The BRUTAL TRUTH Of Why Gun Control Will Never Work


Anti-gunners, for some bizarre reason, keep thinking that gun control will work. Anti-gunner politicians keep working night and day, writing new bills and regulations to control guns in an effort to curb gun violence, but they keep failing.

While optimism can be a useful attitude to have, if it’s not balanced with any recognition of reality, it’s called delusion. And that’s exactly what we keep seeing from anti-gunners.

Because gun control continues to fail, and it will always fail. And it’s for one simple reason: criminals (you know, those folks that don’t follow the law, including those who use guns to initiate violence) don’t follow gun control laws. They aren’t bothered by them the least bit. Tom Knighton writes,


Gun control laws are tough in New Jersey. I’ve joked with our own John Petrelino that he should move to a more gun-friendly state like Massachusetts or Illinois after he’s talked about the gun laws in his home state. That joke’s only funny because it’s true, as John will attest.

Yet while John has a difficult time trying to deal with the state’s gun control laws, there are plenty of people who don’t.

For example, some gang members in Trenton managed to work around them just fine.

Knighton, then, referenced a story from RLS Media about a recent arrest in New Jersey of ten gang members with multiple firearms and “outlawed large-capacity ammunition magazines.”

The story is the same kind of thing that we see all over the U.S.: criminals (illegally) had firearms. Again.

But Knighton’s comment after that story give the point that is worth paying attention to about this entire situation:

Maybe it’s just me, but it sounds like these gang members didn’t have too hard a time getting around New Jersey’s gun laws. More than that, though, your typical gang member isn’t known for being some kind of master criminal.

In other words, if they can get guns, anyone can get guns.

Knighton is exactly right, and this illustrates precisely why gun control laws will never work: criminals don’t follow the law anyway.



  1. Your right criminals don’t obay the law’s. As they try to disarm law abiding Americans now with open borders the cartels are bringing RPGS RPKS AK47s but that’s not a problem because there not law abiding Americans.our politicians hate the law abiding Americans there showing there hate every day.

    • I agree , they don’t like law abiding citizens. because them themselves don’t follow the law. we have bigger crooks in politics than in prison . that’s why at least 98% of those DAMOCRAPS need to go . then on their way to the firing squad. anymore that’s all the word politician means is criminal. .THAT IS THE VERY FIRST THING I THINK OF WHEN I HEAR “POLITICIAN” CROOK.

      • Those Pols chose politics as a way to get rich and they have been mostly right. Harry Truman said, “Show me a man who enters politics to get rich and I’ll show you a crook.” Now we need to replace the word “man” with “person” because of Pelosi, Waters and Not-So- Feinstein.

  2. Caleb the anti-gunners are afflicted with the Einstein definition of insanity. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. They will never get it. Some are doing this out of evil intent and others are just plain dumb.

    • Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result… haha.

      The real brutal truth about why gun control will never work is because… Americans. That’s why.

      Your country sees everything as a fight. You started by fighting, then had a civil war, a wild west and for the last 80 years have been trying to export the same “freedom” you “enjoy” at home at the point of a gun (never mind your international freedom ranking being around number 30).

      Hollywood is full of crazy existential myths. Your hero cowboy complex sees every solution being at the end of a gun. You’re (note spelling) now trapped into having guns, and have no chance of living peacefully like other countries do. The real brutal truth is that you all love thidea of fighting and being a hero with a gun. In most other Western countries, we just live peacefully and shake our heads at your gun lust.

      “Why doesn’t the US win every Olympic shooting medal? Because they’re shooting targets, not each other”

      • One question Jason; if a criminal is breaking into your home who do you call and hope arrives before the criminal robs & kills you? I venture to say you call a good guy with a gun. What if that good guy is your neighbor? Oh, that’s right, you don’t live where citizens have the right to keep and bare arms. I do and if I were your neighbor I would say that you are on your own, good luck.

        • Good points. Because I live in a country where our gun culture is mostly about hunting, farming, and sport shooting, the thought of encountering an armed criminal in our homes is really far down the list. As an 11 year military veteran and now farmer, I own and can use firearms but don’t foresee the need to use them on a person. Sure, gun crime happens but it’s mostly only between criminals – our cops carry guns in their cars and carry if they think the risk justifies it.

          Sorry to be so direct, but I feel like the scare stories lack imagination – imagination of a different way of living where the threat of guns and violence really isn’t a real thing. Imagine not needing to live in fear?

          Unfortunately for the US, you are so far down the gun violence road, it would be hard to go a different way. You’re locked in. You really do need your right to bear arms. That’s the actual brutal truth about US gun control. And you’ll keep killing each other as a result.

  3. It’s come to the point where one has to ask “Why Comply?” Everytime we do comply, our Rights, Liberties and Freedoms are shaved and whittled away piecemeal. None of their schemes have any effect on criminals as the statistics amply show. There “Laws and Regulations only effect responsible and Law Abiding citizens. There’s not a single Gun Law on the books that has reduced crime, period.

    The NFA itself was an bassackward response by the Government to a problem the Government itself created. Prohibition was a wide open invitation for Organized Crime to get even more organized. OC was a regional small potato problem until prohibition was enacted, prohibition aided and abetted OC to be a National problem. So the reality is our “fearless elected idiots” created the circumstances for the NFA. The most egregious Infringement on our 2nd Amendment right in our history. From there it just continued to go downhill.

    To Hell With Them I say!

  4. Too many people have a simple and basic misunderstanding about “gun control.” “Gun control” is not now, and has never been, about crime or criminals. Quite frankly, the Left couldn’t give a rat’s behind about crime or criminals. Gun control is, and has always been, about disarming the citizenry so they cannot represent a threat to the government once the Left establishes the dictatorship they have been working toward for well more than half a century and, thanks to the stolen elections of November and January, are now in the process of consolidating. The key word in the term “gun control” is not “gun” – it is “control.” A quick study of basic world history will show that one of the first actions taken by every Communist government upon their takeover was to go to all of the local police stations, get the lists of gun owners, and then go door to door and disarm everyone. That is why the Communists – er, I mean the Democrats – want a national gun registry. Is there really anyone at this point in time who still does not understand this?

  5. Anyone with a few bucks can go and buy guns, ANYWHERE in the country!
    That is all it takes, and maybe know a “good” person or two!
    I have been offered many a rifle, and even many a fire arm to add to my meager possessions.
    By people you would not believe would do that.
    Here they were though! Asking if I would be willing to help them!
    ANYONE can buy a gun under the table!

  6. What most all conservatives don’t get about gun control is that genuine Leftists thrive on endangering everyone they possibly can, even other Leftists. This is because Leftism is all about one thing, DOMINATION of all. If you understand this one simple principle, you will also understand why Leftists always seek to endanger, impoverish, corrupt, deceive, sicken, and when expedient kill those who dare to oppose them or are simply inconvenient. They do so employing deception and coercion, and by use of these vile means attempt to cause in everyone with whom they interact, especially children, the utterly self centered surrender of all genuine individual humanity.

    What makes these idiots think that more laws will change crime rates ???

  8. Everything is relative. I would bet that Jason Lokas lives in Germany or one of the formerly Communist countries. You report to the police anytime you change apartments. There is a policeman on every corner and quasi police all over the area. I would not trade the relative freedom I still have for the relative safety of any of those countries.

  9. What was it that one of our Greatest IF NOT our Greatest Founding Fathers said?

    Those who would Sacrifice Freedom for Safety, deserve neither and will surely loose both.
    Signed George Washington.

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