to be charged with.

    • Please look up the definition of treason in US law. The proper course of action against the judge would be impeachment, conviction, and removal for failure to uphold his oath of office.

  6. Oops! ‘…anyone who converts a semi-auto into has done…’ should read …any one who converts a semi auto INTO FULL AUTO has done a .manufacture…

  7. Does this judge have an armed bailiff to protect him in the courtroom. What an idiot. I believe in the old saying by folks with common sense “when they outlaw guns only the outlaws will have guns.

  8. Can’t do any thing but agree with this assessment. How do these people get into these positions of authority when they don’t have any brain power at all. It is really getting to the point that some kind of correction must happen to save this nation.

  9. The United States as we knew it ceases to exist anymore. This Country has a bunch of radical thinking politicians ,judges and such within its quarters.Guns will cease to exist anyways as soon as handheld laser weapons become common place. Lol. Nazi Government at its finest.

  10. Problem is, there are many to take his place. Why they want communism is beyond my mind to comprehend.
    All we can do is hope that the Americans will awaken and stand up.

  11. So all clock manufacturers beware. Your product can be modified to control explosive devices, which are much more dangerous to public safety than a single firearm. All of you people with cell phones are potentially liable for the use of your cell phone as a bomb trigger. Those of you who dispose of peach pits in your garbage could be liable if someone extracted the Strychnine and put it in the water supply. This could go on and on but it is all ridiculous as is the judge in this case.

    • L O L So Sad , but true ! I’m still waiting for them to make base ball bats ILLEGAL ? They can kill too right ? Last time I had a brain fart , it was the perps who squeezed the trigger to kill , NOT THE GUNS !!!

  12. I am utterly astounded that socialists persist in the belief that GUNS are somehow animate, able to willfully shoot others on its own, and NOT the terrorist, mental case, idiot or any other wielding it. OR that the gun MANUFACTURER MUST somehow know that a gun WILL be used illegally by someone who may or may not even OWN that gun! Note these also do not blame a stick, stone, knife or other object used to maim, torture, injure, or kill others, nor the Maker of some of those objects, God Himself!

  13. When we fail to learn from history we are doomed to repeat its mistakes. AOC and the realest of the communist Squad are to young and dumb to understand how bad it was. Nikita Khrushchev said, “Your children’s children will live under communism. You Americans are so gullible. No, you won’t accept communism outright; but, we will keep feeding you small doses of socialism until you will finally wake up and find you already have Communism.” Apparently no one paid attention to the former Soviet leader. They quietly invaded the US. They started at The universities, Colleges and our nations schools . There are some very dark days ahead of us .

  14. HAY let us use this same reasoning to unseat ALL judges that make wrong judgements as that they endanger every one that they make their judgements on good or bad! Not only removed for making stupid decisions but heavily fined for what they do wrong. Real responsibility comes at a real cost for some. NOW it should come at a cost for those really responsible for those decisions.

  15. This judge is obviously ill informed on the recent ruling by the President of the United States, to wit: All firearms including military grade and explosives are free and available to anyone, including terrorist, such as the Taliban, courtesy of the U S government , without the need of any background checks. And they say that people in California are ahead of the curve. I think not.

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