You Won’t Believe What 1 State Legislator Wants You To Do To Buy Ammunition


Anti-gun politicians keep looking for new ways to prevent Americans from exercising their Second Amendment rights. They try to ban guns, ban certain guns if they can’t ban them all, make people jump through hoops in order to get guns, and other nonsense.

Now, a state legislator in one state is trying to take it one step further by trying to make it harder for American to buy ammunition, too. Beth Brelie writes,

A bill requiring photo identification to purchase firearm ammunition in Pennsylvania is intended to keep loaded guns out of the hands of minors, according to its sponsor, Democratic state Rep. Brian Kirkland.

Current law prohibits ammunition from being sold to anyone the seller has reasonable cause to believe is younger than 18 or 21 depending on the type of ammunition. However, sellers are not required to verify the buyer’s age by asking to see an ID.

The legislation would require all ammunition buyers in Pennsylvania to provide an official form of photographic identification with every purchase of ammunition. It would reinforce current law, ensuring ammunition is not sold to children, without infringing on any individual’s Second Amendment rights, Kirkland said.

“This is very safe legislation, “Kirkland told The Epoch Times. “I don’t think this is making it harder for anyone to get a gun. You get carded to buy alcohol or tobacco. There is no accountability for the person selling ammunition.”

The plan adds accountability by imposing on sellers a $1,000 fine for a first offense, $2,000 for a second offense, $3,000 for a third offense, and any offenses after that would result in a 30-day prohibition on selling ammunitions.

Let’s be frank: this is just another attempt to keep Americans from being able to use guns for any reason at all. Never mind that there are already difficulties in getting a firearm. Never mind that there are already laws in place with punishments in place for people who use a firearm to harm another person without justification.


But in the minds of anti-gunners, you can never go too far in efforts to prevent Americans from exercising their Constitutional rights, can you?



  1. When will it cum to the Idea that If we Remove the arm that will hold a GUN at birth that person in the future will be guaranteed not to commit a crime that will include a gun if he can’t hold it in a hand that isn’t there! The Hard part is the decision as to whitch hand is the dominant hand at birth! This HAS to be a political decision as the mom & dad definitely have to be incapable of that kind of decision, after all look at who they put into office to control them. Absurd isn’t it, but some poly/tit/shun will think that thought and push it soon!!

  2. …And yet this leftist politician no doubt cannot see fit to require Photo ID for voting…

    That’s HILLARY-OUS!

  3. what I don’t get is Biden and his administration can run with his cowardly tail stuck between his legs and abandon millions of $$$ worth of modern equipment and high tech weapons, to the Afghans but yet we get punished for having rapid fire semi automatic triggers, bumpstocks, and cant make up their minds about definitions of a frame or receivers, then bans Russian arms and ammo, heck Biden cant even remember where he is, or walk up a flight of stairs without tripping over his own lies, and the American People just take it as they bend and take it up the backside. Yeah some great country we live in the United States of America is an embarrassment to its people but nobody wont do anything about it.

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